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It's dark. This new carrier that her upwalker as placed her in is not as comfortable as the other one but she does not complain. These rides are normal to her, as normal as breathing. She normally has to go to the vet to be looked at, prodded and inspected. It's for her own good she thinks and her upwalker normally tries to soothe her, so she doesn't see any issues. He soothes her as he put her in this new carrier, strange holes instead of bars letting her see what is going in the outside world as he gently carries her to the car. The trip seems normal enough, at least that is what she thinks anyway. It isn't like she can see much, her vision giving her nothing more that shapes of the world. The gentle hum of the car lulls her into a sense of security and she curls up but suddenly the car stops, gentle bumping and the door opens. She feels the carrier being picked up but this is odd. "Are we already there, upwalker? I can come out if you need me to." Her soft and almost wispy mews fill the air and the man hesitates, the box is still in his grasp. He is torn but he can't do this anymore, yeah, he needs to. And so he places the box down upon the ground off the side of the road.

It's hard to let her go, but he just can't and he gets back into his car to leave off. The car traveling down the thunderpath. When the pale woman hears no return response she is puzzled and even more so when her carrier is placed upon the ground. It doesn't smell like the vet office, she can't hear the sounds of other animals talking around her. "Upwalker?" She calls again for him and waits, listens. The sound of the car comes back to life and then it begins to fade away. For a moment she does nothing for a long time but soon she shifts in the brown carrier and she pushes her head against the top. It budges and she shoves her way up, knocking the flap open. The brightness of the sun stings her blue and slightly pinkish eyes and she closes them for a moment. Trying to understand her environment she slips her long furred form from the box, paws softly hitting the ground but she moves no further away. "Upwalker where have you gone? I thought we were going to the vet...but I don't know where I am." The snow laiden woman's sighing tones are light as she tries to seek him out but the car is gone and she is alone.

But he will come back for her.....right?
War weighin' on my heart but I can't fall
Sterling silver paws moved at a leisurely pace as equally silver eyes panned from one end of the landscape before him to the other. He was still trying to gain a feel for the vast territory thunderclan called their home and little by little he was chipping away at that goal. Tapered ears pulled forward at the sound of a horrendous rumbling traveling down the black strip of road beside him. The sight of what these cat's called a monster caused the ticked tabby to trot a short distance away until it passed by him, evidently in quite the hurry. Silverlightening took a moment to glance over his shoulder, watching as it continued down the path before starting on his own again. How strange, such things were never seen in his former home. Despite the brief pounding of his heart he refused to allow his emotions morph his features.

Stoic eyes then noticed a foreign object that flickered it movement once, then twice. Silver halted, refraining from drawing any closer to the writhing thing until he saw a cat's head poke out from the top. Today certainly had to be one of the most eventful ones he'd had in quite a long time. Slowly he approached the box the fae now crawled out from, his ears perking as she seemed to be calling out to someone. Was she left behind? "Excuse me," Silver calls out to her, his tone never rising above a casual speaking level. "I have not seen this...upwalker, but as for where you are, this is Thunderclan territory." He elects to come a bit closer, noting the pinkish blue hue of her eyes and the uncomfortable squint she held them in. Looking up he squints against the vivid rays of the sun himself before looking her way once more. "Would you like to come over to the shade and rest? You don't smell like you're from around here." The tom finishes.
Seekin' shelter from the storm on this blank road

The fur down the length of his spine bristled with unease as the strange collection of scents wafted into his nose as he trailed not too far behind Silverlightning. It was the lingering stench of twolegs that put him on edge the most, like a choking reminder of a now long distant past.

It is Silverlightning's words that drag him back into the moment and it draws his attention towards the bewildered she-cat that is before them. Abandoned, he thinks. A cruel reality of twolegs and their fleeting love. But a risk too. What if the twoleg came back for her at some point? It could put the clan in danger. But yet, could they really just leave a young cat all alone to fend for herself? Sunnyday wasn't capable of such cruelty.

He doesn't impede on the other tom's offer for letting the she-cat rest for a bit, if anything it was the wisest decision. "This must be dizzying." He remarked with a curt nod of his head as he headed for the shady spot in question, now intent on maintaining a presence during proceedings. If anything he just wanted to keep the peace, especially if other ThunderClanners with sharper tempers appeared. "My name is Sunnyday. Do you have a name?"

Tybalt's claws slid out at the smell of an outsider. He followed it quickly, stopping to watch the twoleg at the edge of the Thunderpath. He retracted his claws as it left, but a low growl rumbled in his throat. The sooner that thing was gone, the better. Twolegs were nothing but trouble. He approached the box slowly, his pelt puffing up in alarm as the top of it began to move. His claws came out again, and a hiss escaped his maw. He fully expected to have to fight whatever it contained, and his muscles tensed as he prepared to spring.

He straightened up as a snowy-furred she-cat appeared, squinting in the sun. Blinking in surprise, his gaze softened as she began to call out for the twoleg that had left her behind. He realized after a moment that she couldn't see well, and he gently touched his tail to her flank as he spoke, hoping to orient her slightly to her surroundings. "You should come sit down," he murmured, an unusual gentleness in his normally sharp tone. "And get away from the Thunderpath before you get hurt."

She was fragile. He could tell that much just from looking at her. It was a type of frailty he had seen in his mother's final days, and though he doubted it was anything as serious, the idea frightened him.

The woman jolts as a tail taps her flank and she turns her head towards the vague shapes she can see. Voices bubble up and she picks out the three figures among the taller shapes she knows as trees. One tells her that she should get away from the thunderpath and she is confused. "Ah, yes I should." Her voice keeps that quiet cadence and she trusts easy given the fact that the other speaks about it potentially hurting her and wants to herd her away from it. Another figure speaks about sitting in the shade and oh she would love that. The light is hurting her eyes and she nods softly. "Yes please, that sounds so nice." Still squinting she turns away from them and begins the small walk to what she sees as a patch of darkness, light wavering like fuzz around the area and she can tell when she is there as the coolness slips along her back.

Snow white fur shifts as she sits down and she has a small question that has been turning in her head. "If you don't mind me asking, what is Thunderclan? I know you said this is the territory...but I'm not certain of it." Plus he says he doesn't know where her upwalker has gone. So where did he go? He didn't just leave her here, or at least she hopes he hasn't. Her head turns towards Sunnyday as they introduce themselves and she nods in agreement. "This is definitely all so strange. He's never done this before. Ah, my name is Ariella but Ari is just fine. Thank you all for keeping me company while I wait." Yet doubt clings in her mind. How long will she have to wait? Will he even come back if he left her here in the first place? Worry crosses over her odd colored orbs and she looks to the ground.
Tybalt padded after the alabaster molly and settled himself in the shade. "ThunderClan is one of the five groups of cats that live around here," he told her. "We work together to hunt for food and defend our territory from the other clans." He shrugged. "Apparently it used to just be two groups and then they split. I was living by myself out here and they just...kind of appeared." And wouldn't leave. "Figured I might as well stay."

Ariella. It's a nice name, he thinks. Pretty. "My name is Tybalt," he told her. "Or Stagstrike, depending on who you ask. I prefer Tybalt." He had taken a clan name rather begrudgingly, but refused to drop the ones his parents had given him. It was all he had left of them.

She thanked them for waiting with her, and Tybalt shuffled his paws. He didn't think the twoleg would be coming back, but he didn't tell her that. It might break her heart. He wasn't normally one to hold back his opinions, but... "I hope he comes back," he murmured quietly. He wondered how long she would wait.