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Friends with the monster under my bed ~
Jul 14, 2022

✵ ღ ☾ LOVE WITH EVERY STRANGER - The Thunderclanners had only been there for a night, but Wildflower had barely been able to contain her excitement. Quail was going to get the companionship she had always wanted, and Flow had several new candidates for friends- while she loved Quail, she couldn’t help but crave a friend her age.
The sun had already risen today, and the sky was a brilliant blue- it was the perfect weather for a tour!
Wildflower had already assembled her group of interested cats, and they were making their way out of the gorse tunnel. ❝ There’s tons to see here, it took me days to get familiar with everything! I’ll just be showing you guys the fun stuff though. ❞ She trilled as she led the group out of the ravine, occasionally casting glances over her shoulder. ❝ So, what do you guys think makes bluejays blue? ❞ She finally asked after a spell of silence, pulling herself to the top of the ravine with a wince. Her icebreakers were odd, no doubt- but that’s what made them fun.
As she would wait for any answers, she would begin to lead the small group towards the river.
❝ Speech. ❞


It was interesting to have an expert flitting about, voice buzzing high-pitched like a bumblebee. Slate pelt blending in with the darker shadows, and green eyes with the foliage, she almost seemed part of this forest; knowing it better than the newly-arrived Thunderclanners did her a heaping pawful of favours. Berry had gladly, though silently, joined the tour group- his eternal goal was to know about everything in this world, and his information had to be gleaned from somewhere. Not everything was most efficiently achieved with extensive research- sometimes grapevines and waltzing poems of lands long lived in did the job just fine.

The fun stuff. Berry had never been called fun, but he found so-called fun in everything that he pursued, even when it was merely the tiniest speck of interest- so he was sure, no matter how much his opinion differed from Bumblebee's, that he would find something to enjoy. A strange question left Bumblebee's maw, likely said in jest- but the lighthearted nature of it flew straight over his head, and for a moment his lopsided attention landed upon her blankly. "It's because that's what species they are."

Berry did not realise even slightly that this was why he had never been called fun.
*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ She can't keep up with the younger cats like she had once been able to, but she's not far behind them, enjoying the easy companionship, the comfortable silence, the sun through the trees and the scent of prey and flora around them. She loves the forest, every inch of it, and is admittedly happy she has others she can share it with now.

Wildflower leads the way, and Quail is more than happy to let her do so. Between them is the slack-jawed tortoiseshell. He answers her silly question with a flat and rather practical answer, making the torbie cough with laughter.

"He's probably right, but that's no fun, is it?" She flicks her tufted ears, eyes misty with thoughts. "Perhaps it's their diet," she suggests. "Something in the bugs and seeds they eat that turn one's coloring blue... makes me glad I don't eat bugs." Her purr is raspy and sharp-sounding, but it's genuine and warm.

For her part, Ember was eagerly nodding along with Wildflower's every word. Scouting out the territory had already been on her to-do list - a list that seemed longer than ever these days - and what better way to take care of it then with friends? All the better that those friends already knew their way around the place. Especially if they could show her the 'fun stuff' like Wildflower claimed.

The question got only a snort of amusement from Ember at first, if only due to how out of the blue it was. Bluejays, out of the blue, ha ha. That thought got another snort. It was Berry's matter of fact answer that pushed her over the edge into full blown laughter. He just sounded so bewildered. "Yeah, lighten up ya goof!" she encouraged with an affectionate nudge to his side, co-opting Quail's assessment of his reply. Though, the older molly's suggestion was little better, it was still so practical.

She tried to think of her own answer, something more fun and fantastical. Like from the stories her mom used to tell her. A glance upward gave her what she was looking for. "I bet they stole it from the sky!" she cheered with a sharp laugh. "They got jealous of how bright it was, so they stole its color."
✦ ★ ✦

Why was he even doing this? Leaf would grumble that question to himself as he joined the tour group, but lagged behind the others on purpose. His ears were flat against his slender skull, his eye twitching with every happy chirp that came from the blue-gray molly that lead them through the territory.

