Aug 6, 2022
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It wasn’t enough.

Whatever the sweet-furred molly– this Honeytwist had done to Pigeon wasn’t enough. More resources, more recovery, she’d claimed. It was time they couldn’t quite afford, resources they couldn’t quite gather on their own. Comfrey still lingers on his breath, blue petals gathered with the help of Dandelion, for Pigeon, supposedly.

A tongue had nervously swiped across his paw at the news, that Pigeon wouldn’t be able to get back up and run again, not this soon at least. The expectation was unrealistic, he knew it, but…

This was scary.

He keeps his head held low, ears flat against his skull. His tail drags across the ground, unassuming. From the words of the rosetted tabby from before, he wasn’t sure what to expect. Far from a warm welcome, but what could they do? Where else could they stay and keep Pigeon remotely safe, with those beasts running this place. Only a tail left trampled this time, but what about the next?

He could feel the tense air surrounding his siblings. He did his best to help along the tawny scrap of fur that was pigeon, meanwhile, a scowling stormy trails behind. Magpie too, originally keen on exploring on her own, has come, fur spiked in barely-hidden hostility. "We’ll see how this goes," he’d murmured to them but a few moments sooner. Even if his own fur prickled along his spine, flashes of white showing between golden tufts, it was their best option, wasn’t it?

He’s weary behind the forms of the Windclanners, clumps of gorse and heather appear within his vision. Golden squints against the sun.

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Honeytwist enters camp through the gorse tunnel.
Yet then not one, not two, but three strangers pool out of the entrance from behind her. Her slitted pupils dilate wide in what was almost instant fury, "what the hell?!" she almost verbally hisses. So quick and thoughtless to defend her home, Sootstar doesn't even realize one of the three young strangers is injured.

Her basking session in the sun was over... and she was not pleased. Shooting up onto her short legs, she storms over. "I could just about smack you right upside the face. And I just might if you don't have a good explanation as to why three strangers are in my camp, Honeytwist." The small blue she-cat, practically the same size as the younger stranger hisses. At least her bristling fur made her look a bit bigger... though somehow the leader managed to be decently intimidating despite her size.

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Sootstar's abrupt, angry voice catches Hyacinthbreath's attention faster than the smell of multiple cats do- and her fur bristles in alarm. Quickly standing up, she rushes over to check Sootstar's fur for any blemishes before she realizes that Honeytwist brought strangers into camp. Panic ignites behind blue eyes, and she turns to look at Honeytwist with angry gait.

"You don't just bring strangers into the territory. We don't heal strangers, Honeytwist!"
He hates this. Hates everything about it, from Pigeon's limp and ruined tail, Golden's passive take over of his leadership, Magpie's bristling, stalking form beside him when she'd decided previously she was too good for all of them, Honeytwist's insistence that they go to camp for Pigeon to be healed properly, the cats that flank them as they pass through a gorse tunnel and into a dip in the earth --

And then they're here. WindClan. A tiny blue smoke with stunning fur and flashing emerald eyes leaps to her feet with stunning swiftness and stalks their way. She barely spares Storm or his littermates a look -- she immediately lays into Honeytwist, demanding to know why she's brought them.

Storm's pelt prickles, threatening to spike with all of the pent-up, frustrated anger he's somehow managing to suppress. His face, though... his face is a furious sneer, even if his mouth is sewed shut to prevent further harm to his sister.

A slightly taller but still small silver cat joins the leader and mimics her. Storm gazes at her with furious pale eyes, and his skin is burning beneath his long blue pelt. He wants so badly to lay into these nosy she-cats, but Pigeon... she can barely walk as it is.

"We were told you could save her." There's no respect in his voice, in his expression, but it's as level and flat as he can manage. He looks boldly upon the small smoke, then upon the lynx, declaring himself unafraid of them or their Clan. If he has to fight his way out of here with Magpie and Golden, he will. As long as Pigeon can be kept safe.


She has expected this. The yelling, the bristling of clanmates. Duskfire had said as much and as she had wrapped Pigeon up with what she could, she mulled over what she could say to make things better. But she was a medicine cat, she did not have an oath to only heal Windclan. She had her own children, and these children had mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. They were someones lifeblood and as she imagined her kits in the same position (out in the wild with strange cats) she’d hunker down and do what she could to protect them. It was the least she could do, and as a mother to mother, she’d hope Sootstar would see.

But she doesn’t. She barely acknowledges her little group she has in tow and begins to lay in to her. A snort of slight annoyance leaves her mouth as she narrows her eyes at the feisty leader. She snaps her head towards Hyacinth, deciding to address her first. "You do not tell me what or what I cannot heal, the stars do." her voice is even, gentle, but the annoyance and anger that is rising is ever so present in the glint of her eyes.

