NDA [Heavy Snow]


for you, i’d steal the stars.
Jul 14, 2022

Ragged breaths were the only thing reaching scarred ears. Not even the thrum of her paws could be heard by Echolight as she pushed herself through the moors, a mere flash of ivory and clay. Up one hill, flying down another, avoiding jutted rocks with ease. She knew every paw step of this territory, of her home.
It didn’t feel like home any longer. Their burrow now a mere landmark in the mass of the land, forced to return to the uneasy camp, where very few matched her own beliefs.
I’m being dramatic. She couldn’t help but doubt herself within her own mind as her body now forced her to stop her morning run, her legs trembling with exhaustion, but how else was she to cope with her stress and unease? Take out some poor soul with claws and hostility? Start a fight in the middle of camp?
She drags herself to a boulder, using the stones support to rest her shoulder on.
She begins to roll loose soil beneath her paws, lost in thought. Was she really meant for such a militant life style? To sit and nod her head at bloodshed? The questions were dog-piling on her, so much so, she could feel her own self struggling to adapt, and instead shrinking.
Her troubled thoughts were interrupted when a familiar scent washed over her, carried by the breeze. Silence still hung in the air though, until someone was at her side. She didn’t have to look to see who had joined her, she simply leaned against him. "Heavy Snow. " She greeted, not even keeping the heavy tone from her voice, he would know something was wrong anyhow.
"I feel like I’m going mad…"


The large white tom had lived on the moors his whole life and though he hadn't been built for it, the running and the slipping in and out of tunnels, he had adapted, and he had survived. Besides, there was nowhere else he would rather be. He had met a group of cats living on their own. Sunshine and her sisters and her children. He had joined them, lived among them, cared for them, and protected them. He knows that he is related to none of them by blood, that Echolight is not his real, biological, daughter, but that does not change a thing for him. He would still be there for her if she needed him and right now, it looked like she did.

He finds her sitting alone on the moors while out on a hunt, a troubled look on her face. When he comes to stand next to her she presses herself into him and he gives her a worried glance. Was she alright? Had someone hurt her? But the words that come from her mouth are not about claws or fights, but a mental kind of hurt and he has to admit that he knows the feeling. He didn't feel quite right here either but he knows Sootstar would never allow them to live on the moors seperate from Wind Clan, and this was the only home they all had ever known. No, there was no leaving. "I know what you mean, kiddo" he says with a heavy sigh. "Tell me a little bit about what's on your mind, what's troubling you the most?" he says, encouraging. Perhaps it would help to speak about it, to vent. If he could he would take all their worries upon his own shoulders, shield them from all the darkness of the world. But these days, that was proving difficult to achieve.