It was hard to get out of the camp, her lungs still felt like they were filled with smoke and any long stints left her gasping for breath, desperate for air but still, she insisted she go on a daily walk. With the aid of her mother it was possible, though she wished she could be alone. What if Blazestar was waiting for her? Still, she supposed it was pointless trying to sneak around anyways. Howling Wind, at least, knew everything and it was only a matter of time before the rest of the clan found out as well.

When she had seen the flower left at the border on the same day the gathering was set to take place she almost let out a loud whoop of joy, she had almost broke down in tears at the thought that he had come home safe. That he had come home at all. Blaze would get to be a father to their children. She tells her mother what the plant means. Asks if she can come with her after the gathering. She cannot do it by herself, as much as she wishes she could. What if she was out by herself and had an asthma attack? What would happen to her? To her kits? She had others to think of now, not just herself.

The gathering has left her shook. She sees the way Sootstar looks at him, her mate, and she wants to lunge forward and dig her claws into the dark furred she cat. She wants to protect him at any costs. It takes everything in her to not rush up to him while he’s talking to Emberstar and tell him then and there. But no, she did not want to tell him in front of everyone. This news was just for them. It takes every ounce of patience she has.

She knows he needs to go home with his clan first, get them home safe and sound. But it’s difficult to sit here and wait. “He’ll be here soon” she says out loud for her mother to hear, but she is also reassuring herself. She kneads the ground below her, anxiety welling up inside her chest, making her heart beat like crazy. The moon above them shines down, full and beautiful. Illuminating. It reminds her fondly of the night they met. How fitting this all was.

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He'd limped to the spot he'd promised to leave her the flower, stem gripped firmly in his jaws though the petals trembled with each step. His hind leg is not quite right - he isn't sure if it's the haunch or the leg itself, but he can't walk without wincing. He should still be in his nest, resting and getting back into the hang of Clan life, but he has to see if she's there.

He has to make sure she's okay.

The fire, the fire had ravaged ThunderClan's territory and had left ShadowClan destitute as well. Blazestar's heart had dropped when he'd seen the blackened foliage he and Little Wolf had once frolicked in. His paws now become a dark, dirty gray when he pads through Emberstar's territory.

He'd wanted to see her at the Gathering, but he'd been so worried about Sootstar. He'd been surprised that Cicadastar had taken his side - but Blazestar guesses that has more to do with being attacked himself than anything else.

Her scent is there, lovely and soft, amidst the scorched earth, and he prepares to limp towards her. "Oh, StarClan, I've missed you! I--" He pauses, realizing with a start that ThunderClan's deputy - and Little Wolf's mother - has decided to accompany her to this meeting.

He looks at her with wide, alarmed blue eyes, before murmuring, "Oh. Oh. Um... hello, Howling Wind."


For a moment, Little Wolf forgets that anyone else is there at all, that her mother stands not too far behind her. The sight of her mate's cream-colored fur and sky-blue eyes makes everything else melt away. Unimportant. She reaches forward with her nose and buries it into his thick scruff. His usual scent is marred by the stench of twoleg place, evidence of his absence over the last couple of weeks.

Her eyes begin to tear up when she thinks of all he has probably gone through, especially when she realizes that he had limped here. “You’re hurt” she says softly, pulling away, her lips pursing in worry as she quickly looks over him, looking for the cause of his pain. “What happened…?” She asks. She is not without her own injuries though, her own ailments. So much feels like it had changed while he had been away. So much was different. But she was glad that there was one constant, his smile. She missed it so much.

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Of course Howling Wind had agreed to accompany her eldest daughter to the border to see him. As much as she disproves of their relationship, she knows her daughter well enough to know that she's in this thing with all her heart. Especially now that kits are involved. The tabby feels torn as she pads alongside the ebony molly, concern marring her features. She's excited for Little Wolf and her kits, she's excited to add to their large family! But why- why had her daughter chosen such a soft-pawed, kittypet mate? My kin will have kittypet blood. She stifles a shudder at the thought. Perhaps Little Wolf's wild blood will overpower the weaker blood.

As they wait at the border, Howling Wind watches the forest on the other side of the boundary carefully. It's when she spots the hulking tom that she straightens herself and remains where she's at while the two greet each other. Her ears twitch uncomfortably - again, why him? But he's family now, whether she likes it or not. Blazestar is the father of her unborn grandchildren.

She returns his greeting with a dip of her head, mewing, "Blazestar, it's good to see you. I'm glad you've returned from the Twolegplace safely." It's a diplomatic statement. Little Wolf had mentioned to her where he had been. He appears very obviously confused by her presence there, and she can understand why. She draws in a breath, stepping forward to interrupt the black queen's concerns. "The reason I'm here is because Little Wolf is in no condition to travel the territory by herself. Of course, no one else in ThunderClan knows the truth behind her condition yet, so I am here." The tabby pauses, glancing at her daughter before returning a softer look to Blazestar. "Little Wolf is pregnant. Over a moon in."
Little Wolf seems to forget about her mother's presence, although Blazestar cannot seem to. She reaches up to bury her nose in the thick ruff of fur at his throat, and he lowers his chin so that it can rest protectively on her head. She notices the limp, asks him what had happened, and Blazestar grimaces. "I lost a life," he murmurs, giving Howling Wind an almost guilty look. "A Twoleg monster... I'm healing, though. I will be okay."

He gives her a warm lick between the ears. "And you, with the fire... are you okay? I'm so grateful for RiverClan. Never thought I'd be thanking Cicadastar." A wry smile, but a sincere one, creases his lips.

It's then that Howling Wind speaks, and Blazestar's bright blue eyes shoot from Little Wolf to the ThunderClan deputy. Howling Wind is diplomatic, though not overly familiar. He wishes for a moment that she had not come, wonders why she has - is it to lecture them about something? Is she here on official business? A furrow creases his brow.

"The reason I'm here is because Little Wolf is in no condition to travel the territory by herself. Of course, no one else in ThunderClan knows the truth behind her condition yet, so I am here." Blazestar's breath hitches. "Condition? Are you okay?" He lifts a paw to drape it over his mate's small frame.

Howling Wind's gaze shifts to her daughter in the SkyClan leader's grasp, golden and black fur meshed together, and when she lifts her eyes to his again, there's something softer in her expression. "Little Wolf is pregnant. Over a moon in."

Blazestar's eyes become enormous. "You're what?" His voice drops to a whisper. The paw draped over her side suddenly seems too heavy, as though Little Wolf has become fragile throughout this moon she's been carrying his kits. "You're..."

Tears spring unbidden to glow in his rainstorm eyes. She holds their future within her, the future of both SkyClan and ThunderClan. The family, the kin, he'd never known, never had. A slick of silvery wetness drips from one eye. He raises a paw to smear it into the cheek fur, absently. "Oh, Little Wolf... I love you. I love you." He's about to ask her more questions, but Howling Wind's words register. They are the only three in the world who know right now. "Cinderfrost doesn't know, then," he murmurs. His heart tightens. "Maybe... Dawnglare..." He purses his lips. He won't speak ill of ThunderClan's medicine cat to Howling Wind, but he knows what has happened and knows how Little Wolf feels about her.