She finds herself stepping in front of the kids with her own bristling fur, ears pinning back against her skull. She would not allow them to be driven out, not with Pigeons lame foot and crushed tail. Her siblings may survive, but it would be a death sentence for her. Infection would eventually set in and kill her. "Please," her voice comes out more pleading than strong and she hisses inwardly. "They’re young, Sootstar. Say Shrikekit and Owlkit get loose, would you want a medicine cat to turn them away if they get injured?" she swings back to Pigeon and gestures to her injuries. "Eventually infection will set in if not watched carefully. And then she will die. Its an agonizing process, i’ve seen it happen many times before." her voice is smooth once more, betrays no more than a medical professional should. She looks to Storm as he speaks. "And I need to watch her. They’re staying. I’m not gonna let you split them up. I will take punishment as long as I can get them taken care of, but remember that the stars are always watching." inwardly she hopes Soot doesn’t kill her for disobedience, so she adds the final with a slightly nervous flick of the ear. She shouldn’t- can’t kill her only medicine cat. Not when the clans still growing. She finds herself looking to Duskfire for help.

The idea of even leaving these cats out in the moors to suffer and die without treatment or a helping paw made his stomach twist and he would hardly allow it even if every other cat there were against it; he was thankful Honeytwist was as sweet and kind as her namesake and surely Sootstar would understand?
So he told himself as he offered his help getting the group of cats into WindClan as best they could. He chatted, idly and with his usual chipper tone to try and distract from the tension of the situation. He talked about the sky, talked about the flowers, talked about how his hunting had gone that morning....all kinds of nonsensical things.

Dandelion listened to the cats speak, the sharpness of their leader's tone, the incredulous annoyance in Hyacinthbreath's words-he didn't expect such cruelty and he felt his claws unsheathing to dig into the ground at the rare surge of anger that struck through him like a bolt of lightning. But the apprentice's fur stops bristling slowly, it takes a few slow inhales as he recomposes himself and pushes the rage aside. Anger didnt' suit him, never once in his life had he responded with anything but kindness and patience and he would do so here as well without hesitation.
The sepia point steps forward to stand alongside Honeytwist to get in front of the newcomers with his head up and his shoulder's squared; he would not cower.
"They needed help and we ought to help'em! If it's prey your worried about ah'll hunt extra to provide! If its herbs you think's wasted I can fetch more-I know what some of'em look like and Honeytwist can describe the rest to me! But ye ought not to leave cats to suffer if ye can help it!" It was not only the right thing to do but it might even make them enemies. He wondered how word would spread like wildfire at loners chased out without kindness or even a chance, it was going to make them look right awful and he expected eventually there would be blood cut in payment for it. He didn't like the thought.
His tail lashed but remained firmly rooted in his place and while he didn't expect either of the older she-cats of authority to take a swing he was a bundle of muscle on springs prepared to leap in front of the injured cats and their medicine cat the second he thought it might happen. If he had to put in the work to ensure these strangers could stay and be taken cared of then he would, maybe they might even like it and want to join! But right now he highly doubted it given the immediate response to their presence...

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Hyacinth watches the fierceness behind their medicine cat's eyes, her devotion to the stars was impressive. Many cats would take a chance to take advantage of such a kindness if they could, it was a weakness in her eyes. She's about to open her mouth to speak again, but Honeytwist moves to stand in front of the kits and she scowls at the sight. Her fur rises along her spine and she steps forward one pace, glancing back at Sootstar.

How dare she?

There's a snarled voice in the back of her mind, and Hyacinthbreath agrees. Sootstar was their lifeblood, she kept the Clan running and organized with the help of Duskfire, herself, and Weaselclaw. But she knew without a medicine cat, they'd be done for- and so when she sees Dandelionpaw step in front of the kids as well, Hyacinth glares at the tom- but she doesn't move any closer. In fact, she falls in line once more, wedging in alongside Soot's side to wait for her command. If there was one.

"You'll do both, then. Make up for the supplies we lose, if Sootstar agrees to this." She snaps at Dandelionpaw in warning, fangs bared at the apprentice. He was too bold for her liking, but something about him.. Reminded her of herself as a young cat. When she was led in the colony, avoiding the meetings under the Deity's gaze. She shuts her eyes, focusing on the kids behind the two cats.


Sootstar scoffs at Honeytwist, "That may be true, but we don't just heal strangers. We cannot afford to help every single in-need cat who stumbles onto our territory. If you can't learn that you're going to have a very difficult time with your rank here." The medicine cat was soft, a former cat from SkyClan, to the blue smoke she clearly had some toughening up to do.

We were told you could save her. The blue one says, yet all Soot does is flick an ear to show acknowledgement. If you could even call it that.

