moments like this || kit intro

the past few moons had been... chaotic, to say the least. there had been so much bloodshed; lily considered herself lucky that none of her family had been lost. well, except for azalea leaving to join riverclan. they hadn't been apart for long, but lily's heart ached. she missed her daughter so much.

things were starting to settle down now, however. the family, minus azalea, was together. lily and tempest's kits had been born and were now old enough to leave the nursery.

"come, little ones! it's about time you met everyone!"

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The sight of her daughter leaving the nursery was a welcomed one. With a smile on her face and a glimmer in her eye, she approached her newest grandkits swiftly. She first looked towards Lily Pad and greeted her daughter with a purr, moving to brush her cheek affectionately against hers before looking towards the two kits trailing at her heels. She had visited them countless times in the nursery, but it was so exciting to be around during their first venture outside! "The world is big, isn't it?" She trilled, unable to stop beaming with pride in the presence of her newest kin.
Finally! "FREEDOM!" was the she-kits battle cry as she floored it out of the nursery. The fresh air! The pretty trees! The other cats! Oh, oh! Maybe they'd be able to explore even further tomorrow. Today the camp, tomorrow the world. ThunderClan would conquer it all. Muhahaha. Oops. Was that maniacal laugh out loud? Oh well!

Paws tangled together as she struggled to come to a sudden halt. Unfortunately, momentum worked against her and she rolled to her grandma's feet. "Gamma! Gamma! Look how big it is out here! And look how big I've gotten! I'mma be a warrior soon!" she loudly declared, posing with her chest puffed out once she had scrambled back to her feet. It was hard for the kit, tiny even for her age, to look intimidating but in her mind, she looked ferocious.​

Howling Wind peers down at the little tabby, a near mirror-image of herself. She lets out a chuckle and leans down to lovingly swipe her tongue across Acorn's head. "You will be the fiercest ThunderClan warrior of all," She declares dotingly before straightening herself, unable to keep the adoration out of her eyes. Soon enough, this litter would be out hunting in the forest, learning how to stalk through the dense undergrowth and perhaps even climb! She couldn't wait to see it, and she's sure she'll be there to see all of it. She'll praise their successes and pick them up after their failures, just as she has done for each of her kits and for Wolf and Azalea. Just like them, Acorn, Snail and Comfrey would accomplish great things in life.
Now this, just can't stand. Wolf is minding her business, waltzing across camp, only to stop in her tracks as she hears the deceiving words of her grandmother. Outrageous, BLAPH- BLASPHEMY! She abruptly turns 90 degrees and slides closer, an eyebrow launched as high upon her face as she could possibly manage. "WOAH! Woah, woah! Woah woahwoahwoahwoah. Let's not get crazy now," Wolf insists, fluffing up her fur and sizing up this three-moon-old as if she were her next meal. "Don't get your hopes up! You'll have to go through me before you can take that title, miss!"

✵ ღ ☾ LOVE WITH EVERY STRANGER - If there was one thing Wildflower adored, it was kits. While she was too young to have her own, she had easily slid into the role of Thunderclan’s resident kit-sitter, even if it was unofficial… and self assigned.
Today, there were new bundles of fur toppling out of the nursery, one with loud proclamations at that, at least until another came over- Wolf, the kits older sister.
Wildflower is giggling as she trots forward, perching herself beside Howling Wind with a dip of her head in Lily Pad’s direction.
If Flow would have given it more thought, perhaps she may have envied their happy family, but she did not, because she was far too interested in what little Acorn would have to say in response to her sister. ❝ You guys can share the title, I mean you guys are siblings after all! ❞ She chimes in, her voice bubbly and a confident smile on her maw. ❝ I bet each and every one of you will be great! ❞
❝ Speech. ❞

As per usual, Gamma inflated the already adult-sized ego the young kit possessed. Her chest puffed out in bravado that looked misplaced and comical given her small stature.

Light green eyes shined brightly, especially upon seeing Wolf and hearing her protests. "Go through you?" Pfft. She snorted, snickering as if she'd just heard the funniest joke ever. "Gamma already said I be the bestest and gamma knows everything."

Although metaphorically attempting to look down on Wolf, she had to look up when speaking to her sister. Only because she was older, though! One day she'd be ten times taller than Wolf! (How unfortunate that genes would disagree but, for now, we'll let her dream).

Wildflower only made one logical point - that they were sisters. Sharing the title, though, was a laughable idea. "And since she's my sissy, it'll be up to me to protect her when I'm the best warrior in all the woods - no, all of the clans! No, no- all of the world!" the brown tabby cackled maniacally, plans to take over the world already swirling around in her mind. ​