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At this point in time, they were familiar faces to the cats of WindClan. They both inhabitated the same moors, hunted in the same spots, so they were bound to run into each other! But something was different about today. Their little family colony had discussed the shifts happening in the moors, the "clans" sprouting up. Big changes were coming, that much was obvious. They had to make the decision whether they were going to be a part of it, or watch from the sidelines. Well, everyone would know which one Sunshine voted for! She marched along happily, head and tail high in the air as she pranced alongside her loved ones. SHe knew some of them hadn't wanted to come, and they were only here for their kin that did want to go, and she was oh-so grateful to them. This will be so great! She'd told them. You'll see! Heavy Snow wasn't all too hard to convince; she was always so good at convincing him! Her sisters, on the other paw...

Well! It didn't matter - they were here now! "When do you think we'll find some of those WindClanners? 'Course they're hard to find when we're actually looking for them, ha!" She chortled, letting out a snort in the midst of her laughing.
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There is a lot to do lately, such as stand around camp awkwardly, interact with some of the softer spoken cats of Windclan. Her eyes turn sorrowful to the sky where there were no stars, not yet and she sighs out. Marigold, I hope you're right. I hope this isn't a mistake. She closes her eyes and push out of the temporary camp that Windclan had called home and out in to the territory. Shes unsure how to proceed, treading around eggshells with Soot was not fun. Not fun at all.

An ear flicks as shes walking, the scents of new cats, cats plural, hit her nose. She turned her head and there they were, lead by a calico girl. She blinked. Once. Twice. How many cats were there? Like, was this an attack? She hesitates before trotting over to meet them, limbs stiff as she offers the politest smile she could. "Bonjour," she greets with a trilling voice, dipping her head in respect. Is this how Windclan greets people? Am I doing this wr- To hell with what Windclan does! She relaxes slightly, breathing in and steadying her feelings. "What brings you guys here?" she tilts her head curiously, eyes flitting between each one of them. She decides she likes the cheery demeanor of the calico girl and offers her a kinder, softer smile. Her fur prickles uneasily still, overwhelmed with the amount of cats as she suppresses her thoughts that screamed to run.
Pollen has been as curious as Sunshine about the new moor-dwellers. For as long as she could remember, these lands have been barren but for the blue expanse of sky above them, purple-flecked heather fields, and the scarce scent of hare on the wind. And almost overnight, their space had been infiltrated by cats with strange, confusing scents. Some of them like the marshes she'd visited a time or two. One or more like the large animals at the upwalker place not too far from their burrow. Some others completely indecipherable to Pollen's nose.

Curiosity is one thing, though. Pollen is aware that groups of cats who live together and share territory may not be receptive to outsiders. She hardly considers herself or her kin to be outsiders, as they've been born and bred on these moors--but she knows that's what these other implants will think of them. Sunshine's optimism won out above all else, though, even level-headed Heavy Snow.

She sighs. Her vote is still no, but something inside her burns to get a peek into the colony's lives. Is there an alpha among them, one who speaks for the Clan? She gives a snort that is distinctly more derisive than the one her sister emits in laughter. Imagine having such little inspiration that you'd let another cat tell you what to do!

The chocolate tortoiseshell pads at a gradual pace behind her flouncing calico sister. She murmurs, "I have a feeling they'll find us first. We aren't exactly inconspicuous, are we?" A traveling group of seven--almost a colony themselves--must look quite threatening to the 'WindClan' leader. Pollen hopes they won't meet trouble. If they do, she wonders if she'll be able to convince Sunshine and Mallow to walk away, or Ember and Heavy Snow not to draw claws.

Her musings are brought to an end at the sound of a trilling, strangely-accented voice. A she-cat with ruddy and white coloring comes to greet them, asking them what they are looking for. Pollen gazes into the blue and yellow storm of her eyes and smiles. "What brings anyone here? The wind, the sun? We move just as dust does on the wind." She isn't even making sense to herself, but her mind is too far gone. She forgets herself why they are there, what their purpose is.

