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    Lead Warrior
    Born in the marshes (Shadowclan)

    She / Her
    ★ PROFILE A cloud tinged with warm amber, Roeflame is a peculiarly small cinnamon and white ticked tabby molly. Her fur is long and silky when she manages to keep up with it. Her frame is lean. Her ears are a bit too big for her head, but that does not dismiss the undeniable beauty shehas grown into. Her facial features and sharp but her eyes are round and doe-shaped. Her underbelly, chin, and tail are an off-white, border lining silver if a few shades darker, while a cinnamon hue blankets itself around her shoulders, face, and tail tip, smudging along her flank. Her nose and paw pads are a soft pink.
    ⤷ cinnamon and silver ticked tabby. link

    Passionate and fierce, Roeflame is not afraid to be outspoken against her peers for the right reasons. She carries good intentions with her wherever she goes, despite the fact that her execution is not always well-received, or even ethical. She lacks the ability to sit still and tuck her paws, as she is a restless soul. These loud and proud traits often label her as obnoxious and brash, but the opinions of those who don’t know her mean very little to Roeflame most of the time. Under the all the boisterous layers, she is actually very complex in how she views the world. She will fight to the death to protect those she loves, and will cast away those who have wronged her, even if that choice will keep her awake at night. She loves deeply and easily, and her feelings can often be too big for her body. She is an extremely goal-oriented person, as she craves the feeling to be needed, to be someone her loved ones can respect and be proud of.
    Loud and rambunctious, Roepaw presence is one that is difficult to miss. She is bold, and always willing to push the limits, which often leads to her being labeled as a "trouble-maker,". She is outspoken and passionate about her naïve opinions, which can lead to a more aggressive side to her. She will never be afraid to stand up for herself when she feels she is being pushed down, and can easily be described as rebellious and non-chalant about the rules. Despite her rude and silver-tongued tendencies, she loves deeply and will go to the ends of the earth for her loved ones. When she has a goal, she will work hard to reach it, though may step on others where it is needed. Even so, she is still happy to lend a helping paw if she likes you well enough. It does not take a genius to see through Roekit's barriers and into her complex persona, and where her conflicting traits war with one another.

    SIBLING TO Creek, Sylis , Toadhop (adoptive), Ragwortpaw (adoptive)
    PARENT TO no one
    MENTORING Mothfur Lightflower[ graduated ] Foxpaw
    MENTORED BY Flycatcher
    —— ADMIRES Howlingstar, Flycatcher, Little Wolf, Flamewhisker, Sunfreckle
    —— NOTABLE FRIENDSHIPS Flycatcher, Berryheart, Wolfwind , Snowpath, Freckleflame, Stormywing, Moonwhisper
    —— NOTABLE ENEMIES Entirety of Shadowclan.​
    BISEXUAL ♡ MONO ; does not fall in love or trust easily.
    SMELLS OF Oak & Lavender
    SOUNDS LIKE Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games)
    CRUSHING ON Burnstorm​

    SONG NAME - artist
    SONG NAME - pretend he has a playlist
    This scrolls!
    CREATED 07.26.2022 AT 2 MOONS. Ages every 1st.
    —— penned by Noor
    —— speech is #FCB577

    [IMG WIDTH="100px" ALIGN="LEFT"][/IMG][JUSTIFY] [b][outline=black][color=#994624] ROEFLAME —[/color][/outline][/b] [outline=black][color=#B5532A][b][I]break the air to feel the fall.[/I][/b][/COLOR][/outline]
  • [ KITHOOD ] Born as Toraline to a Marshland Queen and a Pine Forest cat who's two groups were on the verge of war, Roekit's was already facing a brewing storm before she could even open her eyes. She remembers very little about her birth home, only vague faces and voices. When she was only about a moon, right after the night of the Great Battle, her mother made the decision to give her children a better life, away from the burden of having to keep their true father a secret when the time would eventually come. The Queen took the kits to the oak forest, where a pine cat named Ember had led her group to, figuring it would be the safest environment for her now Half-Clan children.
    So, she left them, promising that friends would be there soon, and she would see them again. What the marsh cat hadn't bet on was how far she had dropped her kits off from the Thunderclan camp that night.
    The first night was the night Sylis left his sisters, making the same promise as their mother- that he would be back with help. When the following night came, Creek- cold and desperate for food, went out looking for Sylis. That would be the last time Roekit would ever see her siblings.
    On the third night, cold and numb, Roekit was ready to accept her fate when divine intervention brought someone to her, a sharp-tongued molly named Cinderfrost, where she brought her to Thunderclan camp.
    Quickly the newly deemed Roekit grew into her new home, though still remaining reserved around most- spare for Cinderfrost, who had grown into a maternal figure to Roekit. Right before her apprentice ceremony, Roekit was suddenly attacked with strange bouts where she couldn't breathe, a looming fire only worsening her flare-ups.

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    ☼ formerly mentored Mothfur, Lightflower

  • Roeflame strives to create training sessions that incorporate discipline, patience, and self-awareness alongside the main focus of the day. Drawing inspiration from her own former mentors teaching style, Roeflame makes it clear she holds reasonable expectations for her apprentices, and often makes an effort to be a present and involved presence for them both in and outside of training. Border patrols will be routine from the beginning, while hunting patrols will wait until her apprentice is comfortable enough with the basics. As long as they are not under punishment, injured, or sickly, Roeflame will likely regularly allow her apprentice to attend gatherings with her.

