Jul 9, 2022

The purpose of a census is to keep track of active characters within the Clan! You may sign your character up on the census after one (1) roleplay post has been made with them. They will remain on the census unless they pass away or if you have not posted with them in over one month. If your character is removed from the census, no worries! Just fill out the form again and they can be added back to their rightful place. ( 34 ) She-cats - ( 31 ) Toms - ( 10 ) Non-binary

LEADER: Howlingstar a stout, fluffy dark brown tabby she-cat with white markings and green eyes @HOWLINGSTAR
Apprentice: Antlerpaw​
DEPUTY: Flamewhisker an orange tabby she-cat with green eyes and white chest, paws, and tail tip @Flamewhisker
MEDICINE CAT: Gentlestorm a large blue sepia tom with white markings and dark orange eyes @GENTLESTORM

Nightbird a small black smoke she-cat with one white paw and silver eyes @nightbird
Raccoonstripe a broad, fluffy dark brown tabby tom with a scarred white chest and rich brown eyes @RACCOONSTRIPE
Apprentice: Thistlepaw​
Burnstorm a longhaired black tom with yellow eyes @BURNSTORM !
Roeflame a tiny cinnamon and silver ticked tabby she-cat with pastel green eyes @ROEFLAME .
Leafhusk a longhaired fawn sepia she-cat with green eyes @leafhusk
Apprentice: Adderpaw​

Shiningsun a longhaired golden tabby tom @SHININGSUN
Stormywing a small, scarred blue tabby and white she-cat with golden eyes @STORMYWING
Apprentice: Fallowpaw​
Honeydapple a short, beautiful tortoiseshell point she-cat with a faintly dotted coat and dark blue eyes @honeydapple
Apprentice: Softpaw​
Stagstrike a wavy-furred light brown tom with amber eyes @Tybalt [Stagstrike]
Mothfur a brawny tortoiseshell tom with piercing orange eyes @Mothfur
Apprentice: Tornadopaw​
Falconheart a stocky cream tabby tom with white spotting @FALCONHEART
Skyclaw a black and chocolate tabby chimera with amber eyes @skyclaw
Badgerstripe a blue tortoiseshell she-cat with a white ear and black dorsal stripe @badgerstripe
Lightflower a pale gray tabby she-cat with white markings and yellow-green eyes @Lightflower
Ravenstrike a heavily scarred black she-cat with amber-orange eyes @ravenstrike
Apprentice: Smokepaw​
Bigfang a burly, heavily scarred ginger tom with green eyes @BIGFANG
Apprentice: Sproutpaw​
Thundergleam a ghostly albino she-cat with piercing pink eyes @THUNDERGLEAM
Campionsong a shorthaired blue silver classic tabby tom with vibrant leaf-green eyes @CAMPIONSONG
Sleekserpent a soft-looking cream and silver ticked tabby with baby blue eyes @Sleekserpent.
Cobwebtail a lanky blue tabby tom with white markings and blue eyes @COBWEBTAIL
Apprentice: Doepaw​
Wildheart a calico tom with amber eyes and a missing tail @WILDHEART
Apprentice: Wrathpaw​
Yewflame a longhaired lilac torbie and white cat with blue and brown eyes @Yewflame!
Lovelight a lilac tortoiseshell with white markings and dark blue eyes @lovelight
Wildflower a brown and white spotted tabby she-cat with green eyes and a missing fang @WILDFLOWER
Ploverhop a large black and lilac cat with vivid orange eyes @PLOVERHOP
Rosethorn a shorthaired chocolate braided tabby and white she-cat with blue eyes @ROSETHORN
Lily Pad a longhaired brown tabby she-cat with yellow-green eyes @lily pad
Apprentice: Deerpaw​
Sunshinespot a stout, plush-furred blue calico with a scarred face @sunshinepaw
Ivytwist a blue, red tabby and white she-cat with mismatched eyes @ivytwist
Morningcloud a large, fluffy peach-toned she-cat with citrus-yellow eyes @Morningcloud
Palefire a striking longhaired lilac lynx point she-cat with piercing blue eyes @PALEFIRE
Foxfang a lanky dark-furred tom with white markings and dark amber eyes @FOXFANG.
Mousenose a messy-furred white she-cat with pale tortoiseshell splotches and green eyes @MOUSENOSE