"Do not use my kits as persuasion examples. They are four moon old kits, these cats are twice their age... I've raised them well to know to never leave the hills." She's quick to dismiss Honeytwist's hypothetical, a silly thing to compare this situation to she believed. But remember, the stars are always watching. "Is that some type of threat?" Sootstar challenges with narrowed eyes. She shoots a look of warning Dandelionpaw's way too, one that said you're an apprentice. You do not step into the affairs a superior is a part of.

"StarClan has blessed me with nine lives and my name. They gave me their blessings to lead this clan, I will order whatever I wish when I believe for it to be the best for my clan, Honeytwist." Again she snarls, before speaking her final order. "The injured one will stay in camp within the medicine cats den for Honeytwist to watch over. The other two? They will stay in the abandoned badger set den. All four of you will agree to these terms, be thankful I'm willing to compromise, or I will send all three of these cats to a different clan to plead for help." Her final order, and she was unlikely to budge further.

Little thing of fury, a hissing ball of blue smoke greets them swift, or... barrages them, more like. Cozy warm, close-knit, is what he'd expected from the few on the patrol, though the threat Honeytwist is welcomed with tells a different story. Golden blinks, straight-faced at the display. She's almost Stormy-like, he realizes, a revelation that brings a crease to his brow.

A blue tabby follows behind, echoing her sentiments like a shadow, isn't that just sweet? Perhaps the close community he'd envisioned wasn't entirely inaccurate. There were those who followed her every whim, and those who did not. It seems this place was closer to what he'd envisioned before, little more than strangers banding together for safety in number. They followed to strongest amongst them, never dared to step to their bad side. Small as she was, she had a strange fierceness about her. His skin threatened to prickle with gooseflesh, almost uncomfortable. Their eagerness to obey couldn't be unwarranted...

He's eerily quiet, this once, he doesn't allow so much as a whisker out of place. His nostrils flare– the only sign of his frustrations– as a spares a glance to Storm. His eyes blaze with barely-contained fury, flashing yellow in the pale light. But he restrains himself, good. He offers dull words instead, carefully controlled. And Honeytwist speaks, firm. She mentions names he does not know and concepts he is unfamiliar with, but he get's the sense that she's truly trying, that she wants to look out for them. Her and Dandelion, the twang of his voice ringing with the promises he makes. Golden blinks. Why?

His careful gaze drags back to the little blue leader― her shadow is quickly disregarded in his eyes, merely an extension of the other. Her voice is low as she speaks of starry skies and nine lives. Lost, is certainly what he was.

He doesn't let out the sigh of relief he wants to, but his body relaxes just a bit, shoulders dropping at the news that Pigeon would receive care. As for their own situation... His stomach churns with unease. Leave her alone with these few? Strangers divided on what to do with her? Take the chance, leave her here? Leave together, be caught in the horse tracks.

At least together, he would get to see her die.

But that was selfish, wasn't it?

He makes up his mind, and dips his head. Nevermind the wary crease of his lip. His words speak his decision "I... agree to your terms," he murmurs, low. He would check on her, somehow. Golden eyes flicker to Dandelion, and then Honeytwist. "Please be kind to her," he asks. Keep an eye on her, he'd like to say, but perhaps that'd be asking too much.

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Maggie doesn't know where there going, but as the trail further and further into the fields she wonders idly if they're being led to their deaths. They emerge into what must be tis groups amp, and she's startled by the sheer number of faces and eyes watching her. Her scan is interrupted by yells, words hissed and spat by - Magpie blinks in surprise at the tiny yet feisty she-cat, her own head tipped to the side in contemplation. She's out of her depth here - talk of stars and leaders and medicine going over her head. What she does hear is that Pidge will die if they do not stay, the shock of it sending her claws into the earth as her fur stands on end. Pidge has always been the baby of their little, the sweetest and the most fragile. She does not like these cats, nor trust them, and the thought of being told what to do has her wanting to snarl, but she bites her tongue 'till it bleeds and plasters on a dim imitation of a smile "Of course, we just want our sister safe," she says, though her eyes flicker in warning, like embers waiting to burn anyone who hurts her siblings. Her tail twitches in irritation - this was all stormy's fault, she just knows it, and rest assured she's going to thump him upside his head the second these strangers are out of sight.

A world blurred by pain faded in and out. The voices of her brothers began to grow farther and farther away. And.. and was that Magpie? Silently, she prayed her sibling was alright.

An uncontrollable heart screamed in her chest as she fought to keep her eyes open. Eerie shadows whispered in a tongue she couldn't understand, nearly drowning out the sounds of the real world.

A scary cat was ... yelling? At least, it looked like she was yelling. She looked really mad. That was probably her fault. Warm tears trickled down her cold, trembling body.

Pain urged her to sleep but she felt as if she was missing something. Like she had to say something - keep her family safe from the angry molly.

But she couldn't talk nor could she move. The damage sustained was too much for her fragile body to deal with.

I'm so.. so sleepy.

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