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  • ThunderClan is the group of cats that lives primarily in the deciduous woodland. They are a mainly peaceful and honorable clan, and are respectful towards the other clans of the forest. They are fierce, courageous, and loyal.

    ThunderClan is known to often take in loners and kittypets to either swell their ranks or because the cat is in need of help or shelter. For this, they are at times looked down upon by the other clans and thought of as weak. They have excellent stalking techniques and are known for their ability to creep through dense undergrowth undetected. This aids them greatly both in hunting and in battle. Despite their reputation, every ThunderClanner knows there is no clan more true or brave than they. They are tenacious, strong, and compassionate.

    Above all, ThunderClan values justice, loyalty, mercy, and courage. Some ThunderClanners consider themselves the “Clan of Prophecy”; that is, the clan chosen by StarClan to be the heroes of the forest. No matter what, they always speak out for what they believe is right and are not afraid to challenge other clans when they feel it is needed.
  • ThunderClanners vary in size, but all are known to be especially strong, perhaps the most powerfully built among all the clans. Their notably-thick pelts tend to favor warmer shades of browns and reds.

    ThunderClanners tend to be friendlier to outsiders than most other clans, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re as welcoming as SkyClan is. Earning their trust can still be difficult. Even still, most ThunderClanners hold the belief that loyalty and honor is more important than blood. Cats of this clan often have a desire to keep peace and help others, which has earned them both good and bad reputations among other clan cats. On one hand, they are known to be helpful mediators, but on the other, they have gained a stereotype for meddling in other clans’ business.

    The typical ThunderClanner is incredibly fierce, lionhearted, and firm, both on and off of the battlefield.
  • ThunderClan claims the part of the forest that is primarily deciduous woodland. It is mostly made up of oak trees and dense undergrowth. To the north is ShadowClan; to the west is Fourtrees, WindClan, and RiverClan, and to the south is SkyClan. They are the heart of the forest territories, as they are the only clan to border all other clans.

    Camp: ThunderClan’s camp lies at the foot of a sandy ravine which was once a river, protected by thorn bushes. The camp consists of a clearing edged with thick grass and dotted with tree stumps. Among the thorn bush barrier, the camp has a thick curtain of ferns and gorse shielding it. It is easy to defend and hard to attack. The camp entrance is made up by a gorse tunnel, and is well hidden by brambles which protect the camp from predators. The nursery has thick bramble walls and is the most guarded part of camp. Near the nursery, behind a tree stump, there is a den dug out from beneath a clump of ferns where the apprentice sleep. Warriors sleep under a bush, where a tunnel has been dug out. Senior warriors sleep near the center; it is a huge honor for a senior warrior to invite young apprentices to eat with them beside this den. The elders sleep within a fallen tree filled with grass, moss, and ferns and defended by jutting branches. Across the clearing from all of the dens, there is a smooth, tall rock called the Highrock. This is where the leader stands to make important announcements and hold clan meetings. The leader’s den is in a cave within Highrock, carved out by an ancient stream. Lichen covers the entrance; inside the den is a quiet cove with a smooth floor and walls, and a mossy nest at one side. Near the elder’s den, there is a fern tunnel that leads to a gaping crack in a boulder - this makes up the medicine cat’s den. Inside, there is a grassy clearing with a small pool at one edge. One tall rock stands at the side, split with a crack to keep herbs inside.​

    The Great Sycamore: One of the largest trees in the forest, with strong and thick branches and thick roots that twist around its base and burrow far into the earth. Young apprentices learn and master their climbing skills here and dare one another to climb higher. Sometimes, it can also serve as the use of an ideal hunting place or a place to master stalking.​

    The Owl Tree: Near the WindClan border sits a towering oak tree that serves home to a tawny owl. Apprentices dare each other to climb its trunk. Despite the danger of the owl, ThunderClan cats use the owl's own hunting abilities to their advantage, following the bird to find more prey on windy nights.​

    Snakerocks: A steep rock pile that is home to venomous adders. The caves beneath the rocks can also be homes to other dangerous creatures, such as foxes. If cats are careful, they can use this spot for hunting. Untrained, young apprentices are not brought around here often. Despite being used as a hunting ground, Snakerocks attracts little prey outside of adders due to the snakes. To avoid the adders, ThunderClan cats usually hunt here during leaf-bare, when it is too cold for the snakes. These rocks are a good place to find chervil and yarrow.​

    Sandy Hollow: The sandy hollow is a clearing surrounded by trees, used by mentors to train their apprentices safely due to the soft sand. This allows apprentices to tussle without hurting each other. The earth here is a mixture of red sand and dirt.​

    Sunningrocks: Along the river is Sunningrocks, a large, smooth granite rock formation with huge gray boulders by the river where cats love to sun themselves and hunt. RiverClan and ThunderClan often fight over the lovely strip of territory due to its variety of uses. Along the shoreline, the area is sandy. On one side, the smooth, flat rocks face the sun and provide a basking spot, while the other side is sheer, overshadowing the river. Within Sunningrocks there is a cleft where cats are able to shelter in. Mice are also able to hide in small cavities between the boulders, and prey is abundant between the rocks and the nearby forest. Currently owned by ThunderClan