    While having no interest in earning a reputation as an overly strict or stern mentor, Roeflame's leniency is earned. How much trust and freedom she gives her apprentice is entirely based on how they prove themselves to be both responsible and capable enough not to require her watchful eye. Roeflame has no tolerance for disrespect, bullying, or otherwise unruly behavior, demonstrating these will earn her apprentice a rigorous schedule packed with chores, extended training sessions, and left with little time to continue with bad behavior.

    With her knack for finding meaningful life lessons and executing tough love where it is needed, Roeflame is able to work well with a variety of personality types, but may eventually find her tactics lie best with those more prone to trouble and rebellion.

  • Roeflame is a skilled warrior, able to pass down her knowledge in things such as stealth, hunting & tracking. With this preferential skillset her apprentices are more likely to graduate as talented hunters with average to strong combat skills.

    Despite her visible disadvantage, Roeflame has fine-tuned her own techniques that turn her greatest weakness (e.g her small size) into a tool she can utilize in combat with her greater advantage in speed/agility, this is a skill she attempts to pass down to her apprentice when she begins to teach them battle tactics. Roeflame's own fighting style is extremely head-on, to take the offensive and gain the upper paw before your opponent can, and this is the style Roeflame is most likely to teach in while sparring / demonstrating.

    Roeflame will begin with the bare basics, starting with lessons on being aware of both ones surroundings and being, how to seek out a stale scent trail from a fresh one, etc.
    Then, Roeflame will begin to practice simple techniques such as a basic hunters crouch, making their way through the undergrowth, pouncing etc. before taking her apprentice out on one-and-one hunts. Hunting patrols will be routine once her apprentice has gotten comfortable with the basics, whether they've caught their first piece of prey or not.

    A natural talent for Roeflame, this skill will be one that is only briefly touched upon. Upon graduation, her apprentice will know how to safely get up and down a tree, as well as how to balance themselves within the branches. Roeflame sees this as a handy skill to know in the event that one can use the trees to escape a threat (such as a predator.)
    Tracking a learned talent for her, Roeflame will incorporate this skill into every training session, her apprentice will be thoroughly taught how to differentiate scents, efficiently follow a trail, and tune into their senses in detail.
    Camouflage A warrior who prides herself on her adaptability, camouflage and utilizing ones surroundings is likely to be taught when her apprentice had made the shift from a novice hunter to somewhat advanced.
  • Roeflame has no interest in teaching when she knows her lessons are not being received. An inattentive apprentice will be quick to learn this when she does not hesitate to put them on the spot, whether that be ordering a task they should know how to complete, or confronting them with a question they should know the answer to. If they fail to succeed, Roeflame is happy to revert to square one of her lesson plan.

    Roeflame will permit her apprentice to participate in battles if they have been given the proper training. If they cannot at least practice basic moves or self-defense yet, she will not send them in.

    Training sessions are normally held every morning in the Sandy Hollow unless assigned a morning patrol, Roeflame will expect to see her apprentice up at dawn and will only take the on the task of waking them during the first couple of moons, after that it is up to her apprentice to be timely.

    template credits to @/vayle
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  • ROEFLAME she/her, Lead Warrior of Thunderclan, twenty-two moons.
    petite cinnamon silver ticked tabby with murky green eyes & a small scar over her left eye.
    mate to Burnstorm ☀ mentor to Foxpaw
    peaceful and healing powerplay permitted ☀ underline and tag when attacking
    penned by Noor@toyangel on discord, feel free to dm for plots.

[justify][font=Cunningham Singleton][glow=black][subquote=#893B33][size=3][color=#4D0D01]-ˋˏ ༻ ☀ ༺ ˎˊ-[/color] [IMG WIDTH="100px" ALIGN="LEFT"][/IMG]  TEXTTEXTEXT.[/subquote][/glow][TABS][slide=‎‎ ‎  ‎  ‎ ‎ ‎  ‎ ‎ ‎  ‎  ‎  ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎‎  ‎ ‎  ‎ ‎ ‎  ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎┌── SHE BLOWS OUTTA NOWHERE] 

[color=#893B33][b] [/b][/color]
[slide= ROMAN CANDLE OF THE WILD  ──┐‎][fleft][bimg width=150px][/bimg][/fleft][size=5][url=][color=#893B33][b][font=book antiqua]ROEFLAME[/font][/b][/color][/url] [color=#4D0D01][i]✩[/i][/color][/size][color=#4D0D01][i] she/her, Lead Warrior of Thunderclan, twenty-two moons.[/i][/color]
[color=#893B33]⭃[/color] petite cinnamon silver ticked tabby with murky green eyes & a small scar over her left eye.
[color=#893B33]⭃[/color] mate to [abbr=pinned by jay]Burnstorm[/abbr] ☀ mentor to [abbr=pinned by ava]Foxpaw[/abbr]
[color=#893B33]⭃[/color] peaceful and healing powerplay permitted ☀ [u]underline[/u] and tag when attacking
[color=#893B33]⭃[/color] penned by [url=][color=COLOR]Noor[/color][/url] ↛  [color=COLOR]@toyangel[/color] on discord, feel free to dm for plots. 
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