Jun 8, 2022

There was one awkward part Rust had to face when it came to romancing Howling Wind, one that was very unignorable. She had children. Not one litter, not two, but three litters full of children. If he was to become mates with Howling Wind he'd no doubt have to be on good terms with her children... right? There was no way it'd work out in his favor if any of them thought wrongly of him... right?

He needed to try, not just for Howling Wind but for them too. He knew about their father, Rust wasn't a genius emotionally but... he could blatantly see how it'd be rough seeing your mom romantically with another cat who isn't him.

One of her children sat before him at the fresh-kill pile, from what he guesses she's picking through prey and trying to discard anything too disgusting. It had to be pretty bad as of late for the Marsh Group to not eat something... so it said a lot about anything in the "discard" pile. Slowly he moves so that he's in her line of vision.

"...Need help with that?" Lowly he meows. It was a simple task that she could of course do herself... but... maybe she wanted company? Uck- the cinnamon tabby was out of his element.

// @lily pad hopefully this is okay!