hi everyone! while i will be taking my time choosing ( not too long, don't worry! ), i want to go ahead and gauge interest for riverclan's very first deputy! as always, before stating interest i highly encourage you check out our super awesome high / semi - high position guide as well as our leadership guide to look more into the position you would be filling! please be sure to check out all the ooc / ic requirements because some are crucial or potentially plot - breaking!

cicada is, unfortunately, very touchy. please do not be discouraged from applying but it will be highly unlikely that he would pick former kittypets, pine group cats or loners who have actively defied him. he is heavily paranoid and distrustful, and anyone he believes has ill - will towards him or the clan would not realistically be put into a position of power by him, especially not this soon after the war. former pine group cats who have not actively defied him could potentially sway him easier but would have to go to extra extents to prove themselves.

this position would be best suited towards someone friendly, welcoming and active both onsite and on the clan's discord! you will play a crucial part in maintaining the atmosphere for riverclan, including but not limited to ; plotting outside friend groups, welcoming new joiners, maintaining the discord, and preparing for your future role as leader!
someone recognizably active in - character! engaging in opens and keeping a steady activity / character consistency. while i am looking for someone recognizably posting, this does not mean spamming the board will increase your chances! while i see and appreciate your efforts, i will be less inclined to pick someone who churns out posts in order to get promoted. plus, that's not fair to promote the most active person just because they have a lot of time on their hands to post when others are active and meet all the other requirements too! so, in summary, more posts =/= automatic promotion.
and i think that's it, really! again, be sure to check out our guides to see what all this will entail, or contact me directly! if you're still interested in being riverclans very first deputy, apply with the form below!


SLAMMING BUCK IN just for funsies

CHARACTER NAME: buck / buckgait
WHY DO YOU THINK YOUR CHARACTER IS AN INTERESTING CHOICE?: buck has been in the river territory for all her life, and is an incredibly steadfast and intelligent leader. i feel like buck coming from an active disdain to working with cicada to further better riverclan and help the clan succeed in the way she knows they can (of course, after she is okay with them) could be an interesting plot and development for both buck, cicada, and riverclan itself. she carries the same ideals as cicada does, even if they execute it slightly differently. i definitely feel like the two could be a powerful duo !!!​
putting caraway in here just for fun :D

CHARACTER NAME: caraway (warrior name tbd)
WHY DO YOU THINK YOUR CHARACTER IS AN INTERESTING CHOICE?: 18 moons and having lived in both ocean and river territories, caraway has seen a lot in her life. growing up on the shores of a rainy port town, and taught to hunt for a living from an early age, she is an expert in surviving. knowing the river territory inside and out, they would be an asset to the any leader’s council. she is a master hunter and fisher, and while her battle skills are not necessary lacking, she does prefer to solve things in a peaceful way. her calm attitude and common sense can help to balance out the fighting spirit in cicada. she is also very focused on the wellbeing of her family and friends. not having showed hostility towards riverclan, it is more likely cicada might trust her sooner, and the way in which she rescued and cared for boar is a testament to her heart and her core belief that everyone deserves a chance.
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here’s clay :) 90% of my reasoning is that it would b kinda funny ngl

MAIN ACCOUNT: @foxlore
CHARACTER NAME: clay (clayfur)
WHY DO YOU THINK YOUR CHARACTER IS AN INTERESTING CHOICE?: clay is dumb as a box of rocks and probably too outgoing, which is admittedly not the greatest personality for a deputy. he is gradually becoming more capable with traversing the territory, and more protective of his fellow riverclanners, though, and over time he’ll begin showing his emotional intelligence as he learns more about his clanmates. he’d make an odd pairing with cicada, but he obeys orders and holds no ill will toward former marsh group cats (or anyone, actually). overall i don’t think he’d be a super realistic or even an objectively good choice, but could be interesting.
I've never done one of these before and I'm still new so haven't had time to develop him much but I figured I'd give it a go anyways! :3

CHARACTER NAME: @Ember (Currently just Ember, to be Smokethroat)
When it comes to personality Ember is very much a cat who keeps himself calm and composed, remaining neutral until otherwise swayed-this isn't to say he doesn't have a temper and when pushed hard enough he suits his namesake for how heated he can get but not irrationally so.
An aloof tom with an almost militaristic attitude and sense of purpose, he's driven by loyalty and steadfast in how he holds himself and those around him. He's very much the enforcer type, the one will get his claws dirty if needed-he'll make the hard decisions no one else can live with.
He's quiet, not from any sense of shyness but from having lived alone for so long he's unaccustomed to conversation; it'll be fun watching him warm up and open himself more down the line. Ember comes across cold but he's really just not used to being around others and struggles to see where he stands in a group setting, overtime I want him to develop the semblance of overprotective older brother figure in the clan-the sort of undying loyalty only death itself can strip from him.
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  I've only just got back to activity with Hound, so depending on when you choose I completely understand if he doesn't qualify and do not feel obligated to even consider him!

MAIN ACCOUNT: @revelations
CHARACTER NAME: @HOUND. (still uh. deciding on a warrior name)
WHY DO YOU THINK YOUR CHARACTER IS AN INTERESTING CHOICE?: Honestly I see a lot of interesting plot material when combining Cicada and Hound's inherent protectiveness of RiverClan. While Hound would challenge some of Cicada's paranoia and anxiety, he's also very much for prioritizing RiverClan in every way possible. He is still a bit of a softer face and is more welcoming of former pine cats, and would even try and coax Cada into allowing loners that prove themselves– all with the intent of strengthening RiverClan and trying to keep them as a warm, kind of familial environment.

Personality wise, Hound is a pretty competent cat. He's loyal, a little bit bossy, and has a knack for incisiveness. He cuts pretty easily to the center of a problem, and while he's not always the nicest about solving it, he's pretty efficient. However, he can be pretty easily blinded by his protectiveness for his clanmates, particularly the younger ones. He's likely to work with something that's objectively wrong or not best for RiverClan out of respect for his leader or care for the cats here that he's sworn to take care of.