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Oct 11, 2022

At last...... Her travels have brought her back to the familiar twolegplace she once called home. She would not dawdle however, her twolegs being long gone.

She was truly alone, not that it bothered her.

She hopped a fence and leaped into the pine forest she explored as a kittypet, foraging for mushrooms. Her red coat matched the fallen pine needles and shone beautifully in the setting sun, emerald eyes scanning the forest that extended Infront of her.

Quiet as a fox, she strode deeper in, unfamiliar scents flooding her nose. She was aware of a border crossed, but she paid little mind.

Perhaps she would join the keepers of this forest. If they chased her out, she would simply be a nuisance to them out of spite. Time would tell whatever was to happen.

For now, she would enjoy her stroll.

Skilled claws scrapped against tree hide as he moves along the branches. The forest is quite peaceful and he enjoys the way the leaves have begun to change colors so vividly. Breathing in the still air he almost relaxes against his chosen branch when the wind tugs a scent towards him. His silvered gaze blinks once before he pushes to limber limbs and starts to make his way through the treetops. Each passing scent leads him to the stranger and he easily pauses from on high as he spots them. With a cheshire grin he moves deftly along the branch before he calls out lightly. "Hey there!" His voice is always welcoming and warm.

Carefully he jumps to another branch before clawing his way down the face of the trunk. With a skip in his step the blonde wonder eyes the other. But the only thing in his eyes is a vivid curiosity. "Whatcha doing?"

She hadn't expected to see anything other than a bird in the trees. She stared at Skittles in surprise and amusement. Last time she tried to climb a tree, the branch snapped and she almost went splat.

It wasn't very high up. But still.

"Hello there! I am simply admiring the forest. It's quite beautiful, wouldn't you say?" She said.

"I was also wondering... Who's territory this is?" She asked, her gaze studying Skittles with interest and curiosity.

"SkyClan's." The voice came from some nearby bushes, and it didn't take long for the answer's source to step into view. Sharpeye blinked the sleep from his eyes as he began to take a good look at the wanderer that Skittles had spotted. The tom didn't seem overly concerned about the situation, in fact he seemed to be taking it all in his casual stride. "My name is Sharpeye. Who might you be?" Short, simple, and straight to the point. He didn't really have any remark to give about his own thoughts about the forest, but when you were surrounded by it all day long it was easy to forget the majesty around him.
╭── ⋅ ⋅ ── ✩ ── ⋅ ⋅ ──╮

Unlike most of the cats who come from the Twolegplace to explore SkyClan's territory, this she-cat walks on stealthy paws. Her coat is a rich fox-red, glows like fire as shafts of sunlight fall from between tall fir branches. Blazestar scents the air, shoulders tense as he prepares himself for Vermilionsun's tainted scent again... but it's not there. This she-cat is not scavenging, not hunting what is not her's, and seems to be alone.

The SkyClan leader follows Sharpeye from the treeline and watches his warriors greet the she-cat curiously. No hackles are raised. No claws are unsheathed. The she-cat herself explains she is only exploring. Blazestar flicks an amber ear. "Sharpeye speaks the truth. This is SkyClan's territory." He levels the she-cat with his dark blue gaze. It is not hostile, but it is shining with interest. "I'm Blazestar, the leader of SkyClan. You've met Sharpeye. That is Skittles. They are SkyClan warriors." His tone remains mild. He sits, tail fanning out behind him like a thick band of fawn silk, and he waits patiently for the outsider to answer.

- ,,

She looked at the newcomer with a raised brow. He looked so tired. Could she blame him though? Sometimes you're just a tired little guy that needs a nice nap. She dipped her head in greeting to him. When he mentioned Skyclan, she tilted her head in thought.

"Yes...I think I've heard of you before in passing...." She said thoughtfully.

Her gaze turned to Blazestar as he made his appearance. The leader? Well, now she almost felt like she was in trouble. They all seemed nice enough, though. Better than the ill mannered rogues she had dealt with before. Still, she studied him just as he studied her.

"I am Amanita, it is a pleasure to meet you all." She said warmly.


"Do you all normally travel through the trees?"

She had to know. Curiosity was killing her and she thought it was cool. Think of the possibilities, you could jump on someone from up there and they wouldn't see it coming.

She considered herself a lady of class, but there was a gremlin lurking in there, begging to be released.


"Do you all normally travel through the trees?" Winter had similarly quizzed those in the Skyclan camp when he had arrived. Perhaps this newcomer wasn't as drab as anticipated, should she share his sense. It was an odd skill to train, he had thought, until he considered the flair it could offer. Ascension into the canopy, an opportunity to make looking down on those literal- yes, it suited him well. A shame that his early attempts had him landing not so gently.

Slinking from between emerald curtains, Winter allowed a moment for those around him to become accustomed to his arrival. A coy flicker of his silver tail preceded his words, "They do, like little birds. Flighty." Corrosive compliments answered the molly, a misaligned cover for his envy.

Winter folded his pale limbs into a modish seating position, emulating the gold-gilt ragdoll. Blazestar, as leader- as a star, must be considered a trendsetter. Worthy of mimicry. And then, not wanting to appear too unfriendly, the smoke-spin feline annexed, "Amanita- a precious name."