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  • The group of cats that live in the dense pine forest in the southeastern part of the territories ...

    SkyClan consists of powerful cats who rival only ThunderClan in their physical strength. Strong, skillful, and honorable, they are most known for being very accepting towards kittypets, having even invented a new rank for them: the daylight warriors. Daylight warriors are kittypets who don't want to leave their twolegs but also want to be part of the Clan. They come in the daytime and return to their homes once darkness falls. These daylight warriors do not take on full Clan names, though. Instead, they adopt names such as "Billystorm" and "Bellaleaf" — maintaining their kittypet names as a prefix — to symbolize that they have a paw in each world, and SkyClan doesn't shame them for that. Because of this, collars or other kittypet accessories are not uncommon here, to the bewilderment of other Clans.

    SkyClan's survival lies in their toughness and in the swiftness of their paws, and they bear agility the other clans can only dream of matching. No other Clan can race through the trees with such ease and speed as these powerful cats.


    The Typical SkyClanner — Due to SkyClan’s leniency with allowing kittypets into their ranks, their blood is the most muddled out of all of the clans. This leads to a variety of pelt colors and builds. However, one can always tell apart a cat with SkyClan blood by their strongly built hind legs which allow them to jump great heights and distances. They have rough, hard gray pads which help them to jump and walk long distances without breaking the skin. These traits allow them to excel at tree-climbing and hunting in the trees. A typical SkyClanner is welcoming to visitors and is averse to isolation; they believe in building relationships with other cats rather than provoking tensions.
  • Nestled in the southernmost part of the forest, SkyClan’s territory is downriver from the other territories and is made up of mostly pine trees, although some oak trees sprinkle the land. The forest spans the border of Twolegplace, leading to many confrontations with wandering kittypets, dogs, and two-legs. The ground here is flat, lacking any undergrowth to hide in, but also making hunting easier as prey has nowhere to hide. To the north is ThunderClan, and to the west across the river is RiverClan.


    Camp — Their camp is in a hollow, surrounded by deep banks of fern and bramble. The entrance is through a gap in the brambles. The warriors’ den is under a bramble bush and the elders' den lies nearby in a gap in the ferns, sheltered by the thick fronds. The apprentices’ den is dug out from another clump of ferns and the nursery lies underneath a holly bush that has grown around a broken pine trunk once felled by a windstorm. The medicine cat’s den is a burrow beneath a hazel bush, where the branches weave together and let in pale moonlight at night. The leader’s den is beneath an elderberry bush, and they call meetings from a branch of a gnarled thorn tree called High Branch. The fresh-kill pile sits beneath another elderflower bush. There is a tree stump in the center of the clearing that warriors use to sun themselves on. A small stream trickles through one side of the camp, just beside the elder’s den.

    Rockpile — A pile of rocks east of the camp. It is a popular hunting spot for mice and is a hangout spot for warriors.

    Sandy Ravine — A dried riverbed on the western end of the territory by the river that provides a spacious and safe place for mentors to train their apprentices. The sandy ground allows for roughhousing without much risk of getting hurt. During times of plentiful rain, this ravine is at risk of filling up and temporarily flooding.

    Tallpine — A massive pine tree just west of camp, this tree towers above every other tree in the forest. Dauntless SkyClanners try to prove their skills by climbing it; it is a huge accomplishment to reach the top, worthy of bragging rights for many seasons.

    Twolegplace — A strange-smelling place where twolegs and kittypets live. Despite SkyClan’s comfort around the Twolegplace compared to other Clans, no cat is allowed to hunt here. However, medicine cats are known to cross into twoleg gardens for herbs that don’t grow in the forest. A wooden fence marks the boundary between the forest and the Twolegplace, acting as SkyClan’s southern border. While SkyClan is relatively friendly towards kittypets, this border must be checked often to make sure curious kittypets aren’t trespassing.

  • Common Threats
    ✧ Dog
    ✧ Twoleg
    ✧ Fox
    ✧ Adder
    ✧ Porcupine
    ✧ Badger
    ✧ Stoat
    ✧ Weasel
    ✧ Polecat
    ✧ Pine Marten
    ✧ Otter

    Common Prey
    ✧ Squirrels
    ✧ Mice
    ✧ Voles

  • Battle Moves — SkyClan takes advantage of the trees when in combat.

