my eyes are shining bright ~ waking up

Heavy eyelids blinked open, slowly revealing a blurry room. She would open and close her eyes a few times, trying to adjust to the light. The overwhelming aroma of herbs and plants was almost sickening. Never before had she smelled something quite like this. The longer she remained awake, she began to feel more and more pain ebbing from her shoulder. She would let out a groan, but the pain was still nothing like it had been. The fiery tabby would attempt to stand, but her paws were too shaky to hold her weight, and she crashed down into her nest.

Outside the strange den, she could hear voices, and lots of them. The smell of cats was so intense, she wondered how many were here. News had spread of large groups of cats living in this area, but she had just assumed it was kitty pet tales. Had she really found one of these groups? Were they going to eat her, like the tales also said? Instinctively, the fur on her neck began to rise, but she forced it back down. If they were going to eat her, why would they have put these leaves on her wound? Whatever plants they were, it seemed to be helping.

She opened her jaws to speak, but her throat was so hoarse from thirst that she had to clear it a few times. "H-....Hello?" she could call out, not very loudly. "Where am I?"
Lack of sleep caused the she-cat to sway as heavy eyelids begged to be left closed. Fangs sunk into her lips to keep her awake. This loner was her first real patient. And, while not a member of ThunderClan, she refused to let her first patient fall victim to her incompetency.

A weak, hoarse voice caused the sleepy fog in her brain to immediately clear. Suddenly, she was wide awake. Clearing her throat, she hesitantly approached the tabby, "My den." She paused. outline=black]"ThunderClan's medicine cat den.[/outline]

"Here." she pushed forward a water soaked clump of moss and a bundle of poppy seeds. Which, speaking of the latter, poppy seeds were much harder to acquire than originally expected. "Water and poppy seeds. Er, the poppy seeds are to help ease the pain."

What else was there to do? "Are you feeling feverish? Or do you have any other complaints?" Stars, was she doing this properly?

She needed air. The blue molly shakily moved toward the cave's entrance. "Someone tell Howling Wind or Emberstar that the she-cat is awake." Her tired voice called out to anyone who could hear. As much as she wanted to ask the injured loner questions - such as what in the world had caused such damage and were they in ThunderClan territory? - but she didn't wish to swamp the waking and painted molly with an absurd number of questions.

Besides, this was no longer her realm. She was, allegedly, a medicine cat now which meant her warrior past was behind her albeit she desperately wanted to cling to it.


"I just told them for you," Flycatcher mewed to Cinderfrost as he returned from passing word to the leader and deputy. The blue tabby had been passing by when he heard the medicine cat call out. He hadn't wanted to intrude afterwards but was curious how the unknown she-cat was doing after being one of the cats to find her. "Hopefully they should be here soon."

His green eyes shift towards the ginger she-cat and gave her a small smile and nod in greeting. "Hi, I'm Fly... Flycatcher. I was there when we found you collapsed on our land," He explained in a way of introduction to her. "At any rate, I hope you're feeling better."

Little Wolf felt guilty lately. Guilty for sneaking off on her own, guilty for not being around as much as she should, though she knew no one would truly really question her. She was a warrior, after all, free to come and go and do as she pleased as long as she was still taking care of the clan. Still, she didn't like hiding things from her friends, from her family. She's certain if she tells them where she goes most days and some nights, however, they would not be pleased, and so she bites her tongue. Besides, she has always been a wanderer.

When she had heard that there had been an injured cat being brought into Cinderspark's den at first she hadn't even given it a second thought, but her conscious drove her to want to do something for this poor soul. Besides, her mother had raised her to be compassionate, she couldn't ignore the urge to help, no matter how she felt about Cinderspark. "Am I okay to come in?" she asks to no one in particular as she stands in the entryway of the den, a piece of prey between her paws. "I went and caught this for our injured friend here," she says, offering the ginger she-cat a smile, though she refuses to look in the direction of the clan's medicine cat, still ever so wary of the she-cat. Little would never have even dreamed of entering her den if there hadn't been other cats present. "I'll just leave this here and get out of your paws I'm sure you need some rest"

Emberstar hurried into the den, only moments behind Flycatcher. When the injured molly had been brought into camp, she had been informed, of course. In that moment she had rushed onto the scene, ready to help. There hadn't been much for her to do, however. Cinderfrost was already hard at work. She had hovered, nonetheless, until her duties pulled her away from the medicine den. Only once word had been brought to her by Flycatcher did she find reason to return.

She took a moment to give a nod to her medicine cat. Another to Little Wolf. who was ducking out of the den as she stepped inside. She was thankful to both of them for helping the stranger. It made her proud, that she had fostered the sort of clan that could pull together for the sake of those in need, in spite of everything.

"It's good to see you awake!" Emberstar greeted with a grin, stepping forward. "You gave us quite the scare! My name's Emberstar and I'm the leader of Thunderclan." She had oh so many questions, but one was more important than the rest. "Are you feeling well enough to tell me your name?" she asked with a tilt of her head.
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My den.

Her head would whip around to rest her gaze upon the grey figure. The new feline seemed tired, and her muzzle was riddled with scars. Shortly after she had spoken, the she-cat pressed a clump of moss and strange looking seeds towards her. Whoever she was, she seemed to know what all these plants did. Graciously, she began lapping at the moss, sighing in relief as the liquid hit her throat. "Much better...thank you." Flame would say, dipping her head respectfully. "Whatever you have done, seems to be working. My shoulder still hurts a lot, but not nearly as much. I tried to put some stuff on it...but obviously it didn't help any."

