numbing the pain - o, post-battle reflections

By now the battle between the Pine Group and the Marsh Cats had come and gone. Moons of bubbling tensions had boiled over into a short but bloody war. Although she had been old enough to participate, Lily had elected to stay home, and watch over her pregnant mother. Reflecting on it now, with the number of cats lost on both sides, she thought it had probably been a wise idea that she had stayed behind. She had some skill in battle but was young and inexperienced, had she fought she would have likely found herself coming home injured or worse...dead.

It's one of the dead cats they are burying now. Three NPC cats quietly burying a large, black smoke tom cat, and Lily watching from a distance, her tail curled around her paws.

His name was Rook.

She couldn't claim to have known him very well, but he had been around for as long as she could remember, one of many cats existing on the periphery of her vision. There are few cats here with her and she finds that sad but not wholly unexpected. Rook had always been prickly and difficult to befriend. What few interactions she had had with the older tom had always been frosty at best, with Rook brushing her off or insisting she pestered one of her parents instead. For all his faults, Rook could not have been faulted for his loyalty to the Pine Group.

"Do you think anyone will mourn his loss?" Lily asked the nearest cat to her. "I don't even think he has any family here."

ooc/ for context rook was a secondary oc I was going to bring here who died in the battle. never did get round to posting with him really but he did still die in the battle.
if you want your character to have known him feel free to mention the 'siblings' he had living as loners.

✵ ღ ☾ I'D WALK THROUGH FIRE - He wasn’t okay, but none of them were.
In the rush of battle, it was all too easy to forget what had been at stake, to take for granted the simple gesture of a good-bye.
I never said good-bye to him.
The realization only clicked when had had been watching the silvery pelt of his father being covered in blood-speckled dirt.
He had rushed out of camp without a second thought, without even a nod to the tom.
Now, he sat, letting his thoughts wander, when someone piped up from next to him.
His gaze drops to the body of Rook, and while he shared the same sentiments as Lily about the tom, her soft-spoken question still tugged at his fragile heart-strings.
❝ Yes. ❞ He rasped simply, casting his gaze to the side to look at Lily. ❝ We were his family, his home, and he died for that. We’ll all mourn his loss ❞ he continued on, blinking the emotion from his gaze.
He did not want revenge for the battle, or more blood-shed, but the bitterness in his heart was gradually snow balling. This shouldn’t have happened.
❝ Speech. ❞