The blue point would find Berry's answer to her idiotic question quite reasonable, and he would scowl as the old moggy, Quail, spoke up about the birds getting their color from their food. But he about stumbled off his own feet at their own leader's utterly childish reasoning.

The sky? They steal it from the sky? His tail would lash in annoyance, and he would finally speak up, "They're just mouse-brained birds. Who even cares how they get their colors..." He didn't speak loud enough to truly be heard, but should he have and any cat turned to look at him, he would simply glare at them and keep moving.

Speaking up a bit louder he would try and get the group back on what he thought their plan was, "So where are you taking us anyway? What's this 'fun stuff' you're blabbering about?"

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✵ ღ ☾ LOVE WITH EVERY STRANGER - With an ear swiveled back, Wildflower happily listens to her new clanmates as they all pitch in their guesses- some being more practical than others, but wasn’t that the fun of diversity?
She skips along, Embers laughter earning a joyous giggle from the gray molly herself. ❝ When I first got here- before I even met Quail- this twoleg kit gave me a treat, it was blue and really sweet, but it only turned my tongue blue… ❞ she hummed, slowing down her skipping so she could walk shoulder-to-shoulder with the others. She hears a grumble behind her, only to cast her cheery gaze to meet Leaf’s cynical glare. That Tom was always so serious… Wildflower would have to take on a personal mission to fix that- after all, how is one to enjoy life when they’re stuck glowering all the time?
Leaf does have a question though, and Wildflower is more than pleased to answer. ❝ Well first, I was thinking I could show you guys all my favorite hunting spots, there’s also some nice streams that run off from the river- it’s perfect for cooling off in a pinch- or for kits to splash around in! See? Fun. ❞ She chimed, more towards Leaf than anyone else with a flick of her tail. ❝ First, a good tip for the warm months is that mice love to hang around by the big oak tree’s for shade, I once found like.. five in the same area! ❞ That tid-bit was definitely a slight exaggeration, but it made the story more exciting to Flow, so surely everyone else would think so?
She takes a turn, gesturing with her tail for the rest to follow. ❝ There’s also this really nice clover patch I wanted to show you guys! It’s really pretty, and a great place to take a rest when you’re out hunting.❞
❝ Speech. ❞


His answer had been received with laughter, which had not been the objective- he had hoped to teach their leader something, but she seemed more enraptured by the answers that made no sense. Still, he stewed not about it- simply shut his maw and continued on the walk, drinking in the place he now called home. The clean air, thick with good spirits, made his paws feel for a moment as if they were not on the ground- lost to the serene relaxation of a pleasant walk, Berry forgot he was a tangible presence at all.

Bumblebee's words were delivered quickly and with great cheeriness, and fluttered above his head- that was until she mentioned the clover patch, one that sounded wonderfully pleasant to rest upon as she had claimed. Living in bog and shadows for most of his life, Berry savoured the dappled sunlight that the leaves kindly offered them below, and the idea of resting upon cushioned ground after a long day of work was dreamlike in how ideal it was. "You know this place well," the tom murmured, tone flat as always with the tiniest trace of awe. The idea that one day he would know the forest so well swelled great, warm enticement in his chest.
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He's not typically one to lead, so he hangs in the middle of the group being lead around the forest by Wildflower. He knows his home well, has lived here all his life, but, the potential of his home becoming ThunderClan territory gave Kindle a new way to look at the oak-filled forest. Where would be the best place for the clan to find prey? Where would they set up camp, to rest during the night?

Though Kindle was still a bit unsure of the group, these were important questions to ensure the clan's success.

Brown ears flick at Wildflower's question as he follows along her tour, but even he can't help but wonder - why were bluejays blue?

The answers that the others give vary - they're blue because they're bluejays, they're blue because they eat blue things, they're blue because they stole it --

"Well... maybe the sky gifted them pieces of blue." Kindle offers, "Maybe the sky thinks they're special, so they were given blue feathers to match with it." It's silly, but who knows? It might be the case.

His ears flatten at the blue point beside him's harsh remarks dismissing the discussion, only to look back towards the front of the group to the grey molly leading them. She speaks of places even Kindle doesn't know about. Perhaps he needed to get out more?
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