    Twoleg Path: A dirt path worn by twolegs that leads from the Twoleg Bridge to Fourtrees. This marks ThunderClan’s border with WindClan.​

    The River: A source of danger to the clan. Sometimes it is peaceful, while other times it floods. At certain points in the river, there are stepping stone to easily get across. These stepping stones provide a way for cats to get to RiverClan territory, but the Twoleg Bridge is safer. This marks their border with RiverClan.​

    Thunderpath: This is a hard, hot black surface with an acrid smell. Monsters use the Thunderpath to travel from place to place. It is dangerous to the clan cats, as they are sometimes injured or killed by the monsters when they wander or cross on it. Despite the cats’ fear of it, they must cross it in order to travel to Highstones. This marks their northern border with ShadowClan. There is a twoleg-made tunnel underneath through which a stream flows, but ThunderClanners do not travel through it.​

    Fourtrees: Fourtrees is a group of four large oak trees in a hollow within the center part of the forest territories. In the middle, there is a steep-sided clearing and in the center is a large rock with jagged edges called the Great Rock. The clan leaders use it to look down on the clans and share their news during Gatherings. They are also referred to as the Great Oaks. This is a sacred location under constant truce, where no blood can be shed. This clearing and the path that leads from Fourtrees to the Twoleg Bridge marks ThunderClan’s border with WindClan.​
    — Fox
    — Badger
    — Adder
    — Hawk
    — Owl​

    — Mouse
    — Vole
    — Squirrel
    — Shrew
    — Birds (magpie, starling, wood pigeon, blackbird, thrush, cardinal, finch, pheasant)
    — Rabbit (occasionally)​
    Forest Attack
    1. Move quietly and communicate with signals. Cracking twigs, startled birds, and rustling bracken will tell the enemy exactly where you are
    2. Keep downwind of the trespassers so that your scent doesn't give you away.
    3. Look for freshly broken twigs, overturned leaves on the forest floor, remains of prey, or a clump of fur caught on a bramble. Any animal that moves through the forest leaves behind signs that it’s passed by, and signs like this could lead you straight to the invaders.
    4. Keep your mouth open to search for unfamiliar scents. Be careful: if there is scent when there is no breeze to carry it through the forest, it could mean that your enemy is very close by.
    5. Light-colored pelts are easily seen against brown and green foliage, so stay in the thickest cover. Keep low - the enemy will be looking for movement at normal head height, not close to the ground.​

    Lightning Strike
    1. Crouch behind the enemy with your patrol unseen.
    2. Wait for the leader of the patrol to give the Attack Tail Signal.
    3. Spring squarely on top of the enemy, aiming for the ears, as they will bleed easily; caught by surprise, they should be easy targets.
    4. As fast as you attack, retreat back into the undergrowth.
    5. As the enemy lets its guard down, attack from an opposite angle; do this over and over until the enemy, thinking they are outnumbered, retreats.​

    Never miss an opportunity to perfect your tracking ability. In the nursery, kits sneak up on their mothers and pounce with their moss-soft paws. Apprentices leap out on one another from behind bushes and tree stumps. These are more than just games. One day, these skills could save your life and defend your clan.

    ThunderClanners have impressive stalking abilities and are able to creep across the forest floor undetected by prey. They have the sense to keep upwind of their prey in thick bushes. They are the only clan to bunch their hindquarters before pouncing to catch their prey. Some ThunderClanners may even climb trees to hunt birds and squirrels that take to the branches, but this skill isn’t as impressive as it is in SkyClan.
  • Updated 1/22/2024

    These are the general laws that ThunderClan follows. Depending on the severity of the rule broken, punishment could vary from a scolding to exile.

    — All cats within ThunderClan are required to take on clan names. To not do so is to not respect their traditions.
    — Apprentices are not allowed outside of camp without their mentor’s permission, such as attending a patrol or gathering moss.
    — Kits are not allowed outside of camp.
    — Twoleg accessories such as collars are not allowed.
    — In order to protect those within their camp, joiners are not welcome. Intruders should be chased out, and cats lingering at their borders should be warned off. Any orphaned kits will be taken in. There may be exceptions to this, but generally ThunderClan is not likely to accept any outsiders.
    — The Warrior Code is to be followed.

    1. Defend your clan, even with your life. You may have friendships with cats from other clans, but your loyalty must remain to your clan, as one day you may meet them in battle.
    2. Do not hunt or trespass on another clan's territory.
    3. Elders, queens, sick or injured cats and kits must be fed before apprentices and warriors. Unless they have permission, apprentices may not eat until they have hunted to feed the elders.
    4. Prey is killed only to be eaten. Give thanks to StarClan for its life.
    5. A kit must be at least six moons old to become an apprentice.
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