A pesk had been slain during the great battle. Soot only wished she had witnessed who had done it so she could thank them personally.
That meant only one bothersome feline remained, Sandra, and Soot expected her to be an easy feline to deal with due to her kittypet nature. After watching her depart camp for a late-night hunt, Soot rose onto blue paws and tailed the other molly from a distance... She was getting late into her pregnancy term and felt like shit, but she needed to make sure all of her unfinished business was settled.

She needed to make sure Sandra wouldn't be a problem...

Once they were far into the forest, Soot intentionally snaps a twig in her step to get the she-cat's attention. Not caring if she startled the other she immediately begins to speak, "Flint is dead, one problem for the both of us has been knocked down." She begins without the slightest hint of grief in her voice, "The only issue that remains for the both of us is each other."

Soot draws closer, "I'll tell you a secret... I don't intend on sticking around in this swamp for much longer. I promise I'll never be a bother to you again... if you promise not to be a bother to me." She draws in even closer now- uncomfortably close in an attempt to stare Sandra dead-on in the eyes. "When my kits are born- you are to stay far away from them. If your path crosses with theirs for whatever unfortunate reason you are never to speak a word about their "father" to them. Ever." She pulls away, at last backing up a few paw steps.

"Because if I were to find out anyone told them, I wouldn't be afraid to rip their throat out. That's not a threat. It's a promise."


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Sandylights ✧ She/Her ✧ Shadowclan ░░░░░░░░░░░░░

Hunting wasn't one of her strong suits, in fact she doubted she would ever get better at it. Though doesn't mean she wasn't going to try! Or well more or less just head out of camp and hope to find something- even if it was already dead by other means. Sandra mainly just wanted to get out of camp in hopes of getting her mind off of things. The battle was intense, so many had passed away in just felt like a few minutes. Ash was gone, Twilight was grieving- and yet she found her the most upset about Flints' death.

After cheating on her, after all the things he had told her where just lies- she still cared. Still held this soft spot for the blue tomcat, and it was something that the she-cat actually hated. She hated she felt sorrowful for his passing, hated that he left her behind to fend in this world for herself. Flint never taught her how to hunt, how to fight like he had promised! What was she suppose to do now? How could she contribute to the group if she couldn't do anything but stand and look pretty?

A frustrated sigh left her mouth into the warm summer air, and she stopped amongst the trees to just look up at the sky. At the shining little white dots that littered a velvet purple sky. So all those cats came from there? Sandra hadn't seen Flint among them then again, she would never expect the likes of him to show his face again. His problem was solved, he was gone and didn't have to put up with her anymore. Flint could live on in the stars peacefully unaware of her own situation, blissfully thinking Soots' kit where the only ones he was having.

The cinnamon tabbys green gaze looked down to her side, it slightly bludged out of her sleek coat and made the usually skinny cat rather plump. Yeah, Soot was the only one to carry cheating Flints kits. To carry the cat she never knew of kits. That was a different Flint. It wasn't her Flint. Her Flint was kind, always helping her and bringing her beautiful flowers from the forest. He was charming, always knowing the right thing to say at the right time, and was Sandras' best friend. That was the Flint they would know about, that they would grow to understand.

The sharp snap of a twig caught Sandras' attention, and she turned in the direction of the noise in hopes it was a mouse or something. It was much worse than that; it was Soot. Shoulders sagged at the apperance of the blue she-cat, looking silver amongst the starry light, and Sandra felt- so tired. Tired of Soot, tired of her arguementative behavior and snide comments, tired of her just existing in the same timeline as her. Sandra had looked up to Soot, seen her as this amazing hunter and fighter. A cat worthy of note. Though she just never understood why. Why Soot went after Flint, why Flint went after Soot, why she wasn't enough for him. Why Soot got to have babies first with Flint while Sandra was merely left int he dust of his passing.

Then Soot began to speak, stating that Flint was dead and that their problem was solved. Suppose her problem was solved, Sandra on the other hand had many more issues to deal with. Sandra didn't see Soot as a problem to be solved, just as something she was done dealing with. That she just wanted to be over with. Soot began to draw closer, making Sandras' ears flick back against her head, stating that she didn't intend to stay in the marsh much longer. Good.

As the blue cat got closer, Sandra stood her ground. Staring at the she-cat with this blank expression, this tired look to those amber eyes, and that tail flicked back and forth. Refusing to let Soot intimidate her, allow this continue on any longer even if tears threatened to well in her eyes. "I don't intend on ever being a bother," She murmured softly, tone defeated. Sandra didn't think she was a bother to begin with, didn't think Soot and her couldn't have been friends or something. But the she-cat was too prickly, too self absorbed.

Those ears flattened completely to Sandras' head, why was she threatening her? Lips twitched a bit before Sandra finally snapped, "What is your problem, Soot? Why is your threat with me? Why is your whole demeanor making me the problem?" As Soot steps back, Sandra steps forward with a lash of her tail, "I've done a single thing to you, in the entire time I've been in the group. I was nice to you, I tried to befriend you- and-and yet you're out here threatening me? Over Flint? Is that what the problem is? Him?" Claws sank into the soft, green grass and Sandra felt tears start to fall freely from her eyes.

"I-I don't get it. If you wanted Flint, you could've had him! But you can't communicate to save your life, you can only get angry and threaten violence. Thats all you know how to function, how to behave; just angry and bitter," Sandra continued on with her rant, baring her teeth and fur bristling, "I never planned on saying a damn thing about Flint to your kits. I wouldn't disrespect you like that. I actually have []i]respect[/I] for you; which I don't you have ever heard of,"

"Flints name will never be plastered alongside your little vermin you call kits," Sandra stood up a bit straighter, taking a few deep breaths to herself and flicked her tail now instead of angrily lashing it, "But he will be known with mine. They will know who Flint is, that he was their father, that he fought bravely in the war and was a good man to myself- even if it was only for a short time," It was true, Flint never treated her poorly until she found out about the cheating, "They are Flints legacy, I'll make sure of it. So, don't worry about getting more blood on your paws- as far as I am concerned they're a lowly loners kits," Sandra lifted her chin, chest heaving as she took in breaths as her anger started to subside. That the adrenaline started to ebb from her veins, and the heaviness in her chest felt ligher. Finally getting all she had in her mind out there, how truly upset and angry she was.

"So threaten all you want, Soot, I'm willing to deal with worse," [/I]​