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It was a hot day- unfortunate.
The stentch that emitted from the thunderpath was like no other, it usually smelled awfully of monster and twoleg- but this scent was something far more foul.

The aroma that hit Sootstar's nose almost caused her to gag at the very first whiff, the only reason she managed to keep her composure was the fear of embarrassment... It wouldn't be very she-cat like to throw up the contents of yesterdays dinner... now would it? Yet it takes every inch of strength in her body to proceed without gags, and by now her patrol too smells it. Disgusted voices erupt, what the hell was that stentch?!

At the thunderpath they'd find it.

Blood was spattered across the road, most of it now dried up in the suns rays... but still stunk, and there was still evidently lots of the bodily fluid. Smack in the middle of the thunderpath nearing the yellow-design were... pieces of meat and ebony fur. There was no body, just... torn flesh, fur, and blood. There were blood marks that led into ShadowClan territory, if there had been a body it had been dragged back into the marshes.

Sootstar guesses this- had been a ShadowClan cat, crushed by the weight of a monster. It's such a grim scene even Sootstar looks notably disturbed... and with the black fur she couldn't even begin to guess who had been slaughtered.

Her limbs feel shake-y, she lowers herself into a sitting position in order to keep herself composed.
"StarClan forbid it..." She murmurs in-half prayer that such an incident never occurs again.


Following in her leader’s paw steps she’d find herself too wanting to turn tail at the awful stench that laced the air. What in Starclan’s name could possibly smell that awful? “Good Starclan… what is that smell?” Her thoughts seemed to be echoed by the other members of the patrol, sharing puzzled and disgusted glances as they approached the thunderpath. Frozen in place, she’d find herself horrified by the scene before her. Sootstar normally would have any reaction other than this. Nodding in agreement, she found herself glancing towards the sky, silently praying that the cat may rest peaceful. “May Starclan light your path.
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Small paws made quiet footsteps as he followed his leader. He knew the scent of death on the thunderpath. Yet, he was morbidly curious as to what happened. He knew it was going to be a horrible sight. The smell would only get worse. Yet still he carried on, knowing he was going to fully unenjoy what he was going to see.

And that he did. He frowned at the scene. Who had died? Someone that he had seen at the gathering was no longer walking. He felt haunted at the thought. He closed his eyes and offered a silent prayer. He hoped it was quick at least. Yet even as he opened his eyes, he still couldn't look away.

Just the thought of.....This happening to him. What it must have been like. What this cat had been through. It made him shiver.
Weaselclaw's entire being recoils as he nears the asphalt and the splattered feline baking under the late green-leaf sun. His fur even lights along his spine at the offensive scent. Before he can stop himself, he's grunting, "Great StarClan, that smell!"

But then he sees the body itself, what had once been a ShadowClan warrior - perhaps? - and Weaselclaw shudders violently. He swiftly pads to Sootstar's side. His leader does not betray her unnerved state, but Weaselclaw himself is feeling borderline nauseous, so he can only imagine how someone who has actually died might feel.

Briefly, unceremoniously, Weaselclaw touches his flank to Sootstar's side before pulling away and staring at the mess on the Thunderpath. "I hope it was quick, at least," he says to the patrol, averting his gaze again.


The vile stench that wafts from the Thunderpath is not easy to miss. Anyone in the vicinity would be able to smell it. A dark pool of blood lies in the middle of the road, with a steady trail disappearing into ShadowClan territory. Bits of bloodied dark fur, flesh, and bone fester in the sunlight. Owlpaw felt a shiver creep down her spine and she moved closer to Weaselclaw and Sootstar for comfort. Like her mentor, she prays to StarClan that whoever had endured such a tragedy had gone to hunt with their ancestors in the blink of an eye rather than suffer long. They were only seeing the aftermath of such a horrid scene - what had the actual thing been like?

"At least they aren't in pain anymore," she mumbled. At least, she hoped. Likely the poor unfortunate soul that had been hit was dead but there was still that slight chance they had lived-... Owlpaw pushed the thought from her mind as soon as it entered. No, they were dead. Dead and at peace now. She turned to Weaselclaw. "Ugh... can we go home now? I don't feel like hunting anymore."

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As her clan-mates silently and or verbally pay respects, she nods to Weaselclaw's wish. "I hope so too." She would pray with him, yet her pessimistic mind doubts that whoever this was got a swift. end. How long did they lay flattened on the thunderpath before their clan-mates found them?

She hoped her own clan-mates would never dare allow themselves to meet such a fate. Why had this cat been on the thunderpath anyways...? Had they been trying to get to WindClan? Whatever they were doing, they'd never make it to their destination now.

Despite not being the one spoken to, Sootstar looks at her daughter and gives a disapproving frown. It was a terrible scene, but Owlpaw would face many difficult and cruel situations in her lifetime. She could not learn to allow it to put a halt to her day, to feeding her clan. "Owlpaw." A single word, her daughters name, it was all a parent needed sometimes. If Owlpaw met her gaze Sootstar shake her head in disapproval, you will keep hunting.

She glances at Weaselclaw, hoping he will understand. Perhaps she shouldn't get inbetween mentor and apprentice... but that apprentice was her daughter.

Sootstar moves on from the situation, "We will grab a small piece of prey and present it to ShadowClan as our condolences for their loss. We will try to use this time to strengthen a relationship, perhaps then at least some good can come out of this tragedy." Perhaps some would find her fox-hearted to use this situation to WindClan's advantage, but Sootstar couldn't help but not care. WindClan needed friends, and if there was any clan she wanted to be on good terms with... it was ShadowClan, dwellers of her birth home.


Ivoryflight would glance up in surprise at her leader’s words, almost shocked at the seemingly change in personality. One thing was for sure, however, was that she was pleased to see her leader willing to show them some form of kindness. It would’ve been nice to see you act like this when their territory was burning. A silent nod will signal her understanding of their order, thinking quietly for a moment before voicing a suggestion. “Perhaps one of the rabbits Starclan has blessed us with? That could be a good thing if Starclan sees us reaching out in kindness, perhaps that will help to keep the rabbits flowing through leaf-bare?