    ㅤ✧ The Sky-Crusher: Balance on a thin branch; make no sound. Land squarely on the enemy, claws unsheathed.
    ㅤ✧ The Flick-Over: Balance on a thin branch; make no sound. Land with all four paws outstretched on your enemy. Knock the opponent's feet from under them. Flip the enemy over to their belly; pin them to the ground until they surrender.
    ㅤ✧ The Kick: Balance on a thin branch; make no sound. Kick the enemy as you near the ground. Use the momentum of the fall to spring backward before the enemy has time to attack.
    ㅤ✧ The Slice: Balance on a thin branch; make no sound. Drop with claws unsheathed for maximum injury.
    ㅤ✧ The Branch Swing: Hold on to a branch with front claws as your back paws rake your enemy's face.
    ㅤ✧ The Reverse Branch Swing: Hold on to a branch with back claws as your front paws rake your enemy's face.
    ㅤ✧ The Trunk Spring: Balance on a thin branch; make no sound. Slide down the trunk of your tree. Spring off the trunk with your back legs at head height to clear an enemy. Ideal if the tree is surrounded
    ㅤ✧ The Reverse Climb: Pace backward as the enemy advances. Climb backward up the trunk to escape the enemy; often followed by the Trunk Spring.


    Hunting Techniques — SkyClan uses their unique skill of powerful jumps to hunt birds and squirrels in tall trees. They can leap up to branches higher than any of the other clans could climb and also jump down without hurting themselves.
  • As of June 2024, these will be SkyClan's rules. Breaking them will be cause for punishment ICly, the severity being dependant on the severity of the rulebreak. If you're curious on what consequence a certain rulebreak would attract, feel free to reach out and ask me (mercibun)!

    No SkyClanner will insult or discriminate against a Clanmate for their origin.

    Orangestar will not demand belief in StarClan, but she expects they will be respected.

    Orangestar will not force name changes. A joiner may keep their original name, or have it changed to a trad-friendly name upon request. Daylight warriors will be permitted to receive a suffix attached to their housecat name, to symbolise them having a paw in each world, but must change their prefix if they choose to join full-time.

    Kittypet accessories will be allowed within reason: quiet accessories, such as collars and bandannas, may be worn. Bells and other noisy items should be left in camp so as not to startle prey.

    Claws will be sheathed during battle practice. Do not intentionally harm a Clanmate.

    Needless aggression and undermining authority will be punished.

    As the warrior code is implemented, it is expected to be followed. The warrior code is as follows:

    1. While you may have friendships with cats from other clans, your loyalty must remain to your Clan.
    2. Do not hunt or trespass on another Clan's territory.
    3. Kits, queens and elders will be fed first.
    4. Prey must be killed only to be eaten. Give thanks to StarClan for its life.
    5. A kit must be at least six moons old to become an apprentice.
    NOTE: Kits apprenticed in Nov-Dec 2023 were confined to camp training until they reached age six.
    6. Newly-named warriors will keep a silent vigil for one night after receiving their warrior name.
    Unless otherwise plotted prior, Orangestar will not accept cats from other Clans.

    A joining thread is considered successful if a lead warrior+ has posted, and the joiner is not causing overt trouble.

    Joiners will no longer be automatically accepted as full warriors. New (adult) joiners will need to shadow a SkyClan warrior for two moons before being given important duties such as mentoring and leading patrols. This is to ensure the joiner can acclimate to Clan life. New (young) joiners will undergo an apprenticeship just like any other SkyClan adolescent.

    ─ At the end of this two moon trial period, if your OC has not been posted with and/or has not ICly learned anything to the point where they would fail their assessment (see here for more info), they will be sent away.

    ─ If your newly-joined OC causes problems before passing their assessment, they will be sent away as they are not a full member of the Clan at this stage.
    Must have raised at least one litter in SkyClan.
    Must have been a graduated warrior prior to doing so (ie, a new joiner would not be allowed to remain a queen after their kits are apprenticed, but may request this path once they have been recognised as a full warrior).
    Requires an IC thread to discuss. Depending on the in-character climate (such as season, Clan resources, and interclan politics requiring all paws on deck), Orangestar may decline the request. Please do not backwrite permaqueens into SkyClan.
    Will be fed with the first warriors unless actively nursing kits.

    Daylight warriors will be counted as queens if:
    ─ They are fully qualified as a daylight warrior prior to their kitting. Unqualified daylight warriors will be sent to their twolegs to raise their kits for safety, unless otherwise plotted.
    ─ They are currently raising a litter of kits.
    There may be plot openings for some daylight warriors to kit-sit should the queens need it.
    Daylight queens will choose how frequently their kits visit SkyClan.

    Orangestar will allow an AMAB character to become a queen if they are the sire and/or primary caretaker of a litter of kits in the SkyClan nursery.
    Unless otherwise plotted out with mercibun in great detail, AMAB characters will not be allowed to become permaqueens.


( Many thanks to Floppie for allowing use of his SkyClan image assets! )
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