She had voted against the transition, despite her mothers eagerness and the general agreement that this next step could be fun- vital even, Echo found herself on the opposing side of the discussion. The calico didn’t like change, and while she could be defined as an “extrovert,” the thought of flipping her and her family’s lives upside down, joining a rather large group of cats… it had made her frown.
Yet, she loved her family, they were all she had- for the most part. So, she was here, making the hike alongside her mother, an excited but nervous grin displayed on her scarred features. It’ll be okay, Echo.
As if fate, right after her mothers words, one of the famous more cats made their appearance, she spoke in a beautiful accent. She parts her maw to begin with an introduction, yet Pollen is already speaking of the wind and sun.
Gently, she maneuvers herself to where she is next to her aunt, pressing her flank lightly against the mollys as an affectionate cue to draw her words to a close.
"Hello, I’m Echo, the poetic one here is my aunt Pollen, and that’s my mother Sunshine. " She began, gesturing to the calico who’s side she had just departed from, deciding that quick but efficient introductions from the ones at the front of the group would be a safe place to start. " We are actually here in hopes of… joining your group- right, mom? " She begins, though turning her gaze back to her mother, letting her know that this was her moment to shine, or to at least give the rest of her family to introduce themselves before Echo undoubtedly began to ramble on herself.

What a time, What a time, what a time—

So this was it. They had lived here for moons, but now- the past few weeks, at least- they had scouted some strangers. Whispers of the word WindClan had burrowed their way toward them and finally settled as fact, and oh- a group with such a fun name, wouldn't that be delightful to be a part of! For so long it had been just his kin- but that was it, just them. Of course he loved them- how couldn't he?- but the potential of meeting other faces, other names, that was just endlessly exciting. Endlessly.

Of course, as he stood in wait (though he didn't know why they couldn't just stroll on in and declare themselves a part- this moor was theirs, too!) his face was decorated with a grin. Not a welcoming one, however, despite its intent- it was too big, and didn't move the rest of his face with its curve. As a Windclanner approached, his head began to tilt, perfectly gradual and impossibly sideways at the apex.

Owlish grey eyes watched unmoving and still as the cat, unfamiliar, closed in on him and his family. With little coverage on the moors, Mallow had been able to see her from a mile off, and he seemed on the verge of choking to death on his suppressed laughter when she finally spoke to them.

On the verge, that was, until she spoke. Bonjour. His laughter tore free from him then, raucous and hyena-like, though his eyes did not break contact with the stranger's two-toned gaze even as giggles wracked his large ivory frame. "That's a funny word...!" he forced out through the peals, his distinctive mewl. He knew he shouldn't be laughing- they were trying to make a good impression, but it just kept coming and coming and coming, to the point where he was beginning to gasp for air. Doubling over a little, he attempted to maintain balance by leaning against his mother's side- a silly sight considering that he dwarfed her by a bit.
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Heavy Snow had been less that thrilled at the idea of them assimilating themselves with a group of strangers. He liked their life as it was, their small, right knit family, and he didn’t trust these new cats that had just showed up on the moor one day. He had heard about the goings on in the forest, the battles the fights, words passed down from ear to ear from cars who had seen these cats before. They were vicious, mean, they attacked children for next to nothing. Were they certain these were the kind of cats they wanted to be associated with? Still, it was difficult to say no to Sunshine. All she had to do was throw a few words out. Send a couple pleading looks his way and he melted into her paws, a displeased sigh escaping his lips as he reluctantly agreed for no other reason than he was certain she would go anyways, and he wanted to be there to protect her, to protect them. His found family.

He sticks to the back of the small group, easily towering over the others and keeping an eye out for any trouble that laid ahead. Only occasionally grumbling his distaste to himself. When the first stranger arrives, he keeps quiet, saying nothing and allowing the rest of them to do the talking, they were much more friendly than he was after all. Though he does make his way to stand next to Sunshine, white fur brushing her calico pelt and he looks to her, offering a half smile to show his support before turning his attention back forwards, blue and yellow eyes locked on the stranger.


This group is large.
She doesn't like it, the moment her eyes had settled upon them she felt threatened.

So she appears before them, hair on her back bristling, standing tall, tail in the air... her usual deal. Now more than ever with this many felines not a part of her clan in one place she needed to make it clear with every inch of fur on her body that she was boss.

The appearance of one of them made her nearly grimace, half of her face was torn off or- something... the same one states that she believes they're looking to join. This is a family... she manages to pick up, tail flicking nervously.

"Why would you want to join us? You're a decent-sized group, can you not take care of yourselves?"

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There! A cat appeared! Oh, and she talked so funnily! Sunshine was grinning ear to ear, practically vibrating with the inability to keep her excitement contained. If the stranger decided to look at her rather than her poetic sister, as Echo called her, then she'd see too-eager eyes fixated on her. A bubbling squeal threatened to make its way out, only calmed by the soft fur she now felt brushing against her. A quick glance up would tell her it was Heavy Snow, and she hardly recognized the caution in his eyes. She was too busy smiling up at him, as if saying Isn't this great?

