NO MORE LIES // confrontation

Jul 27, 2022

" Wh-what did you three say to Leechpaw..." Rosepaw stood in front of his own brothers as he had taken the courage to approach them as they rested in camp, eating together. Rosepaw's eyes were still red swollen after the crying but after he had returned back to camp had overheared all of the gossips. It seemed to be the only thing all of them could talk about. Leechpaw and how he had tore half of Rowanpaw's ear off. Of course the story that followed that...just like some others in this clan Rosepaw was far from convinced to believe that. Leechpaw wouldn't attack one of thier clanmates like that!. He know because his friend had many times before defended him without physicially attacking any of his siblings!. Some pieces where missing in this story and he was gonna put them all into the right place. Unfortunately he couldn't found Leechpaw to ask here he was confronting his own littermates for the first time. He would never have done a such thing if it had been about himself, but it was different when it was about Leechpaw.

" Huh?, we have already told everyone what happend. " Rowanpaw was the one who spoke up, eyes narrowed as he watched Rosepaw closely. That was far from a satisfied answer to the cinnamon. Inside he felt sick to confront his brothers like this...He was shaking and a part of him just wanted to run away rather then standing up against them. But he couldn't do it this time. They where making Leechpaw look like the bad guy here and he knew that was not the type of person he was!. He had to stand his matter how emotional wrecking it was. No matter how much he just wanted to break down and cry about it instead. Rosepaw bite his tongue, shifting his paws before shaking his head and rised his head up to look at the three directly. " Th-that's a lie!. Leechpaw would never...he is not that type of person!." Rowanpaw frown in disapproval. " Are you calling me for a liar?." he warned them. Rosepaw was all to familliar with that tone, the hidden message to tell him to shut his mouth especially since they where in camp. Rosepaw didn't dodge away with his gaze, standing tall even if his heart was beating like crazy. He swore it could either jump out from his chest or get choked by it. He just felt so sick...and all he could hear was his own beating heart ringing in his ears... " Y-Yeah!...i...i am!!." his voice where shaking, stumbling over his words but his eyes looked like fire. Despite his anxious emotional state his eyes burned with justice, justice for his friend!.

Rowanpaw hissed and he stood up to get closer to his brother to stare them down. " You really have some nerve brother!. Why are you even asking us this?. Just look what your freak to friend did to my ear!. Who's side are you even on?!. " his friend or his own family?!. Rowanpaw was hoping it would be enough to put his younger brother back in his place, but not this time. Instead a different reaction happened. Rosepaw flattered back his ears. " He...he is not a freak!!." his voice where uncharacteristic loud, and stronger then from his usual soft spoken voice. Even Rowanpaw took a step back at this, along with the other two brothers who eyes widen a slight bit. Rosepaw then flinched, like he realised the tone he just had used, how he for a split second had let anger get the best of him. he retraced back on his words, growing a bit more soft again. " Just...tell me the truth...r-real warriors don't lie..." That was a dangerous game to play, to use the one thing all of them wanted against them. All three of them looked pissed, and it was Flamepaw who stept forward this time as he in anger shoved Rosepaw back. " Dare say that again!!." Rosepaw closed his eyes to flinch away, but only for a second before he opend them again staring at them with judgement. That seemed to be the final straw. One of them snapt, and that was Flamepaw. " Tch!, thats rich coming from you Rosepaw, who is defending the same cat who killed his own littermates!. " Flamepaw said that loudly, a bit to loud perhaps.

Rosepaw hold his breath, and the pieces begin to slowly fall into place. But no...not would his brothers say a such insensitive thing, right?." Don't tell me..." but thier faces said it all, and Flamepaw would snort. " and what if we did?. Everyone knows the story already. He deserved to hear it!. What he did was fucking sick!. " Flamepaw was being to loud but he only stopt when Rowanpaw hissed at him to shut his mouth. They where too much in the open...and Flamepaw had forgotten all about it. The brothers where nervouse now, wondering how many had heared them, who had heared them.

Meanwhile, Rosepaw was too shooked over what he had found out. How cruel his brothers actually could be. Blaming Leechpaw what had happend out there on the thunderpath was too cruel. It had been an accident. Leechpaw had never told him the story over what had happend, he only knew the story Rain his mother had told them all. How Leechpaw had tricked his littermates out on the thunderpath full with monsters that day...How he had got them all killed. That was why his mother had abandoned him but...Rosepaw knew there was more to that story as well. Something just felt off with it...So without knowing Leechpaw side of the story it was wrong to judge him or blame him for what had happend. At least he thought so.


He'd had just about enough of this.

Those rotten little brats had been sitting on his last nerve ever since the last time he'd caught them tormenting Rosepaw, and any patience he'd feigned having for them was snuffed out the moment he saw Flamepaw roughly shove the other apprentice. If there was one thing that the dark gray tabby couldn't stand, it was disloyalty. Toward your clan, toward your family. Rosepaw may not have been the strongest or bravest cat in the clan, but it disgusted him to no end that the others family could treat them so carelessly- even if that was just life, even if it was none of his business, he couldn't stand to see it go unpunished when it unfurled in front of him like this. Not with Rosepaw.

