Roe was sad. Well, not really, more just disappointed. Her young mind unable to comprehend why Cinderfrost wouldn’t let her become an apprentice, why the grey femme would make such a spectacle of it- a whole rule and everything!
The medicine den now stank of herbs, and random clanmates often visited moaning and groaning about thorns and belly aches- but Roe would not dare complain, she could perfectly imagine Cinderfrost’s blunt response-
I’m sure there’s room in the nursery!
Roe grimaced. She’d rather put up with all the stink and intrusions than leave Cinderfrost. After all, who would keep her company? Or spice up her day? Roe couldn’t let her down like that.
She is lost in these thoughts while she is perched at the mouth of the den, tiny tail flicking to and fro in a daze.
Yet, her trance is broken when someone walks in front of her, headed towards the direction of the entrance. Roe could vaguely recognize them as one of the newly deemed apprentices, and a grand idea popped into her mind.
Throwing a quick glance over her shoulder, she proceeded to trot after the apprentice, hopping up and down to catch their attention.Finally they turned around and looked at her, even if it was only because she had stepped on their tail.
"psst ! I got a proposal for ya…" Roe began before they could get a word in, her tone a whisper… yet not exactly quiet. "Take me with you, and I’ll give you an unlimited supply of honey!" She finally offered after a heavy pause, her brow bones wiggling up and down in an effort to seal the deal, who could resist honey?

Tybalt let out a startled hiss as he felt something yank on his tail. He whirled around, ready to snap at whoever it was that had stomped on his tail, but he only let out an exasperated sigh when his gaze fell upon the kitten staring up at him. He opened his mouth to ask what she wanted, but she immediately cut him off and offered a bribe. Tybalt smirked, amused by the offer, and then spoke.

"Oh?" he asked. "Is that so? What are you so eager to get out for?" He didn't intend to take her with him, but he was curious to hear her answer. "And besides, where are you going to get this supposed unlimited supply of honey from, hm?"

Trufflepelt had been heading toward the medicine den for a little check- his joints were always achey, but extra pains were never welcome, especially in his pawpads. Though no medical knowledge resided in his skull- no one he had ever known had suffered with severe illness or injury- he knew enough about himself to tell when there was something wrong. Being in this body for nine years, you were bound to learn eventually!

His pawpads were cracked, worn by tireless hunting and activity. Though he had not yet slowed down, still as able as ever, his body's frailty sometimes managed to sneak up on him when he was not paying attention. The old cinnamon tom was prepared to queue at the medicine den's maw when the commotion nearby caught his attention, the word honey twisting through the air in sweet melodic memory. Ah- that taste had only graced his tongue once, when he was much younger. He found as he grew he did not seek it out, perhaps because of those memories. "You are no bee," he observed with humour as a fawn paw motioned to the kitten. "I see no yellow- nor wings! Unless, there is another way to make honey I have never heard of." It was half a joke, half a prompt... part of him wanted the child to come up with some funny fabrication for how she could make honey.