Another showed up, this one similar in stature to Sunshine but she held herself in such a way that screamed "I'm the boss!" This is who they wanted to talk to! Unable to contain herself any longer, the calico bounced forward, halting just in front of the dark gray molly and likely leaning far too close. She didn't mean to be rude, but the she-cat never was one for personal space - especially when she was excited. "Oh, yes! We've lived on these moors for seasons, our whole lives even! We don't have to join, but well....we want to!" She chirped excitedly. She knew several of her family members and Heavy Snow didn't want to go through with this, but those who did out-voted them, and the family would stay together. "We know these moors better than anyone. We can help!"


Peppy isn't this calico?
Soot is silent and unreadable for a few brief moments, contemplating... This was a large number of cats before her, it could make WindClan stronger. But as a leader? If any of these cats wanted to lay claim to her throne it'd be an instant seven cats against her. There'd be inner war and chaos. Does she take that gamble? Was it worth it?

"We don't need your help. We can figure this land out just fine on our own." She begins as if she was turning them away, but future words would reveal otherwise. "You cats can join, but only if you vow to stay loyal and true to WindClan. Only if you vow to obey and accept me as your leader. I want all of you to vow- and then you can stay..." Blue ears perk up expectantly, if any of them refused she'd drive the lot entirely out.




Dusk is not far behind Soot as she makes her appearence, a large, copper-gold shadow that follows quietly at her heels. He's surprised to see a group of this size loitering at the border like this, and truth be told he'd been expecting trouble of some kind. Clan life was still knew to him, and the only reference he had for anything was the routine he'd managed to piece together for himself while being here- and at no point during that routine had a cluster of cats showed up like this. So he's wary and watchful as he comes to a silent standstill beside Honey and Soot.

Despite off-putting smiles and missing faces, Dusk didn't get the feeling that these cats were hostile. They seemed pretty set on joining Windclan, a notion that Dusk had little input or opinion about. He'd seen many loner and kittypets come to the border looking to join and had seen almost as many leave within the first few days, not used to putting in so much work or having to prioritize other cats over themselves. Dusk talked to them sometimes, but as a newcomer himself he was still trying to find his own spot among the moor cats, and so he tried to just focus on himself.

Still, it was always interesting when they found these strangers on their border. Dusk seldom knew what to think of them, but their reactions to Soots demands was always something that intruiged him. So many personalities, all with different limits. He wondered how it was even possible for so many different kinds of cats to exist in the first place. Stars, it was going to be exhausting trying to figure them all out.

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Ember is always up for spontaneous adventures.

Except this one.

It would be hard not to notice the surplus of cats who'd moved onto the moors. Now, Ember doesn't consider herself to be a possessive she-cat. But this is her home, and these lamebrains thought they could march over and claim it as theirs? It's ridiculous, the thought of owning land! Policing where other cats could and couldn't go... Psh, who'd ever heard of such bullshit?

To no surprise, Sunshine is eager to make new friends. That wouldn't be a problem, of course, if she didn't insist on joining them. Ember had been opposed to the idea from the very beginning. I'm not gonna let some strangers boss me around and tell me what to do, she'd said. But the family had cast a vote, and despite her insistence that it's a terrible idea, somehow Sunshine's idea won. Maybe if Heavy Snow hadn't caved so easily underneath her calico sister's bunny-rabbit-eyes...

Ember grouches on the outskirts of their little colony, her tail tip twitching as they wait. "I'm tellin' you all, you're gonna regret throwin' our lot in with these stuffy nutjobs." She swings her head around, fixing each cat who'd agreed with a half-hearted glare. (She never could muster up the strength to be truly mad with her family.) "And then, I'll have the told-you-so rights! I'll make sure you'll never live it down, I swear by the sun's light!"

The first WindClanner to approach is a particularly pretty cinnamon tabby. Ember recognizes the swollen belly from when Sunshine was pregnant with Mallow and Echo, and she regards the pretty she-cat with a look kinder than she'd expected. However, when the other molly speaks, Ember's head cocks. Her voice is strangely accented, beautiful yet confusing all the same. She says... something that Ember does not understand. And, without thinking, the flame point blurts, "Gesundheit."

Mallow bursts into laughter behind her, and instinctively, Ember scoots closer to him until she could brush her tail across his flank. But his cackling draws out snorts of laughter from the flame-kissed woman herself. It is funny, isn't it?