Fallowpaw a scarred, pointed brown she-kit with murky golden eyes @FALLOWPAW
Bravepaw a longhaired chocolate and blue tabby tom with deep blue eyes @bravepaw : ̗̀➛
Doepaw a longhaired fawn sepia she-cat with white markings and round golden eyes @doepaw ࿔
Softpaw a longhaired albino she-cat @Softpaw
Adderpaw a small, well-groomed brown tom with cream spots and yellow eyes @adderpaw
Thistlepaw a spiky-furred silver and chocolate tom with amber eyes @THISTLEPAW
Smokepaw a longhaired blue smoke tom with yellow eyes @Smokepaw
Antlerpaw a cinnamon lynx sepia she-cat with scarred golden eyes @antlerpaw!
Sproutpaw a chocolate tabby, lilac and white tom with mismatched eyes and folded ears @Sproutpaw
Briarpaw a longhaired black and white she-cat with yellow eyes @BRIARPAW -
Roaringpaw a longhaired cinnamon tortoiseshell sepia tom with amber-brown eyes @roaringpaw
Tornadopaw a brown and white masked tom with blue eyes @TORNADOPAW!
Orangepaw a polydactyl orange tabby tom with white markings and green eyes @ORANGEPAW.
Wrathpaw a small cream and white tabby tom with deep blue eyes and a missing hind leg @WRATHPAW
Darkpaw a seal sepia smoke tom with orange eyes @darkpaw
Webpaw a lanky blue smoke and white tom with yellow eyes @WEBPAW
Mintpaw a black tabby tom with white patches and green eyes @Mintpaw
Houndpaw a longhaired chocolate smoke with golden eyes @Houndpaw
Deerpaw a longhaired tortoiseshell tom with white markings and hazel eyes @deerkit
Emberpaw a large, fluffy golden tabby with white markings and baby blue eyes @EMBERPAW.

Roeflame a tiny cinnamon and silver ticked tabby she-cat with pastel green eyes @ROEFLAME .
Kits: Dovekit, Beetlekit, Littlekit​
Flamewhisker an orange tabby she-cat with green eyes and white chest, paws, and tail tip @Flamewhisker
Kits: Scorchedkit, Sunkit, Squirrelkit​
Tansyshine a cinnamon and white splotched she-cat with ice-blue eyes @tansyshine

Scarletkit a longhaired chocolate, ginger and white she-kit with bicolored eyes @Scarletkit
Dovekit a longhaired chocolate silver lynx point with blue eyes @Dovekit
Beetlekit a large, dark-pelted smoke tom with lively green eyes @beetlekit!
Ivorykit a plush white she-cat with curled ears and dark brown eyes @ivorykit
Hopekit a lanky, thick-furred lilac tom @HOPEKIT
Fadingkit a stocky, short flame point she-kit with blue eyes and a stubby tail @Fadingkit
Scorchedkit a ginger-flecked tortoiseshell she-kit with white markings and mismatched eyes @Scorchedkit
Littlekit a stocky chocolate smoke and black she-kit with golden eyes @LITTLEKIT
Basilkit a shorthaired cream ticked tabby and white tom with green eyes @basilkit
Dwindlingkit a longhaired flame point she-kit with white markings and blue eyes @Dwindlingkit
Merlinkit a shorthaired blue tortoiseshell smoke sepia she-kit with golden eyes @MERLINKIT
Wolfkit a shorthaired cream cameo sepia with orange eyes @WOLFKIT
Coalkit a shorthaired black smoke tom with faint rosettes and forest green eyes @COALKIT
Sunkit a fluffy red tabby tom with mismatched eyes @SUNKIT
Squirrelkit a fluffy blue torbie she-kit with forest green eyes and a solid orange tail @SQUIRRELKIT
Meadowkit a large, fluffy red tabby and white she-cat with bright green eyes @Meadowkit
Bugkit a very fluffy blue tortoiseshell and white she-kit with bright yellow eyes @Bugkit
Shroudedkit a longhaired cream tabby tom with green eyes @shroudedkit


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Milkykit ♀ - Kit - a deaf and fluffy, pure white she-cat with bright blue eyes. @MILKYKIT

- she's technically just Milky rn but I figured this would be easier for the transition? Up to you which version you put!
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