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They arrived at the border at sun-high.
It was a warm day, the sun beat down on the WindClanner's backs. Sootstar had kicked up small talk on the way over on how it'd likely be one of the last warm days they witnessed until next new-leaf. The thought of leaf-bare was enough to made Sootstar shudder, she could already feel numbing breezes swoop across the moorland. No doubt the hills would be the most difficult to live on during the cold moons, but she wouldn't abandon her beloved territory for anything.

So long as they had plentiful prey, WindClan would be okay.

Placing her paws alongside the border, Sootstar flickers her gaze to her son. "Shrikepaw, what do you smell? I want you to tell me how long ago a ThunderClan patrol passed through here. I want you to tell me how long ago a WindClan patrol, prior to us, passed through here." She looks at Shrikepaw expectantly, unsure if he would get her inquiries right or wrong.

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A huff can be heard from the underbrush as Little Wolf lets out a near barking laugh “rather recently I would say” she says in response to the gray mollies prompt, meant no doubt for her apprentice. The ebony colored she cat steps out from the shadows, green eyes fixed on the leader of Wind Clan. Sootstar. A familiar face, they were both from the marsh group, though Little Wolf could say with certainty that the two had not been close. They had had quite conflicting morals and views and this she had tended to stay away from the brutish she cat, evident in the paths they had decided to take in life.

She had heard from Blaze what had happened on the moors the just before the gathering. Or was it just after? All she knows is that Sootstar killed on a day that was meant to be for peace a day when cats died.

She’s nervous, to say the least, but she does not let it show. She wishes that she hadn’t come alone, that a patrol had come with her but she liked being alone, was accustomed to it.

For now she smiles “long time no see Soot, how have things been over on the moors?” She asks their leader directly, as she does not recognize the others she is with. She hopes that this visit was just for teaching purposes and not attacking ones. She wasn’t the greatest fighter, after all. “What brings you guys all the way over here” she asks, taking a seat and whisking her dark tail over her paws as she does.
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A small tabby she-cat would comically poke her head out of a bush just behind Little Wolf, "Hi there!" A chirpy and peppy mew would come from the small she-cats maw and she would literally bounce over to stand beside her taller and more serious clanmate. "Ohhhh! A Windclan patrol! Isn't that cool, Little Wolf? OH! Do you know them? Are you guys friends? That's so nice!"

Serenemeadow would turn to the patrol across the border and wave with her paw energetically, "It's nice to see ya! I Hope Windclan is doing well! Isn't it such a nice day? Think we'll get more like this? I think so. The clouds are still so fluffy, ya know?"

She had begun to ramble again, and unless someone cut her off soon, she would probably keep going.

The scent of breeze and heather- it could only be WindClan. Grey-green eyes settled upon the patrol, only one of which he recognised- an old groupmate, no less. Needles, with her sharp acidic eyes and smoky fur, was not a face that was easy to forget; and from what he remembered she had been on alright terms with Shadow. Those beside her, though? He knew none, and he figured it was impossible he had fully forgotten them. They must be new additions to WindClan, those who had not moved on from the war and had instead chosen to join them after the fighting was done, when they had split and spread like the creeper vine.

On Shady's other side would he sit, measured though his curiosity was noticeable. Dappled ears angled themselves attentively, awry eyes restful but not drowsy. If the conversation grew dull, he was in a position where at least it would not be strange if he let his eyes drift closed for a moment. Tiny's voice, familiar in its rambling, prattled... he found himself glancing over to her, interested in why she asked questions if she kept talking before she could hear the answers. How would she ever learn, doing that?
"Heya!" Emberstar greeted brightly as she too emerged from the underbrush, affixing each of the members of the other patrol with a warm smile. Her eyes flickered between Little Wolf and Sootstar. It made her glad that one of her clanmates was already friendly with the Windclan leader, in her mind the better the clans got along the better the peace could be kept. Sootstar especially, she was worried about getting along with. Though she would hardly admit as much aloud.

The tiny molly laughed at Serenemeadow's rapid fire observations, glancing up a the sky. She was instantly distracted from the Windclan patrol before her. "It is a nice day!" she affirmed happily. It felt like every day in Thunderclan had been nice, perhaps the stars had graced them with this weather?

With a blink, she remembered the other patrol. Turning her attention back to Sootstar, she offered the other leader a nod of greeting. "I hope you are all enjoying this nice day as much as we are." She offered warmly.
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Little Wolf, she recognizes the dark-furred she-cat immediately... kin of Howling Wind. Former group-mates in the marsh, they knew each other decently. Though she scrunches her nose at being called merely Soot, her unblessed name... it was innapropriate for anyone to refer to her as merely such anymore.

"As you surely know, it's Sootstar now." She says in warning, a tail lashing to further signify she would not be called such again. Yet she moves on, responding to small talk, "Life couldn't be better. Rabbits are still plump and thriving, we're well fed, we're safe, there is nothing to complain about." She would flaunt with a shrug.

One of these cats was... excitable. Emeber eyes blankly look at Serene, though the leader glances at her patrol and shows her annoyance a bit. Why so... peppy? It was too much for her. After the excitable one, Berry appears... another cat of her past. It was odd to see them here, Sootstar really had buried most marsh cats in the past mentally.

And another peppy cat- Emberstar. A leader she did not like, for no fault of Emberstar... but Sootstar found her to be soft. She hailed from the pine group after all, everyone and anymore from that group she did not fancy... All soft they were, kittypets or kittypet lovers. They did not belong as clan leaders, but apparently, StarClan believed otherwise.

"We are, Emberstar." Sootstar replies very simply, not leaving any space for conversation. She didn't want to chit-chat for long... to be honest she wanted nothing more than to mark the borders, give Shrikepaw a good lesson, and go home.


Leechpaw had been standing of by the side while Sootstar was trying to hold a lesson to thier own kit, thier apprentice. Tch. It annoyed him for some reason to see thier leader showing real unique care for thier own kits. Narrowing his orbs he simply looked away to not be found staring at them. If there was anyone to watch his tongue around it for sure was his own leader. It didn't took long before the thunderclan cats arrived and he would shortly frown when they started talking. Yeesh, did they every shut up?. He wonderd if all of them was annoying chatterboxes. Who cared about the damn weather anyway?. Who cared about anything anyway. " Every day are the same. We are doing the same thing every single day. What is so special about this day?." he just started rambling it out without even realising it...Woops. The apprentice would flink his ear a bit nervousely as he cast a side-glance over at Sootstar, wondering if his comment would upset her by saying something uncalled for. Uuugh. Leechpaw lowerd his gaze down to his paws and grimaced at himself. Mousebrain. He wished he not had needed to come out here at all. He really was not in the mood for be surrended by such cheerful cats who thought the world was a such beautiful and perfect place. It was not. Far from it. He just wanted to go back to the moors.