Pollen begins to delve into pointless poetry in response to the pretty molly's question. Ember rolls her eyes. Dust on the wind? Boring! "Or like flies to horse shit!" She exclaims helpfully, a snrk of amusement punctuating her words.

The next cat to join them carries an infuriating air of superiority. The grin falls from Ember's face, replaced by a scowl. The blue smoke questions their capabilities. Ember is not in the mood for tolerance. "'Course we can; you think we would've survived leaf-bare thrice if we couldn't?" Sunshine approaches the situation with much more tact. Ember's gaze cuts to her sister as she exclaims that they could help the WindClan cats. But the smoky she-cat does not want their help. She cannot stop herself before she retorts, "Great! We won't help then."

Yet the blue smoke tells them that they could stay, under the condition that they vow their loyalty and obedience to her. Ember nearly chokes on her disgust. "Gag, really?" But then her eyes catch Sunshine's, and Ember groans. "Fiiiiine. I vow, or whatever." It's noncommittal, dismissive, and a rather bold lie. She doesn't vow her loyalty to anyone until they prove they're deserving of it. She's only doing this for her family. I'm totally going to cough up a hairball in your nest, though.
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Pleasantries, though they were not so pleasant, flittered in the background as Mallow desperately tried to get a hold of himself. He could not deny that the tangible tension of this situation had set him off, but oh! He was doing suck a good job until that funny word had flown out of the stranger's mouth. Feeling his aunt's tail make soft contact with his flank, the large tom frantically nodded in a gesture his kin would recognise as gratitude. He needed a second to catch his breath, to relax- yeah, it would be fine. There wouldn't be any fighting, they would make friends with this WindClan just fine, and he'd learn some of those funny words so they weren't so funny anymore.

A shaky breath drew forth through teeth bared in a grin as Mallow began to measure himself, still keeping his vocals buried for they threatened to make another racket if he slacked even for a moment. The she-cat with the acidic eyes was stern, firm with her intentions that they needed no help. But- wasn't that silly? No help from them? They had lived here for so long, and this WindClan was so new... if they were less friendly, they'd have ripped them to ribbons! Really, she was lucky-

It was a good thing Mallow could not speak without risking shattering his beaming dam, or all these unfiltered, gruesome thoughts would have come spilling out. Instead he opted to nod along to his aunt's words, head tilted unnaturally his wide smile still remaining despite the peculiar spitting chokes that crackled in his throat. If a vow would be how they had to do it, then a vow he would take.
The tortoiseshell tears her gaze away from the odd-eyed beauty and towards the second feline. Stunning, but her features are set stiff and cold in her face. She addresses them as though she expects Pollen's entire family to fall to the ground and lick her paw pads. She stares at the small she-cat, unimpressed by the display of power.

It seems she's not alone. Sunshine does her best to lighten the mood, to convince this WindClan leader that they're oh-so-necessary. Ember makes some less than helpful comments. If Pollen hadn't been so ambivalent about becoming a WindClanner, she might have given her sister a warning look, but she barely suppresses a smile as it is.

Poor Mallow is practically vibrating with his efforts to keep silent. Pollen gives him a sympathetic glance before turning back to the tiny blue cat. "A vow? So formal," she murmurs, flicking an ear as if a fly is buzzing at it. "Why not, I suppose... a vow is only as good as those who make it, and those it is sworn to, though."

She flicks her eyes skyward, thoughtfully assessing the drifting clouds. After a moment, she mews, "I vow." Her tone is neutral and distant, as though she's somewhere else entirely. Truthfully, she might as well be.

It feels as if her anxiety is about to burst from its careful disguise of civility, flickering her one-eyed gaze from her mother to Soot when the leader arrives.
She is small, much smaller than her, but she radiated authority in her stature and her sharp gaze. Echo waits patiently as Pollen and Ember vow, and when there is a break in the air, she makes her own.
"Yes, I vow." The scarred calico echoes after her aunts, suddenly feeling rather vulnerable. She turns to look to the rest of her family, and a frown threatens to tug at her maw as she looks to Mallow, who looks as if he is about to crumble. She moves to stand beside him, pressing her flank in an attempt to subtly soothe her brother. "Mallow vows as well. " she advocates for his brother, but her words are firm, hopefully the stern leader would find the humanity to see his state and leave it at that. She lays her tail over her brothers back, making a note to seek out lavender for him once they have a chance if he has not gathered himself by then. Several thoughts dance across her mind about the leader, noting her firm stance and biting words. Now she can only wait for her mother and Heavy Snow to swear their loyalty.

