MY DEAR SQUIRREL // skyclanner




Hawkpaw was flying through the trees as he was chasing a squirrel jumping from branch to branch, from tree to tree as he enjoyed the wind through his fur and the thrill of being so far from the ground. It was aaaawessssome. This hunt could have contunie on forever but unfortunately all fun had to come to an end as the apprentice caught up with the squirrel and he landed his strike. He lunged himself from the branch to follow after the squirrel to the next branch and in the air he captured it between his teeths before landing on the branch both had been aiming for. With no worries on his mind did not expect what would happen next. The branch..broke right underneath his paws. Wide-eyed he fell from the tree dropping the squirrel in the process as he focused on to do what a cat did best, land on thier four paws!. It was like a dance for him having done this countless of times before!. No biggie.

Spinning around in the air Hawkpaw didn't fail this time either to land down on the ground on his four paws. Grinning to himself with pride he didn't even look spooked over what just had happend. He was rolling with it like nothing had happend at all. Now, where was the squirrel?. Hawkpaw started to look around after it and there it was!, just some few cats away!. Not that far. With a hum the red tabby approached but suddenly he stopt when he caught up on a scent that did not belong to skyclan...Oh no...Looked like the squirrel had accidently landed on thunderclan's territory!. Had he ended up this close to thier border?. " Hot damn it."
Hawkpaw would frown at himself, almost wanting to faceplam himself for not having discoverd this sooner. What a bad luck he had today!.

Didn't took long before he come up with something that could work out. Hawkpaw had went to pick up a long branch until he returned back to the border and without crossing the other clans side he tried to use the stick to poke the squirrel back to skyclans border. " Come on Squirrel, come to papa!." he unclearly mumbled out between the stick in his mouth. If only he could get it over here to him before a patrol showed up!.

For anyone else who might be watching though it most look a bit funny to watch an apprentice with a stick in thier mouth as they poked a dead squirrel with it.


Flame had been out on a walk, exploring her new home, when a strange smell caught her nose. Her face would wrinkle slightly, and she glanced around to see if any of her clanmates were nearby. She had only joined within the past couple weeks, surely she shouldn't go find out the source of this smell alone? Let alone that, but she was healing from her injured shoulder too...The ginger Molly waited a few more moments, then followed the new scent.

Her alabaster paws carried her towards a younger tom, who was poking a squirrel....with a stick? Flame's head tilted, clearly confused, and she took a few steps towards the smelly cat. "Who are you...You don't smell like Thunderclan. And...what are you doing to that squirrel?"