newfound purpose / dawnpaw

A storm was coming. Briarstar could smell it on the wind. The sky grew overcast and gray and the wind blew through the pine trees, causing nettles to fall onto the damp, marshy ground. The freshkill pile was looking low and nobody would want to hunt when it was storming. She needed a break from her kittens anyways. The molly began to head out before her eyes found a lonesome Dawnpaw who appeared to be sulking nearby. Poor Dawnpaw had suffered a recent tragedy that left him lame in the leg and she imagined he felt pretty downtrodden about it. Bonejaw wasn't exactly the type to offer the most comfort, and Briarstar had always been a little more maternal than her sister. She padded over and sat down next to the apprentice.

"Is everything okay, Dawnpaw? You look a little down," she observed, turning to look at her Clanmate. She studied him closely, wondering how he would react to her checking in on him. The two of them weren't exactly close, though she could say the same for many of the cats in the Clan regretfully. Ever since the Great Battle, it had been hard to connect with anyone. She was still grieving her mate's death after all.

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