"I should have sharpened my claws on you the last time you pulled this shit." he growled as he stalked toward the group.

These fucking kids, playing at being warrior, thinking they were so much better than everyone around them. He couldn't stand it. They had no idea what it was like to bleed, to suffer, to sacrifice. Well, he'd show them what those things felt like, here and now.

With a furious yowl he aimed to smash into Flamepaw from the side, aiming to knock the other apprentice over while burrying his fangs into the side of their neck. He didn't care if Rosepaw was pissed at him afterwards for hurting their siblings, he was tired of watching the other get walked all over just because he wouldn't fight back. Well, that was okay. Coldpaw would fight for them.

windclan apprentice - male - 8 months - a large, dark grey tabby with yellow eyes

He was not a cat of violent means-perhaps the path of the healer was what he had always been destined to follow at some point. It had never occured to him until Honeytwist asked for him, but it was suiting for a he who would prefer not to bloody his paws in needless violence. Not to say Dandelionpaw could not fight, he had started training as a warrior and even before then his claws had guarded him from other barn cats who got too big for their britches. The worst of it was realizing that fighting a cat was no different than hunting prey, you moved swiftly towards its weakness and you pinned them beneath claws to stop their escape.

He did not know what to make of the whole ordeal, but he liked Leechpaw and he knew the dark apprentice was surly and guarded but not the sort to go mauling other cats without some kind of defense. He didn't necessarily agree to blood being a means to an end, but he would not begrudge a cat their dues if it kept the tongues of others from being sharp and piercing. He only heard the loud voice rise up, Coldpaw's tabby form moving with a purpose in that direction and he was swift to follow with fury in his mismatched gaze when he spotted Rosepaw's hunched and dejected form.

It was without hesitation or a moment's pause that he went sprinting along the tall grass to the scene and his paws were outstretched to try and leap into Rowanpaw to prevent the other tom from attemtping to dogpile Coldpaw with their higher numbers; well now the playingfield was even.

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Another fight? While she was beginning to accept that it was a way of life in the clan now, she didn’t agree with the fact that fighting had to happen daily. To her surprise, Dandy was already on the scene, leaping into action. In all honesty, it was a move she never expected to healer to make. Uneasy with the situation, Ivoryflight found herself contemplating what to do. It was better for them to work it out amongst themselves, however, she didn’t want to do nothing about it. “What in the world are you doing?” Callling out to the group as she approached, she’d allow her tail to lash behind her as she glared at the apprentices, hoping for an explanation.

Rosepaw had not thinked this out through beforehand. He had wanted the truth to come out so badly to defend his friend but never had he expected for things to get out of control like this. Rosepaw was nothing but horrified when he watched Coldpaw lunged himself at one of his brothers, Flamepaw. It shook him so much he was unable to move, and soon followed was Dandelionpaw as well who leapt for his other brother, Rowanpaw. The medicine cat. Rosepaw would never have thought he out of all cats would respond with violence like this. Anyone who knew Rosepaw knew how much he was against violence. The violent nature of his clanmate was not something he felt comfortable with. They might have come in to defend him but this was not what he had wanted anyone of them to do!.

" Stop...please..." Rosepaw stuttered out weakly, his eyes locked and widen at the fight in front of him all caused because of him. Rosepaw had just wanted to help but he had made it all worse!. It was too much. He just wanted them to stop. He did not wanted anyone of them to get hurt!. Not even his brothers. No matter how poorly they treated him they where still his littermates, his family.

Rosepaw crounched down to the ground vinsible shaking by the whole experience that was too overwhelming for him. " J-just stop fighting!!...please...stop he yelled but ended up sobbing his words out in a pathetic plead. I'm sorry, this is all my fault!. He should have keept his mouth shut to not upset his brothers. If he had none of this would have happend. Whatever he decided to do he always did the wrong thing.

For a bried second he glanced over at Ivoryflight with tearful eyes, pleading them almost to do something to stop this because he didn't know how to do it himself. However when his eyes landed on the fight again he spoted his third brother, Blazepaw who had made himself ready to jump in to help one of his brothers out. It was Coldpaw his brother had his eyes locked on, sneaking up from behind...Rosepaw eyes widen and before knowing it he called out to them. " C-Coldpaw watch out!!." he called out but was unable to move his own legs to get over there and do anything...

so Blazepaw leapt and attempting to attack Coldpaw.

// i will admit i'm a bit too lazy to write out four characters there three of them are fighting right now, so feel free to powerplay and control Rowanpaw,Flamepaw and Blazepaw! just know they will fight back just dont go overboard with it <33


OOC-no problem, lemme know if i need to change anything :)

He felt Flamepaw crumple beneath his weight, toppling sideways as Coldpaw crashed into him and shoved him down. His teeth buried themselves in the side of the apprentices neck and he battered at their side viciously with their back legs. Flamepaw let out a screech of fury and pain as they thrashed in his grip, twisting toward him to score the side of Coldpaws face with his claws as they tried to kick him back.