Another new face entered the den, and introduced himself. Flycatcher? What a strange name. She would copy his action, and dip her head to greet him. "Nice to meet you...Thank you for finding me, and bringing me to help." This tom had saved her life, if he hadn't of found her, then she would have been crowfood. Soon after, another she-cat popped in. The fur on Flame's neck slowly started to rise, she hadn't been around this many cats since she still lived with her mother and littermates. Her eyes widened in surprise as her gaze fell upon the piece of prey in this newcomer's jaws. First they brought her to shelter, then healed her shoulder, gave her water, and now food? Who were these cats? "Oh! T-Thank you." she would say, not sure how to react.

The last to appear was another she-cat. Flame found herself dipping her head in greeting once more. She's the leader of these cats? With a grunt, the ginger tabby tried to shuffle herself into a sitting position. "My name is is nice to meet you. You are all very kind...but may I ask..why did you help me? I am a stranger to you. Not that I'm not grateful, I am very thankful."
She left SkyClan due to the kittypet running the Clan, and she's found herself in a Clan that really isn't too different. Emberstar seems willing to take in whatever bedraggled, flea-bitten loner who pulls themselves into their forest. She lurks outside of Cinderfrost's den, eyeing the lump of ginger and white in the moss bed. Flycatcher, Little Wolf and even Emberstar herself wander inside and offer sweet, cooing words to the grown molly who should learn how to take care of herself.

But she smiles and pads close to the entrance of Cinderfrost's den, tilts her head at the cats within. "Oh! Just wanted to see if the newcomer was awake." She scrunches her nose up. "I see Little Wolf brought you something to eat! And don't be silly. We're here helping you because we would do it for anyone. ThunderClan is just like that." She giggles, her tail curling inward like a squirrel's.

At Flycatcher's summons, Howling Wind follows right at Emberstar's heels. She had been cautious of the she-cat; the tabby was always wary of outsiders. But this one was hurt badly, and not even she - as cautious as she is - would want to deny a cat in that shape help. She stands outside of the den, just at her daughter's flank, as the stranger introduces herself as Flame. Meadowflame approaches, explaining their clan's inherent kindness, but the plump deputy is still eyeing the young at curiously. "What injured you, Flame?" It seemed an important question to ask. Was she attacked by a fox that had been led near the territory? Got into a spat with a rogue?

Soon after she spoke, another two cats gathered near the entrance to the den. Her pelt started to twitch nervously...They seem friendly, but there are so many of them! she thought to herself. She smiled thankfully at the cream Molly who spoke before the brown tabby, before shifting her attention to the she-cat who stood beside the leader. "The wound is from a dog. It attacked me awhile ago, but I wasn't able to keep the infection away...apparently."

Flame's green gaze shifted from the deputy, to the grey medicine cat who had worked hard to heal her. "Thank you again for helping me. As soon as I can, I would love to make it up to you." She returned her gaze to Emberstar and Howling Wind. "Do you guys ever take in loners like me? I understand if you don't."

Flycatcher returned the nod of acknowledgement when the she-cat turned to look at him. She thanked him for finding her and bringing help. "Think nothing of it," Flycatcher mewed in response, a putt following his words. "I was hardly going to leave you out there."

As more cats step in - including the leader and deputy - Flycatcher takes a step back, allowing the appropriate cats to ask the appropriate questions. All the while, Flycatcher listens and nods. Through the conversation, he learns the she-cat's name was Flame and that she had received her injury from a dog, though had failed to stave away the infection. Despite her own words, he had to give her credit for even trying to treat it anyway. He hardly even knew where to begin when it came to herbs and medicines.
"Was the dog anywhere near the forest?" A question the deputy and leader should probably be asking but it was a pressing issue. If dogs were wandering the territory... She looked at the meager supply of herbs in the back of her den, which could very well be useless considering molly's medical knowledge was sorely lacking. Thanks, StarClan. And if dogs were on the loose she'd need a lot more medical supplies and knowledge.

She didn't speak for the superiors again when asked whether loners joined ThunderClan. Instead, she stepped back - she'd already stepped on so many toes and couldn't afford to harm their professional relationships. However, she did amusedly chuckle, "You're lucky to have stumbled upon ThunderClan."

"Pretty sure the garbage you applied to your shoulder did more harm than good." she bluntly informed. "I'd like you to stay in the medicine cat den for a few days so I can monitor your wound and make sure it properly heals." She brushed off any gratitude. After all, she'd done very little.. Honeytwist should be the one earning the praise. Unfortunately, the chances of seeing the WindClan medicine cat before the next gathering were slim given Sootstar's steel grip. ​
Emberstar grinned brightly. "No need to thank us, as Meadowflame said, this is what we do!" the sentiment was brimming with firey pride. Everything about this validated the choice she had made almost a moon ago. If she had known then the type of clan she would be able to foster, she would have leapt atop that rock before any of the other leaders. She glanced around at her clanmates, her gaze filled with pride. "No need to make it up to us either."

"That said, if you wanted to join us, we'd be glad to have you!"
she added warmly. It was always a welcome sight, in her eyes, to see a new face in their midst. It was among her chiefist joys, in fact.
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Howling Wind says nothing, her expression unreadable as she surveys the new cat. Of course, Emberstar accepts her without hesitation. The deputy can only be worried - how many strangers would they continue allowing into their ranks? Into their home? They don't even know this cat! But if the tabby's learned anything, it's that her leader is a welcoming and kind-hearted soul who will accept anyone. Hell, she let Cinderfrost stay...she'll let anyone in at this point! So she says nothing, hiding her own caution behind a stoic veil but dipping her head to Flame nonetheless. They're clanmates now, she supposes.