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Jul 31, 2022


Twig stumbles into the forest still licking her wounds from a swift skirmish, nothing heavy but the young she-cat was not used to being beaten up... The sting of a claw was unfamiliar and with each step, she took she felt a throbbing pain in her left shoulder. At least the bleeding had stopped, patches of fur being caked with dried blood to show for it.

The tortie was not deaf to the whispers, she knew another "clan" subsided here. What she knew as a mere rumor was proven by the scent of feline that lurked here, all different but very much alike at the same time. She wonders if they're just as land possessive or if they'd at least allow her to tend to herself here for a few days... Her wounds weren't all that bad to most but... Twig knew by all who interacted with her to be quite the drama queen. She was convinced she needed to rest for a few days or all would be lost.

Wounds aside... she really did need somewhere to just think. What had been her home since she fed off milk was now gone, RiverClan had practically exiled her from the land. Everywhere else was foreign to her... especially anywhere the clans were not taking control of. Would she really have to leave the entire region? Anxiety and fear bubble up inside of her as a quiet gulp sounds from her throat.

She nears a tree with big, out-stretched roots. From afar she had spotted a small underground den tucked right under a couple of the tree's spiraling legs... It could be a good place to hide out for a few days, especially if she was unwelcome here. Crouching down she enters, just barely squeezing herself in right in time to hear paw steps approaching. Spinning around in her new den she peaks out. Were these some of those clan cats?

If whoever was approaching turned their head just the right way, they'd see a pair of vibrant eyes looking back at them. In the shadows the tri-colored feline wiggles her rear, preparing to pounce if needed.

Okay, so, anyone's gonna be at least a little startled when they're minding their own business, only to spot an entire cat in the bushes! She only screams a little (reasonable) bit! maybe only jumping out of her skin just a bit when she spots the tri-colored molly. She does a double take, an interjection of "Wuh─!" bubbling in her throat as she does so.

She looks between the stranger and the cats behind her, frantic as if shouting look at this!. "She─ She's tryin' to get me!" she declares with a disbelieving pout. Why would anyone try to get her? She's supposed to get everyone else! "I'll get you first, lady! Try me!"
A startled scream, one with a vigorous youth backing it up, attracted the blue molly in an instant. Her paws were meant to be an instrument of healing rather than destruction. However, in that moment, claws unsheathed as she materialized from the shadows.

For those unaware of her, only knowing her for her brutal execution of Emberstar, would find it surprising. She had been a recluse since that day; an aloof, empty husk that seemed intent on pushing every cat away.

However, there she was - protectively standing in front of Wolf. Fur bristled as narrowed eyes pierced through the undergrowth.

Never again. She'd promised herself - swore to her family - that she'd never let a life so young be stolen again. She refused to move from her defensive posturing. If the she-cat struck, she'd be ready. No one would get passed her this time. This time she would successfully protect her ward.

A deep, warning growl resonating from her chest. It was the last chance the tri-colored Molly had to flee or surrender before offensive measures were taken.​

Beside the pair loomed the long-limbed visage of Truffle, whose yellow eyes dipped to meet the multicoloured pelt of Wolf's assailant. Smoldering protectiveness thrusted Cinderfrost's ashy figure into frame, hostility rolling from her in waves- and to meet her stood the stranger, who similarly assumed a battle stance. Was she truly trying to 'get' Wolf?

Even if so, the energetic youth seemed not to take it personally, instead exclaiming revenge to match. Humoured, Truffle stood a complete contradiction to Cinderfrost's wariness, instead regarding the situation as if it was mildly funny.

Though within the air waltzed a scent, faint but there, that twisted and wove its way around distractions. A distinctive scent that he knew all too well, even when it was mild- blood, though stale. Immediately one ear stood alert, attempting to perhaps hear the pin-drop of sanguine weeping, but instead his eyes rove about aimlessly, soon settling upon the scatter-painted femme who had engaged them.

"Are you hurt...?" he asked, pupils flickering to the two grey mollies beside him. Cinderfrost was... a healer, correct? If this intruder truly was harmed, would she find duty in aiding her- or did it only extend to members of ThunderClan?

Ah, he had yet to learn all the rules- though, he was unsure if he could allow someone in pain to simply walk away.
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