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Aug 6, 2022

Red paws thumped against a forest floor, a fluffy tail streaming after him as he leaps up in to the trees, claws unsheathing and carrying him up effortlessly. He disappears in to the leaves and comes back out with a fat bird, a large grin spreading across his face as he makes his way down the tree.

He’s lived alone all his life after breaking away from his parents, so after sniffing the air he digs in happily. His days were simple, spar with the local rouges, catch a meal, sunbathe, but the simplicity of them had been driving him insane. He wanted action, meaningful relationships, being on his own had hardened him in to a seasoned warrior, but what if there was more to life? He flicks an ear as a twig snaps, unsheathing his claws with an excited glint in his eyes. Perhaps his calls were finally answered?
Tybalt too, had hardened after the loss of his parents. Or perhaps he'd always been hard, and the loss had only spurred it further. He stalked through the trees, creeping after a particularly fat mouse, and let out a frustrated hiss as a twig snapped beneath his paws. The mouse scurried off into the underbrush, and Tybalt padded off.

He let out a low growl as an unfamiliar scent reached his nose and the unfamiliar tom came into view. Seeing that the stranger had his claws unsheathed, the boy wasted no time in sliding out his own.

“This is ThunderClan territory,” he spat. It felt strange to him to be defending territory for the group rather than just himself. “What do you want?”

// Took a bit, but here's the girl!!! <3

It wasn't often that Cotton strayed from camp. The safety of it was ensured, with all the warriors they had to protect them. Her kits, two beloved little girls, were safe in the confines of camp and nursery. But the paranoia was ever-bothersome, ever suffocating- ever so poisonous. Deaf ears don't recongnize the sound of Tybalt's voice, no. She sees him in the distance, and smiles- aiming to greet him with a happy chirrup of noises.

His posture seemed to speak to something else, a fierceness. She tilts her head in confusion, reading his lips quick enough.

This is ThunderClan territory.

She turns her head up to the direction he was looking towards, and her eyes widens in shock. There's a cat in the trees, and he looks like he's about to pounce on the poor boy. She moves quick, aiming to stand in front of Tybalt with a fierce glare- unusual for the mother, but it was instinctive. He was much bigger than her, for her petite size made it look much less intimidating, but she didn't move.

"Get down-down.. This.. This instant!"

The voice that left shaky lips was broken, crackling like an old radio- reminding one of a robot. No true tone to her voice, just a monotonous lull to it. Still, with her fur as fluffed up as it was, it was hard not to see that she wasn't playing around.

"W-Whoo.. Are you?"