What a time, What a time, what a time—
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So intense! Sunshine hadn't expected joining the group to be such a formal endeavor, but she couldn't complain. A short giggle erupts without permission from her maw as she comments, "Duh! Of course we'd be loyal! We're the loyalist of 'em all!" It's an attempt at persuasion, and she hopes her giant grin gets the honesty across. Her family was nothing if not faithful. She wants them to vow, so vow she shall! "Oh, sure, sure! I vow, too!" She piped in, as if not wanting to be left out of some fun game the others were playing. Bouncing on her heels, she looks towards Heavy Snow expectantly, eyes wide with enthusiasm.

A pretty she-cat speaks up in riddles and tongues and her voice is melodically rhythmic. She sucks in a breath, a little smile appearing on her maw. "The wind, chérie, the stars, the moon and the pull of the sun." she meows, a nod, already liking her. Theres another voice and she learns that this tortoiseshell’s name is ‘Pollen’, it was nice. She smiles at both of them.

"Joining? Us? We’re honored." she purrs out lightly, already feeling a lot more at ease in the presence of so many cats. She realizes her past self would be rolling in her grave if she had known her present self was talking to so many cats. Her tail fluffs up again as a white cat begins to laugh. She thinks back to Scarlet, the quips about her voice and her chest tightens in panic. He keeps laughing, and laughing and she feels embarrassment flood her face. "A funny word…? Bonjour?" she repeats, ears slightly flattening.

Soot appears, then people speak and its a slight blur as she reverts back to staring at her paws. It buzzes past her before an ear flicks and people are vowing. "Welcome to Windclan. Honeytwist… I’m Honeytwist. A tour… Would you guys like a tour? Or an escort to camp?" she would force a smile before slightly scooting behind Soot unconsciously, though she towered over the smaller she-cat.

When the she cat who announces herself as the leader of this group shows herself, announces that they do not need the help he almost turns around right then and there and runs off. What great news to hear that they wouldn’t be joining this ‘clan’ after all! He wouldn’t need to surround himself with strangers every single day, wouldn’t have to listen to anyone other than himself, and occasionally Sunshine though he would never admit to the fact that he was no match for her whims. He still thinks this is a bad idea, and a small frown tugs at one corner if his lips as the gray she cat continues speaking. She wants them to make a vow. He does not want to swear loyalty to someone he sees as blood thirsty, does not want to promise to fight for anyone other than the small group he had come here with but he glances over at Sunshine and her face says it all. She looks at him pleadingly, the same look she had given him when she had first talked him into doing this and he couldn’t say no. Besides, she herself and quite a few of the others already vowed. He would not leave them yo do this on their own. Whatever this was. “I vow” he says, keeping his tone neutral and meeting the she cats green eyes with his own mismatched ones for a moment before his attention is drawn to Honeytwist, the she cat with the strange way of speaking.

He is almost amused by her words, her suggestion. “A tour won’t be neccesary thank you but I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say we wouldn’t mind being shown where we’ll be settling down for the night” always the sensible one, he was always thinking ahead on where they would sleep, what they would eat. For a moment he’s almost excited. He just hopes they don’t expect him to try and stuff himself into a tunnel to sleep.


Sootstar isn't the least bit impressed. A majority of this family had no damn matters, she stares at Ember in particular with a curled lip... This is how they speak to who is about to be their superior? Their leader? Their queen? She was blessed by StarClan themselves, destined to be the StarClan's favorite clan's long-living ruler.

They didn't know this yet... but could they not sense the power in her paws? Could they not tell how important she was?
They would one day.

She looks at Sunshine, who she takes as some sort of "head" of the family. She notes the way cats exchange glances at her.
"These vows are pathetic. Pathetic as they are, your words are now bound to it. Break this vow and for an eternity WindClan will forever be your family's enemy." A growl of warning.

"Welcome to WindClan... the honor is not ours, its yours." She doesn't even look at her medicine cat when she corrects her. It was not honorable welcoming in these cats, but to them? A great honor it was for her to have accepted them in. Sootstar believed she had just committed a great act of kindness, for she was giving trust to these total strangers and sharing her resources with them.

"Since Honeytwist seems to be in love with you bunch already, she can show you where we sleep. The warriors of WindClan have more important matters to tend to." Again, she does not meet eye contact once with her medicine cat. Part of it was intentionally being a bitch, and another part of it was making her authority very clear. StarClan may have made her medicine cat, but Sootstar was leader.

"Come, Dusk." A simple order to the tom before she heads off, abandoning the scene.