oh honey honey // medicine cat duties: sore throats & smoke inhalation

For fuck's sake. Red blisters angrily burned on her skin as she carefully dragged a singular honeycomb back to camp. It had been a battle of epic proportions.. and incredibly one-sided. Cats were not equipped to deal with bees. The molly had nearly cut down the hive in order to roll it into the nearest river.

The amount of the sweet substance had hardly been worth the effort or pain. In the end, the bees had won. Hackles raised in anger and annoyance. Sticky, itchy, and irritated, the molly stalked over to the high rock. "Any kits, queens, or elders with sore throats please come here." Though it sounded more like a demand than a request.

"Unfortunately, the only beehive I could find - that wasn't burned to a crisp or polutted by smoke - didn't have the most abundant supply. So what stock I have will go to the most vulnerable first." Her gaze drifted down to the honeycomb, a sigh turned cough escaping her throat.

Her eyes were forced close by the persistent smoke. Her underbelly was covered in a layer of ashes while her sides wheezed from the exertion of her previous task. Unlike outside, it was relatively breathable in camp. No doubt the inhalation of the smoke that wafted in would cause throat irritation but it was better than the suffocating air quality outside the camp.

"Furthermore," her voice croaked, "I need some able-bodied warriors to help me gather and soak moss. We need to line the entrances to the camps and dens with it while also tearing apart pieces wide enough for cats to use. It'll help suppress some of the smoke while also helping to protect the lungs." So, to summarize, they needed a shit-ton of wet moss.

The medicine cat seemed unsteady on her paws but adamant on carefully preparing small amounts of honey for each vulnerable cat in need. Furthermore, she would insist on joining any patrol who followed her last order-

If she wasn't willing or able to bear the heat, burning ashes, and smoke then she shouldn't be sentencing cats to take her place. This was something she needed to do. Unfortunately, her knowledge was still lacking: if someone began to experience immense trouble breathing than she hadn't a clue how to help nor fix that. She'd have to find another medicine cat or pray to the stars...

The stars that sought to punish her (and, by extension, the clan) for finally expressing emotions. They'd rather her lock them up like she'd done in the marshes. Or so she believed.​
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Emberstar had been flitting around camp ever since the smoke and smog began to drift through it, trying her utmost to hide her growing anxiety. It was supposed to be her job to keep her clanmates safe, but how could she defend them against this? Her claws could do nothing against the air itself. She felt so useless as she ran around trying to offer words of comfort and support to anyone she could fine. Desperately, she needed something to do, some way to put herself to work against this threat, however small.

Her head snapped to Cinderfrost at the sound of the molly calling out from Highrock. A small sigh of relief left her at the knowledge that her medicine cat was able to lend some aid. It made her feel more secure in the choice the stars had made, and she tried to hold onto that feeling. She wanted to be able to give all her faith to Cinderfrost, since it seemed no one else was willing. That was the only way they could work together after all. It was what was best for the clan.

Yet some small part of her held itself in reserve, thoughts that spoke with her mother's voice and reminded her of what the molly had done.

Emberstar's ears perked up at the mention of a need for able bodied warriors. She stepped forward. "I'll help." She offered with a confident grin.
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Tybalt watched as the medicine cat padded back into camp, only a single small honeycomb between her teeth. The young tom frowned, tilting his head up to watch the smoldering orange in the not-so-distant sky. The honey would be gone by the end of the day if things kept up like this, even if they did line the camp with enough wet moss. He didn't say anything or make an outright move to offer his help as Emberstar spoke up. He simply stood up and padded off through the camp entrance without so much as making eye contact with either cat.
She caught Stagpaw eyeing her singular honeycomb and immediately directed her gaze toward her paws: embarrassed by her meager offering and frustrated by her inabilities. She'd always been a capable - heck, exemplary - warrior. But as a medicine cat? Her chest tightened in an odd, fluttering feeling; her heart felt like it was going to leap out of her chest at any moment.

"Thank you." she nodded curtly to Emberstar. "I'll be joining you." Though her lungs burned, she could and would venture into the smog again. "Let's focus on gathering enough for the entrance and the nursery."

"Help anyone who struggles with the honey." she ordered NPCfur. She braced herself, inhaling deeply, as she walked into the dangerous conditions once again.

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The smoke was nearly unbearable. The pain from her healing shoulder was already bothering her, but on top of that now the smoke was causing her throat and lungs to feel raw. Everyone is in the same boat. I will help them out, they helped me when I needed it. Her eyes gleamed with determination as she hurried behind Cinderfrost and Emberstar. "I'm coming with you, I may not know where the best moss spots are, but I will help any way I can." she would say, catching up with the medicine cat and leader.