Quill-: any of the main wing or tail feathers of a bird / the hollow sharp spines of a porcupine, hedgehog, or other spiny mammal / named for their tendencies to mess up their fur when groomed. | -paw: Standard suffix for an apprentice.
Previously named Quillkit
10 moons, ages on the 1st of each month.
Apprentice of Shadowclan
AFAB, transmasculine demi-boy [he/they] / Demi-homosexual, demi-homoromantic, polyamorous.

Fawn tabby with low white and green eyes.
Quillpaw is a short-haired fawn tabby with low white. They have a small patch of white on their chest and muzzle, and light green eyes. They have white socks on their feet as well.
No scars/injuries
He can oftentimes be found with messed up fur as well as leaves or sprouts caught in it.

Quillpaw isn't a soft, sweet person. At least, not at first. It's hidden deep within the layers of his personality. He goes at his own pace. He can be aggressive, and is apprehensive about interacting with people. He's the type that watches people and judges them, and will oftentime give critiques harshly. He is stubborn to a fault and it takes a lot to make him change his views. He always speaks somewhat informally. He tends up put up a cold front, but will slowly melt that frosty exterior he starts to get to know people, and will be more willing to try and see things from the perspectives of those he's close to. Overall, while it will take time for Quillpaw to warm up to you, with enough persistence, he will. You'll just have to put up with his somewhat harsh snark for a while.
Chaotic Neutral
No mental illnesses.

Hard to form platonic relationships
Hard to form romantic relationships.
Mate of nobody, crushing on nobody.
Parent to nobody.
Child of NPC x NPC.
Sibling to N/A.

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