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Sep 11, 2022

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➵ He'd asked her on a walk; his border patrol had returned and Clayfur's hadn't yet, so it seemed a good opportunity to spend some time with a friend instead. He'd hunted plenty for the day, so he didn't feel terribly guilty taking some leisure time.

He hadn't meant for it to turn into this—small talk meant "how are you" and then "how's [person you're clearly in love with but I'm not going to say that]" and he'd forgotten that the right response was a short one. The man's face had brightened, flaxen-gold eyes glassy in the throes of memory, and he'd all too quickly found himself rambling, practically spilling poetry about hazel eyes and earthen white-splashed fur.

"You've seen the way he falls asleep on people?" he's saying now. "Stars. It's precious. And when he rolls over so his chin faces up, there's this little spot, when I groom it just right he always purrs, it's—"

Clearsight cuts himself off with a sigh.

"It's perfect. Do you know what I mean?"

He thinks they might. The way they look at Poppysplash is so... familiar.

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( ) she enjoys this man's company. it is rare to find a soul so similar to her own - rash and protective yet open and honest. it's a breath of fresh air amongst the mostly serious faces of riverclan. the invitation of a walk was a welcomed one, and one innocently asked question later, her whiskers are twitching as she listens to the gleeful voice wax poetic. every so often she'll nod, murmur mhm or yeah, allowing the man to continue on his rather amusing tangent. when he pauses with an enraptured sigh, she'll nudge him playfully with her shoulder, huffing soft laughter. "i think you're in love, clear." verdant eyes sparkle, although his next words send a thrill up her spine.

"...do you mean poppy?" they murmur aloud, knowing fully well the rumors circulating the clan like wind through the reeds. "i... yeah i do know what you mean," a small groan escapes their maw as they rub at their face with one paw, jaw clenching. "darling clearsight, i'm afraid we're both head over heels." padding to catch up to him once again, they sigh, twining a circle around the storm hued man. "she's so... mean? but she cares so much. like she notices the little things and she's so passionate when she talks. when she lets down her guard, she's so soft and sweet, and she looks so peaceful when she's sleeping-" the long silver strewn tail swishes low across the path as the two continue their walk. "starclan above, what's gotten into me?"


"I think you're in love, Clear."

His heart stutters for a second at the words spoken so plainly, with that casual confidence she carries. In love. Could that be right? He knows he's never felt this strongly about someone, at least—

At least not that he can remember.

"...do you mean Poppy?"

Willowroot's admission has his lips twitching up into a smile, golden eyes soft and knowing; they groan, rub at their face—head over heels indeed, he thinks, remembering Poppysplash curled into Willow's nest, sunlight in Clay's hazel eyes. A butterfly landing on a pretty brown nose.

There are worse things to be, he supposes.

He chuckles at the show of affection, offering a nuzzle to her flank as she twines around him, and his smile stays soft as she goes on about her newfound love. Poppy's quirks, Poppy's looks, Poppy's supposed softness. It's not really any different from Willowroot's typical choice of chitchat. Of course he doesn't mind—it's nice to see them this happy.

They cut themself off, seeming nearly exasperated with their own enthusiasm.

"No, go on," he purrs, bumping his head lightly against her shoulder. "It's cute."

He tilts his head and adds, "Does she know yet? That you love her like this?" StarClan knows everyone else does. Actually, he should say that. "StarClan knows everyone else does."

& we've all got battle scars ✗