private Oh, Bother... //Lightning


Soft words and Gentle paws
Jun 14, 2022

She had simply been following her sister. Willow and decided to leave the marsh group to join the newly founded Riverclan and as any faithful sister would, she followed. Granted, Chamomile quite liked their new home and the beautiful river that they now lived near. Today, she was exploring said River, and strangely enough, her usually clumsy paws were strong and steady while treading upon the uneven and sinking sand along the river's banks.

For once, she would actually appear graceful, and elegant. Until she wasn't. After all, good luck for her was very few and far between, so of course her paw would catch on a buried rock on the sand and send her cream tabby from tumbling towards the rushing water. The cold of the water sent a wave of shock through her and on pure instinct she began to flail.

This was it. Surely this was how she was going to die. Oh, the cruel irony of being killed by the very thing her new home was named after. Willow would be so upset, and yet she was sure no cat could save her from the deep depths of the raging river.

Except any cat passing by would not see a molly being carried away by hungry waves, but instead would simply see a panicked she-cat flopping around in the shallow end of the water, her flails doing nothing but splashing more water onto her face, further encouraging her thoughts that she was in fact drowning.



An introvert at heart, it was a miracle that Lightning found himself living in a colony much less a clan. But for his sister, he'd do anything. She wanted to be here, and he would follow, though it was times like these that he'd take advantage of the time he had alone. Meandering along the river, the messy-furred tom would let his eyes slip idly to the water as he walked, a frustration within hazel hues. He'd master fishing. One day. He just needed to find a good spot.

He padded on a little while longer, scanning the horizon before a frantic splashing caught his attention. Ears pricking, he moved towards the sound, picking up his pace down the shoreline until he saw a clanmate of his, Chamomile, flailing about in the shallow water like a fish. He came to a stop, staring at her without a single trace of amusement. You've got to be joking.

If there was one thing in this world he couldn't stand, it was nonsense. With a growl of utter frustration, he stalked forward into the water, not caring about the water drenching his legs and belly before he fastened his teeth in her scruff and pulled.

As soon as they were back on dry land, he released his hold on her and leveled her with a stoic glare. "What was that, exactly?" He huffed, annoyance lacing his voice.

Chamomile would sputter as she was yanked from the river, coughing and trying to catch her breath as she was unceremoniously dragged onto the shore, and then a pair of hazel eyes were staying straight at her.

Despite his annoyed tone, the cream tabby's own gaze would suddenly tear up with gratitude as she whimpered, "Y-you saved me." She truly was a sad sight, with her frame drenched in water and her verdant gaze looking into her clanmates without an ounce of shyness despite the ridiculous situation she had just been rescued from.

"How can I ever thank you? Please, let me make this up to you somehow." She would rise to her paws, shaking out her pelt and scattering water droplets around them before a smile replaced her tears and she purred, "My name is Chamomile! Are you in Riverclan too? What's your name?"


Lightning's glare hardened, hiding his confusion at her response. She was getting emotional, thanking him for saving her. She had to be joking. Straightening himself, his glare lessened but he still fixed her with a neutral, bored expression, feathery tail flicking. "Lightning," He returned, wincing as droplets sprayed him. He had already known who she was; he'd picked up on everyone who lived in their camp quite quickly, and couldn't help but be offended that she didn't return the favor. But then he remembered the...predicament he'd saved her from, and suddenly her lapse in memory made sense. He gave a huff, shoving his shoulders back and pinning his ears in annoyance. "You do know you were in the shallow water, don't you?"

So her hero's name was 'Lightning'! Chamomile made sure to burn that name into her brain and she opened her mouth to say more when he spoke first.

She would blink once, twice, look back over her shoulder at the pitifully shallow water she had dragged out of, and then back to the tom with the clearly annoyed expression on her face. "O-Oh." That would be all she said at first before her cheeks flushed red and she blurted out, "Oh geez, I'm SO sorry then that you had to pull me out! I can be such a mouse-brain, sometimes I wonder how I made it this far."

She would raise a paw to rub the back of her head in a sheepish manner before a soft rumble of laughter left her throat, "Pretty pathetic huh? But, thank you again. I think most cats would have just left me flailing."

With an almost determined nod, Chamomile would then rise to her paws once more before meowing, "So! How can I thank you for saving me? I can try and catch your favorite prey, or maybe help with your chores?"

Unfortunately for the sweet she-cat, Lightning is not an easy cat to break down. He continues to stare at her with bored eyes, gaze eventually drifting off in the direction of camp. As she blabs on, he begins to wonder when he should be getting back. A dark ear flicks towards her as the end of her last sentence ends in an upwards lilt. A question. "Just don't worry about it," He says, lifting his chin slightly as he stares back at her. "You can make it up to me by watching where you're going next time."

// I am so sorry he's such an ass

Her smile fades away as she noticed the bored look in his eyes and he brushes off her attempts at thanking him and making it up to him. Chamomile suddenly feels even worse than when she had been flailing in the water and she takes a step back, her expression now just as closed off as the toms as she fought back the sudden humiliating urge to cry.

Of course, he would find her boring and stupid. That's what she was after all. "Right...Got it." That would be all she said before turning away from Lightning, "I'll see you back at camp then I guess." And with that the cream tabby would bolt away deeper into Riverclan territory, making sure she was out of sight before the tears could leak from her eyes.