oh my gosh HI


You know, like, NYA ❤︎
Aug 9, 2022
I was feeling Warrior Cat roleplaying again and while I didn't get to enjoy RPing with you lot during CC much before it closed I did enjoy it and I left the discord and everything but I RANDOMLY FOUND THIS AND WAS SUPER SURPRISED!!!! :D
Really excited to RP with u guys again!

lemme actually do the introduction thing tho isjdhfkjk

I'm Rai! (She/They) I've been around on and off RPing battle cats for a while so I hope I'll have the motivation to keep going here cause I enjoy it so much! I like a lot of stuff, cats, pokemon, playing minecraft at 4am cause all my friends are in EU timezones....

It's nice to meet and re-meet you all! :3 Is there a discord somewhere I can join?