Off to the Mining {Spark}

Jun 14, 2022
A soulmate who wasn't meant to be


Deersong would walk through her home with easy and whimsical pawsteps. The tufts around her paws would quiet her steps and she would tilt her head as she listened to the bird song above them. Looking back over her shoulder to ensure that Sparkpaw was still behind her, Deersong would coo warmly, "Thanks again for helping me today, Sparks. Not many cats think digging for rocks is fun." She would offer the molly a warm smile and wave her half tail for the apprentice to walk beside her as they went.

She had not spent time with the apprentice before, but any opportunity to become closer with more of those she lived with was always a chance she would take. Especially if that meant teaching the younger cats of the clan about her precious rocks. "How have things been for you in Skyclan? Haven't been overworking yourself, have you?"