He felt the warmth of blood trickling down his face, could taste the copper of his own blood mixing with Flamepaws, but he didn't care. He could feel that familiar addreniline rush that always came when he was fighting, that burst of energy that made him finally feel alive. And these brats, they needed to be taught a lesson. It was clear their parents didn't give a shit how they treated Rose and he was tired of standing by while the passive apprentice let himself be mocked and walked all over.

He pinned his ears as the sound of Rosepaws sobs filtered through the rush of blood in his ears and the growling from him and Flamepaw, and he shoved the sound out of his mind as he felt the others back claws catch his stomach and score a gash there. It was only when Rosepaw shouted for him to watch out that the apprentice chose to listen. With a powerful kick he shoved Flamepaw away from him just in time to roll onto his back as Blazepaw came down on him.

The other apprentice managed to sink their fangs into his chest as the two locked together, Coldpaws teeth sinking into the side of their face and part of the ear as he felt them claw wildly at him, and he coiled his hindlegs in close before kicking out and slamming them right into Blazepaws gut. The other apprentice made a horrible noise as the air left their lungs and the tipped sideways into the dirt gasping for air they couldn't seem to get.

With a snarl Coldpaw got to his feet, dark fur bristled out and wet from blood in several places as he rounded to face Flamepaw again, yellow eyes blazing and ready for more as the other tom squared off with him once more. He knew the pain would catch up with him soon and that Hyacinth would be pissed he couldn't go full out in training sessions for a while, but it would be worth it if it kept these rats off Rosepaws back for a while.

"Come on then- I'll put you on the ground just like your brother!" he growled, tail lashing furiously behind him.

OOC Injury List-
Coldpaw- bitewound to chest, clawmarks to right cheek, shallow gash on stomach, scratches/ claw punctures along his shoulders from grappling.
Flamepaw - deep bitewound to the side of the neck, several nasty scratches and gashes along their side/stomach
Blazepaw - a bitewound to the side of the face/ear, some shallow claw punctures on the shoulder from grappling each other, and probably a bad bruise to the underbelly from the kick. Also had the wind knocked out of them for a minute.

windclan apprentice - male - 8 months - a large, dark grey tabby with yellow eyes

It wasn't unusual to hear the pained cries of agony in camp anymore, and that fact was haunting to face. Hyacinth lifted her head, exhausted eyes looking around for the source- it was her job to keep everyone in line, and she would do her job well. As she had for moons now. Standing up, Hyacinthbreath would make her way over quickly, eyes widening in shock at the blood splattered across the ground and many bloodied apprentices fighting each other. A very pissed off Coldpaw stood bold and fur-fluffed, tail-fur spiking with his fury. His large size was even more impressive in moments like these, and yet Hyacinth couldn't help but feel the annoyance ebb into her body language at Coldpaw's words.

"Come on then- I'll put you on the ground just like your brother!"

"THAT'S ENOUGH." Hyacinthbreath howled from behind the group, voice deep with bubbling anger- her eyes burned with a rage that could only be contained by her small body, but her authority radiated off of her- she wasn't a cat to mess with. She watches as Coldpaw is hard, focused on his opponent- a trait she had instilled into him since day one. Don't keep your eyes off of your opponent, don't let them use their size against you, don't forget the enemy. All things she had taught him, but he had forgotten when and were to use such tactics.

Dainty paws carried the small molly over, but she doesn't face the wounded apprentices- she rounds on her own, teeth bared in warning at the tom. And then her paw lashes out, claws sheathed as to not hurt him much- but a harsh strike across the apprentice's face would be given in his blind rage, teeth bared ferociously at her apprentice. Disappointment. Shame. Embarrassment. Maybe even a little bit of pride in here, cruelty and all. She doesn't give the antagonistic apprentices the benefit of her glare, knows they would be too scared or too stupid to challenge her. And so, with a cold, calm voice, Hyacinth comes to her verdict. She'd seen enough. She'd had enough of those apprentices.

"You will sleep away from the rest of the clan for seven moonrises. Apart from each other. You will all guard the camp in shifts. Two sleeps, the rest watches. Vice versa. You will not talk to each other unless you're doing so to switch shifts or report activity. Do you understand me?" She commands all of the apprentices, tail flicking irritably behind her. Then, she fully turns to face Coldpaw, shoving her face into his own. "I expected more from you. Beating the shit out of some snot-nosed brats. You've got moons of training on them!" She snapped at the tom, turning to Ivoryflight. She levels her gaze on the molly, before she nods her head to her.

"Make sure these apprentices do their job. They will understand why it is necessary not to fight amongst each other when they are stuck guarding the camp all night with nobody else to depend on but each other." She finalizes, turning back to glare at her apprentice. Did you hear me, kid?

Thankful that someone of more authority (and that could handle the situation better than she) had arrived, IVoryflight would take a few steps back as to allow room for the lead warrior. “I'll make sure they do.” While it was less than what she wanted to stay up half the night ensuring the apprentices did as required of them, arguing with the molly wouldn't end well for her either. Besides, more than likely she wouldn't have to watch over them alone.