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;; tdlr hyacinth is in camp wondering what they can do about the hawks after hearing about the patrol return.

When she'd seen Melonpaw being brought back into camp, Hyacinth had felt her fur begin to get hot with nervousness. What had done so much damage, she wondered? The birds in the sky were a threat, but as she sat atop a rock thinking about it, she found herself perplexed. How would they all fight birds who were faster than them, stronger than one of them? She grinds her teeth together, measuring possibilities. But, she then turns around to the camp to face those helping the injured.

"We need a plan. They could have killed you guys out there." She speaks calmly, the only sign of her anxieties being the quick, pacy flick of her tail-tip constantly.

Her heart is caught in her throat as she wraps Melon's leg in cobwebs again, her daughter, her baby, she had failed to protect her, failed to protect Pollen, Dandelion, theres a strangled hiss that makes its way out from her lips. Melon's fast asleep, unconscious, Honey doesn't blame her. She's been in a lot of pain, dropped from a height and landed on her leg. Shes always known poor Melon had been a bit different in her body but... Was she really cursed to a life of pain?

Oh, Honey's breaking down again, familiar tears of despair and anger roll down her cheeks. Hyacinth speaks up, the obvious and it takes everything she can not to snarl back. Deep breaths, deep breaths, calm. Don't repeat the meeting. "Those hawks are relentless," she wraps another layer of cobwebs around her daughters tiny leg. "I'd say there should be no children on the patrols. You have seen what happened to our apprentices."

A plan was indeed needed, she stands with her lead warrior on that.
Green eyes flicker to Honeytwist, a rare feeling of understanding runs through Sootstar towards the medicine cat. She just had one of her children gravely injured, her apprentice as well. Sootstar feared for her own kits with the hawks, but they couldn't halt their apprentices' lives and keep them locked away in camp.

"Our apprentices are being trained to one day be prepared for the dangerous world outside of our gorse walls. We cannot stop them from going on patrols and outings with their mentors. But we can put a halt to apprentices leaving camp alone, always being in pairs, with their mentor, until they are safer." Sootstar would suggest. They could not entirely shield their apprentices from the danger, they needed to grow into capable warriors someday. Yet she agreed they would not intentionally put them in harms way.

"Small cats too. They should be in pairs as well for certain. Tunnelers are especially at risk with getting carried off... and we should encourage the kits inside camp to play near the tunnels. Our camp is still open to the sky, as much as I hate to confess it, WindClan is not safe here either."

( ) unable to leave camp alone? did they truly believe that she held any desire to travel by her lonesome? "perhaps going out at night for the time being? while they're asleep i mean." she would suggest, wondering if that was truly any better than how they currently were handling the situation. surely the hawks would sleep at night, leaving them with the ability to travel under the safety of the night?

Leechpaw had never been good at to cope with grief. To allow himself to go through all stages of them to embrace all of this painful emotions that for sure would sink him far underneath the surface to drown him. No. He did not wanted to allow himself to feel any of that. To go through it all over again. So he did what he was good at. To suppress down all of his emotions of grief and let the anger and hatred inside of him consume him instead, to go wild like a untamed fire that was ready to burn all and everything that come into his path. Right now he focused all of that anger and hatred on the hawks, the birds who had claimed and taken his friends life. He would focus on this wrath, to let it burn so livid inside of him that he could feel his whole body burn with the flames. He would embrace it so he didn't needed to feel anything else.

" They did killed one of us out there. " he would snarl underneath his breath, his eyes livid with rage for this bird predators. " We need a plan to take them fucking down and not run away like prey. " he contunied, displeased with what he was hearing. There was no way he would stay in camp with or without Sootstars approval. Of course starting a war against bird in the sky might not be the wisest of decisions to do but Leechpaw was far from thinking rationally about any of this. He wanted blood. All he cared about was revenge. Didn't matter if he survived or not as long he got one of this fucking birds down with him. That was all he cared about.


"We can try hunting at night time, but we can't keep avoiding them. What if they come to camp?" She asks the group, eyes glancing at Quailpaw. She feels the worry in the air, the anxiety- it makes her sick, in a way where she wishes things would be normal again. They would all relax together in the sun-warmed pools, basking in the warmth of the sun while cleaning their filthy pelts. That was a day she loved more than anything, though she quickly shoves her disappointment down in favor of opening her mind to new ideas.

Sootstar and Honeytwist's worries are met with a nod from Hyacinth. She agrees that smaller cats like herself would be easier to catch, but they wouldn't always have big cats around.

"How about one cat runs out once we catch sight of the hawk, and other cats follow close behind- when the hawk dips down to attack the bait, we jump on it all at once. It shouldn't be able to fight against us on the ground for long?"

Larktrek listens closely to words thrown around between his fellow WindClanners - plans to avoid another hawk attack being the topic of discussion.

Not leaving the camp alone sounded like a given. Sticking to traveling at night seemed plausible too. The hawk attack happened in daylight, and surely the hawks needed to rest at some point? Not to mention, the darkness would help cover them as they patrol, as they hunt.

The topic of discussion shifts in the slightest, from avoiding the hawks to killing the hawks. Rightfully so, he reckons. Those feathered critters shouldn't have the chance to harm another WindClanner. The medicine den was full enough. No more stones should have to be placed beside Rosepaw's.

"What happens if there's more than one hawk?" he asks at Hyacinthbreath's suggestion, "If everyone's attacking one, they'll be unprepared if another one strikes."
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"Can we eat hawks?" His voice rose up in a pitch, high falsetto and screeching like the very birds being discussed. The tabby kitten ambled onto the scene like he had called this meeting himself, head up and tail high and tiny blue-violet eyes narrowed at the cats present as though scrutinizing them. There was Hyacinthbreath, bane of his existence, constantly belittling him and ruining his fun with her nonsense about 'rules'. Honeytwist, he had no opinion on the cinnamon molly who smelt like bitter plants but as long as she left him alone then he did not care. Quailpaw and Leechpaw, apprentices, surely he would be a thousand times better than them when he was an apprentice and they would feel so pathetic for even trying. Larktrek, tone worried but he detected only fear; what a poor warrior. He would not cower in face of these birds, he would simply defeat him.
"If you want MY opinion I think you're all just being ridiculous. They are just fat birds, we eat birds."


Larktrek asks the question of how to deal with multiple hawks, and Hyacinth pauses to think of an answer. Would they treat them how they treated cats who ganged up on them? Her head tilts to the side as she ponders this, before the loud screeching voice of Moonshadow's son catches her attention. She finds irritation in his naivety, tries to remind herself that he's just a kit- the world's threats were still unknown to him after all. She lets a sigh pass her lips, before she turns back to the group.

"We have extra cats hide, then. Dealing with the hawks will require a bigger patrol. So no children. That means kits and apprentices. If another hawk tries to come down and interrupt, the extra group of cats will jump in to swarm it." She meows, looking over to Sootstar as if to give her a chance to put her input in. Though, she then lets her violet gaze match the mirror of Wisteriakit's own, and grimaces at the stubborn flicker in his gaze. "You will stay in camp. Am I understood?"