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i . information : it seemed that dusk was coming earlier nowadays. dusty lakewater eyes cast towards the smoggy heavens, the sound of rolling monsters a quiet hum at the corners of his mind. pale white paws are still dripping from the spray of riverwater as they’d cross the steppingstones towards the great oak, the gaping maw of wood splintered to expose the rustling of brown - black feathers within. the sun had made its final descent beneath the treeline just long enough for a light, billowing fog to accumulate over the dewy grass. it gathers at their paws — he and duskmask, the warrior standing only a tail - length from his side.

hasnt taken off for the night. we’ll just wait until it . . “ his voice trails off as he glances up, just across the way to fourtrees. beneath the towering trees dance shadows and light, arching arms of terror reaching towards the leaves overhead. the wind in the trees cause them to dance, to move — and it scares him, very nearly. they move like spirits, wisps of moonlight upon the heavy fog.

instead, he masks a grin, lowers his ears just a little to stare off towards where the branch hung, it’s looming shadow creaking with the wind. the tabby feigns a breathy horror when he finally speaks, widening his eyes, “ . . . what is that? “ quiet, slow, and hopefully dusk would pivot his head to look the direction in which he pointed . . and when the male looked back, cobwebtail would be gone. unbeknownst to him, hiding just behind a nearby tree, crouching low in the undergrowth to hopefully keep the glow of moonlight from finding his near - ivory coat. the warrior presses a paw to his smirking lips, lowering his ears to his skull to avoid being seen.

  • COBWEBTAIL ; he/him. twenty seven months old. howling wind x gray wolf.
    − stunningly handsome lh pale blue tabby w low white & unnerving azure eyes.
    − bisexual, biromantic ; open for brief romances and flings, penned by antlers.
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