pafp never believed in ghost till i came face to face with one // haunting


Wibble Wobble But Don't Fall Down!
Jul 13, 2022

Marigoldpaw ✧ he/him ✧ Apprentice of Windclan ░░░░░░░░░░░░░
The idea of ghosts was always something of wonder for the young apprentice, after all his mother saw them often and spoke to them- so they had to be real right? Well, Marigoldpaw heard that the Fourtrees was haunted and there was spirits that lingered there from the Great Battle. He was determined to speak to these ghosts and question them about who his father was, about the meaning of death, something interesting at least. Though of course, he wasn't going to go alone and had to find other apprentices to come along with him. There had to be others that would be game for that sort of thing right? He wasn't alone in his thoughts right? Maybe Melonpaw would want to come? Or Lemonpaw? Coldsnap wasn't an apprentice anymore and Rosepaw seemed to be dealing with their own things with Leechpaw, so they were out of the question.

Marigoldpaw gave a small huff in annoyance, realizing that most of the apprentice's in the clan was his siblings. He loved them but they were rather annoying to say the least, and he looked around camp with those orange eyes in search for someone that wasn't one of them. A blue coat caught his eyes and he perked up his ears; perfect! Owlpaw. He didn't know much about the young cat, other than her obession with his mother and medicine, and of course that she was Sootstars' daughter. "You! You should come ghost hunting with me," It sounded like a demand mixed with a question, but he made no move to correct himself.


Owlpaw was busy tending to some pretty serious grooming when a voice called out. She would not have acknowledged it had she known it was directed towards her but she was curious to see who was making such rude demands because the voice certainly was not her mother, Duskfire, Honeytwist, Hyacinthbreath, or Weaselclaw. When she looked up, her eyes met Marigoldpaw, Honeytwist's son. She narrowed her eyes in annoyance at him and lashed her tail behind her. "You can't tell me what to do," she spat. Ghost hunting, how ridiculous!

Then again... maybe it wasn't as ridiculous as she thought. StarClan existed, after all, and their ghosts had appeared to the cats after the Great Battle. Suddenly, she was intrigued, though she tried to not let it show.
"What business do you have ghost hunting, anyways? Sounds like you listened to too many stories in the nursery as a kit." A little hypocritical, but she refused to acknowledge that.

  • OWLPAW — she/her / 4 moons / apprentice of windclan
    ㅤ⤷ sootstar x flint / longhair blue smoke bicolor with orange eyes.
    ㅤ⤷ healing & peaceful powerplay allowed / attack in underline, bold, or italics.
    ㅤ⤷ penned by regina / more detailed bio here.

Marigoldpaw ✧ he/him ✧ Apprentice of Windclan ░░░░░░░░░░░░░
Marigoldpaws' fur prickled at her spat, how dare she! He opened his mouth to counter back, but the tomcat stumbled a bit on his wobbly legs. He gave a small huff at his own annoyance and looked to the blue she-cat for a moment, "I heard there are lost souls that walk the Fourtrees! Don't you want to see if its true?" He questioned back with a flick of his ear. He just wanted someone to go with him, and she was making it very difficult, "Maybe we could talk to the dead and see if they have anything to say about the gathering," The cinnamon cat lifted his head rather indegeniously, how could she not be interested? Imagine if they could speak to their ancestors! They might be able to tell them all sorts of things to happen or their futures!
Owlpaw's sharp response rings amusing to her. The self-importance that little more than a kit could hold was entertaining. To old, to importantfor kit games, please. Moonrabbit strides over with an airy sort of gait. Lashes flutter closed in quiet serenity, her tail streams behind her, elegant. Oh yeah, ghosty, or something. "Fourtrees? No need..." she trails of vaguely, before settling herself infront of the two youngsters, tail wrapped neatly around her paws. "There's already a ghost within your ranks. Here t'haunt'cha." 'Course, she means her, but she makes no further moves to do somethin' spooky. She's a polite ghost, at least.