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Aug 10, 2022
She just couldn't sit still. Her haunches hovered, claws flexed. Steepkit was so excited. Before her lay her masterplan, cobbled together in what should probably have been too short a time. Once the idea had sparked in the kit's messy mind however- the fuse was lit.

Her lone black paw was pressed firmly across a wide fern, its rough surface smeared with the perfect projectiles. Dense, fluffy dandelion clocks were bunched haphazardly along its length, just hidden by a lump of dry grass.

The firing line was the only precise thing about it, it was the most important thing after all. Aimed carefully towards the sloping bend beside the camp entrance, Steepkit was sure they would connect with their target. Whoever that might be.

A busy quietness, feverish buzz puffing her pelt like the very ammunition she wielded, kept her still. When a shadowy shape began to approach a single claw slid from her pawpad. Letting the friction run the blunt blade through a groove in the reed-leaf ever-so-slowly, the spring was wound up. Finally, the tension in the plant gave and! Oh! It was beautiful.

Flung in a snowy flurry, the woolly bullets were loosed onto the cat's flanks. Some wayward seeds span around, wreathing the sight in their wind-woven descent. Immediately laughter boomed from the minute feline, breath so carefully held in belted in out a roar within seconds. So, so good!

/the cat hit with the trap is @Raccoon but no need to wait!
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Black legs moved across the wet ground underpaw, pushing past reeds and willow branches with their prize in jaw. A salmon held in black jaws hung limply and bounced with each little prance from the white bodied cat. Orange eyes where bright with pride and they couldn't wait to show them to Buckgait! Shes gonna be so proud of their massive catch! As they neared closer to camp, excitement shadowing their awareness, and Raccoonpaw bounded up at the slope with anticipation.

Though as Raccoonpaw neared the top of the slope, they slowed a bit to set down the fish and repoisition it to be more shown. They did have a catch to be impressed with! Didn't think they'd catch something so massive! Small, black paws moved up the slope once more; lifting their head up to keep the fish from dragging on the ground. Orange eyes didn't see the little patch of black fur on the ground, the trap so precisely placed that Raccoonpaw continued to walk directly into it.

"Ah!," They called out in utter surprise as seeds smacked into their flank, white puffs of a dandelion head fluttered about in the warm sun. White fur bristled upwards and claws extended with their surprise, a couple of dandelion clocks sitting on their head. Sunset colored eyes looked around for a quick moment for a culprit- that is when the laughing registered. Roaring with joy and amusement sat Steepkit. Raccoonpaw narrowed their eyes on the little feline, bushy black tail lashing back and forth as if they were truly upset at the prank.

"Steepkit! You little-," The black legged cat dropped to the ground in a crouch of play, "You better run if you know whats good for you!"
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"You're so fluffy!" squeaked Ashkit. Remembering a new word she'd overheard from Buckgait, she added, "Holy shit!"

Raccoonpaw was covered in fluffs. Ashkit joined in Steepkit's giggling, unable to help herself. They were so fluffy. So many fluffs Ash couldn't count them all. They even had a fluff crown on their head! She giggled and giggled, shoulders shaking with the force of her laughter.

Raccoonpaw, meanwhile, zeroed in on Steepkit. Their black tail lashed back and forth, and they dropped to a crouch. Ashkit's laughter cut off with a sharp, excited gasp as Raccoonpaw delivered their warning. Oh no! They were gonna get her!

"Run, Steepkit!" Ashkit burst out. "I'll hold them off!!!"

And with that the little orange kitten pounced, careening toward Raccoonpaw just as fast as her little legs could carry her. "I am Ashtornado, loyal warrior and deputy of Steepstar the Great!" she howled. "I will battle you, Fluff Monster! To the DEATH!!" Again she remembered her new vocabulary word and added, for emphasis, "SHIT!"

She'd attempt to leap at Racccoopaw and latch onto their pelt, like an angry orange leech with claws.

—— i found gold in the wreckage

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  • - 3 month old orange tabby with green eyes
    - will bite you
    - and then apologize bc she's trying to be good, really, she is
    - latches onto anyone who shows her affection
( ᴛᴀɢs. )  ❝  It's a single wayward puff that alerts Hound to the scene. It falls just precisely to his nose, and a sneeze shatters out of him with enough intensity to send the chocolate tom reeling a few steps back. The wandering thoughts that'd so ensnared him come snapping back to the corners'f his mind. He blinks. Summery eyes stare vacantly into the distance as he comes back to himself. From there, he falls to the laughter of children. A small group of 'em, rounded about and staring at– stars, was that Raccoonpaw below all the clutter? His fur's so dusted in white he'd think it leafbare. Despite his typical reluctance to smile, the games of youth draw laughter to his maw like nothing else. The warrior finds himself grinning crookedly as he shakes off the wayward dandelion seeds.

It turns to all-out laughter as Ashkit shouts obscenities like it's nothin' at all. "Brave Ashtornado," he mutters to a warrior near him, "an' all her shits she's left to give."

Quickly leaving his conversation partner, Hound takes a few slow, circling strides closer, into the kits' game that Raccoon's been so easily pulled to. "'Aven't you heard the stories, Ashtornado?" Faux fear widens the warrior's eyes, a goddamned comical sight indeed on his scarred face. He brushes another piece'f white fluff off his shoulder. "This bits o' fluff so much's touch another, they join the Fluff Monster's army." He drops to a low hunter's crouch, though makes no other moves towards Ashtornado and Steepstar.

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  • ──── hound. trans male, he/him pronouns only.
    ──── approximately 30 moons old, or 2.5 years.
    ──── bisexual with firm male preference; single.

    ──── a chocolate tabby with ( stylized ) low white and intense lime eyes. lean and lanky,  with whiplike musculature and a long, quick stride. hound's notable features include his impressive height, the long scar across the left side of his face from nose to jaw, his very deep, dense fur, and the confident manner with which he conducts himself.
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The laughter almost blinded her to Raccoonpaw's threat, short of breath and lightheaded with glee Steepkit could only chuckle harder. Her rescuer however, jogged her into moving. Still sniffing in snickers, the kit sprang away from her hiding spot. "You've got this Ashtornado! I, Steepstar, have your back!" Frenzied paws scratched her towards an upturned leaf a few strides away.

In her careening escape, Steepstar was aware of a tall, sloping figure that stalked up to her valiant lead deputy. She could not go back- not unprepared. Letting out a warrior's cry, the shade-printed kit lunged for her backup ammo. Slivers of silver unsheathed into the fluffy pile, clutching at the leftover bundle of dandelion seeds. It was tricky to hang onto, but she hastily sprinted back to her outnumbered comrade.

Once close enough, the 'leader' made a bold swipe, paw muffled with a bloom of cotton, up to Hound's looming chin. Though it barely connected, Steepstar let out a cheer of pride. She got him! "Well now you're definitely a fluff monster too! My nine lives give me immunity!" So swept up in the adventure, her voice was shamelessly piqued with excitement- a far cry from the grizzled, impressive tone she had wanted. In a clumsy manoeuvre, one paw still coated in the puffed weaponry, she backed into Ashtornado's flank.
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