private MY GIRL'S A SWITCHBLADE [poppy]

( ) in the immediate aftermath, all they could feel was fury. body trembling, eyes like chips of ice, they'd chased the assailant out, a snarl heavy on their lips. the clan had looked on, some in horror, others in righteous anger, all with a deep sadness in many hearts while the river's king and his knights served justice. as they'd stood in the center of camp, breath coming in gasps, eyes stinging and tail whipping around them, all they wanted to do was curl up around the monster's victims and reassure them. they'd wanted to immediately hop on a patrol, scan the rushing river for the sight of a rightfully still body, or any sign of a crimson trail. instead, they had followed orders.

now, the night after, with ash, frost, and raccoon suitably comforted, the clan notified of the appropriate safety measures, willowroot paces with a lashing tail and dark eyes, their claws tearing at the earth. frogs sing softly in the reeds, a chorus to back up the rambling voice of the lead warrior as they spill their emotions to one cat they know will listen. "i just don't understand how i didn't see it earlier. i always didn't like him, you know? but i never thought he'd do something so horrible," their breath comes in short gasps as they babble on, muscles ridged. "he almost killed ashpaw! my ashpaw, my apprentice! i should've seen it, i should've known. if not me, who? i'm her mentor! i'm supposed to protect her, but a big help i was when she was being tortured daily!" voice breaking, bottleglass eyes will search the sunwarmed ones of their companion, brow furrowing.

"poppy, it's my job to see this stuff, and it happened right under my nose. to think i've tolerated him for so long... longer than even riverclan! frost and raccoon hung out so much as loners that i had to put up with him too! i should've torn him apart the minute i met him. stars, i should have told cicadastar to kick him out long ago. if i ever see his scrawny body back here..." a low growl rumbles from their chest and they begin pacing again, digging their claws into the earth and creating great slashes. they imagine it's spiderfall, his dark coat riddled with scars. "i should have fucking seen this coming. i'm so angry, i don't know what to do..." their voice continues to ramble, thoughts turning in circles until they're repeating things they've already said.


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gently tufted ears of softened gray blue twitch within the small gusts of wind that barely move the reeds near them. she watches and waits as willowroot paces back and forth, barely being able to catch their breath with as much as their talking. all of their worries spill like a broken beaver damn, the cracks have burst and poppysplash knew it was coming. the self blame. the self doubt. sure, as much as she wanted to hear willowroot's voice, to hear her talk and ramble and rave... that wasn't something she could listen to. willowroot had to know, she just had to know, that this was not their fault. standing, poppysplash pushed herself into willowroot in an attempt to stop them from pacing, moving to place a paw gently upon their softened cheek, gaze searching the pools of seafoam.

"no. nope... i enjoy the sound of your voice. it's like a gentle melody... or the song of the morning bird to the earliest worm. its beautiful and alluring... f-for a friend. but i refuse to listen to you belittle and berate yourself over something you had no control over. you get to listen to me now."

poppysplash only takes a momentary break before continuing.

"you did nothing wrong. what happened was no cats fault, espeically not yours, but spiderfall. there is something wrong with cats like that. like spiderfall. like my entire family. cats like that... you cant take blame for some cowardly act that they decided to do. sure, ashpaw is your apprentice but she didn't get hurt because you weren't good enough. she got hurt because a foxhearted snake like spiderfall has issues. something not even the stars could fix."

another pause. she isn't so used to talking so much, like her friend.

"my darling... nothing i can say will take away all of the guilt... but i don't blame you, sweetheart. and neither does ashpaw."
( ) it's almost comedic how quickly willow goes silent at poppy's touch. as they gaze into their companion's eyes, countless emotions swimming there, they feel heat rise, ears flicking abashedly at the dappled woman's words. you get to listen to me now, she says, and listen willowroot does. sage hued eyes soften as the woman carefully takes each argument and picks it apart, gently scolding them for their self-blame. the smoke has a tendency to interrupt- if it had been practically anyone else, they probably would have, but they value poppysplash's opinion. they know she won't lie to them.

still, bitterness bites at their tongue, brow furrowing. "but i-" they're quickly shut up by the soft paw that is placed aside their face, pulling them closer. the familiarity of this position sends a shiver down their spine, something crackling in their chest at the touch. still, they stare, soaking in every word, almost believing what their beloved is saying. "you're right. i know you are. why do you have to be so smart all the time." the words are murmured with a hint of humor as the fight leaves them.

they're still raw, emotions rampant on the very surface of their skin, but listening to her, the soothing voice soft in their ears, it's not so hard to forgive themself. my darling, poppysplash says, and, sweetheart, words spoken with such gentleness, a balm for the stinging wound that is their heart. they've melted now, moldable by the dainty paws of the warrior. they would let her make anything of them, if she wanted. "your darling?" they ask, head tipping to the side in a faux-innocent look. "i suppose if you've gone so far as to say i'm your darling, i'll have to believe you. thank you, love." they're quite a hypocrite, calling out the pet name before using one themself, but they're too enamored to care. "it's just... hard. ash is like my kid, you know? she's a little sister to me. i can't imagine if it was one of my kits in her place. it hurts to know i could've done something if she only felt safe enough to tell me."