NIGHTS LIKE THESE // settling down


Despite the pain that began to form and build up in her stomach, Soot forced herself to march with her head held high. Behind her trotted anyone else who had wished to join her. The original WindClanners.

For the night, Soot led them to an area with numerous patches of tall grass, plenty tall for them all to be secluded from any predators that roamed the sky. It was far from anything special, but for tonight it was good enough. Tomorrow she'd send out groups of cats to begin patrolling, exploring all the secrets of the land. They'd find a permanent place to settle soon.

Her stride settles down almost into a halt, "We'll spend the night here- or however long we need." She begins to explain to them, her blue tail gesturing to the tall grass. "We can find a permanent location soon, but after tonight I figured we'd all need some rest." Or at least I need to. No longer were her children being patient with her. She needed to get nesting and hunker down for a few days... all while ensuring she maintained clear dominance and control over her new group. At least Soot was determined.

//as the thread states, they are not currently in what will be windclans camp! theyll make this area of long grass their home for a few days before discovering their permanent home :)
our current official landmarks will also have their own discovery threads! I'll handle putting those together oocly ASAP.
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❥ - she smells like lemongrass and sleep
Lavender follows her chosen leader with a spring in her little step. Away from the swamp. Away from the cats that had murdered her family. Away from the war and bloodshed and mud and frogs. Soot led them out into the fields, out onto the gorgeous moors where stars - millions and millions of stars! - shone above their heads. Too many times, Lavender had wanted to stop and stare up at the silver dotted sky above her, but Soot pressed on and so did she.

She halts when her leader does, a newfound obedience coursing through her little body. She is tired, but she has the nagging feeling that she won't be able to sleep, what with this anxious energy still frying her nerves to a crisp. They had left the swamp, left Briar, left the only home they had ever known. What was it going to be like now without the cats they had grown up with? It was a dizzying thought.

She laid down, but her eyes angled up to peek at the shining heavens far above. Stars. Stars that shone like the apparitions at the Great Battle. "You'd think we were chosen by our ancestors to be out here." She breathes to her leader after a moment. "Look how they shine. I never caught that in the marsh."

Hyacinthbreath had taken to kind to WindClan's territory, enjoying the feeling of grass against her feet as she followed close behind Lavender, stoic eyes widening with surprise. Lifting her head to scent the air, the smell of fresh-kill in the distance made her drool. Her stomach rumbled painfully, twisting an ache into her gut.

"We're directly under them." A gasp left the femme's lips as she brushed her side up against Lavender's, grinning down at the other molly in excitement. "A new home- Away from those who hurt us." A nod, agreement with her own statement. They were meant to be here, their ancestors were right in giving Soot's new colony this land.

Though it hasn't been all that long since the last time Larkspur felt long grass along his fur, it feels like it's been seasons.

The battle felt like it was just yesterday and yet, felt like moons ago at the same time. His short time within the forest had forever marred him, giving him permanent reminders of other wanderers' tales, permanent reminders of his own curiosity going wrong.

But, he was home. He was finally home.

Starlight shines above him. It's just as beautiful as he remembers it, but the battle gives him a chance to look at it with new eyes. He wonders if those lost within the battle - those who intervened, who led the two groups to split into five, who led to WindClan's creation, to Larkspur's homecoming - where truly up there, wonders just which stars were who. And, though the battle didn't take her life, though she had nothing to do with marsh nor pine, Larkspur wonders which star belongs to his mother.

He hears a quiet conversation between two of his new clanmates about the stars, and it brings happiness to hear the awe in their voices. They were home. Safe from the forest, from marsh and pine. Larkspur could get used to this.
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"We were." Proudly and without hesitation, she agrees with Lavender. It was no coincidence they were the cats who laid claim to the moors tonight. "We aren't here just by chance. The pull that we all felt from this place was the stars beckoning us here. We are the ones they wish to keep the keenest eye on." The blue molly truly believed every word. We're the star's favorite Clan. Like no other they'll ensure we prevail.

She shares a silent moment with her clan-mates, Lavender, Lark, and Hyacinth.
They were going to build a good home here... and as power hungry as she was, she swears to do her best to protect them all. Beside her are her first followers, her most loyal of soldiers.

She wouldn't forget it swiftly.

With purrs rumbling in her throat, she almost forgets the sharp pains in her stomach as she stares starstruck into the sky.