on golden wings | training



The tom is excited despite the sharp grumbling of his stomach. Breakfast is normally in order but he can't eat for another day and so he figures he can distract himself with a new development that has happened in his life. He's gotten an apprentice. Dandelionpaw to be exact and he's never mentored any other cat before. It's a bit daunting and he hopes that he can do it right the first time around. He wants to help the other improve in his skills and anything else that he needs. Dandy has a good head on his shoulders and he's keen on helping others as he saw during the whole issue with that young tom that was starving. He appreciates that honestly and his kindness can go a long way but he also wants to teach the young one some caution too. To be careful in what decisions he makes. His aquamarine eyes lift up to look at the dawn sky before he smiles with sharp elongated fangs. Stepping over sleeping bodies he makes his way to his apprentice (still getting used to that) and he leans down before yowling brightly. "GOOD MORNING DANDELIONPAW! TIME TO RISE AND SHINE PAL! WE HAVE A WHOLE DAY TO GET SOME WORK IN SO UP AND AT 'EMS!"

The tall tom steps back and he glances at some cats who give him dirty looks for waking them up too. But hey they should all be getting going at some point. Shifting his paws a little he turns back to his apprentice, sure he is used to waking up early. If he recalls Dandy used to be a barn cat and he figures this is no different then living back there. With a flick of his tail he motions to the moorlands. "We are going to be testing your hunting skills. Plus your stalking through the tall grass, it's imperative that you can get as close to some of your prey before starting the chase. And we are going to work on some bird catching to. How does that sound?"


He still kept having barn dreams, where he was back in the barn and Ma was alive and Pa was there with him too and all they did was lay around and nap; occasionally catching mice lurking about the hayloft. If he could have stayed like that forever he would have been content but after Ma died...
Dandelionpaw was grateful his dreams never turned dark often, but sometimes he had to say goodbye to her again and again and it left him in a less jovial mood. This time, before the dark clouds formed, he was jolted upright by a loud cry of his name and he rolled with a jump to hop up onto his feet; fur bristling in preparation for an attack and nearly stepping on another apprentice's tail.
"Beggin' your pardon!" He raised his foot away from the loose appendage before blinking sleepily and finding the owner of the voice. He half expected Leechpaw playing a prank on him, but was pleasantly surprised otherwise. "Grackledive! Ah done did slept in didn't I?" His tone was apologetic but not downcast, his smile still remained fixed on his maw.

To say he was enthusiastic about the whole idea of having a mentor was an understatement, that it was Grackledive was just another push to his excitement at the prospect. He rather liked the tom they'd brought in, he'd been there personally and found him very agreeable and friendly. It was all he could really ask for in WindClan where most the older cats were prickly and dismissive like their glorious leader. One day Sootstar would liven up and he would be happy to see it.
"Sounds like a right good time!" With a bound he jumped over a grumpily sleeping body, sprang for the exit of the apprentice den area to burst into the camp itself proper. "Ain't never gone bird huntin' proper 'fore!" His few bird catches previously had been good luck snatching them after starling them to the sky.

She's used to being up at odd hours, even before she'd joined WindClan and obtained duties. The loveliest, most introspective times of day, in her opinion, are late night and early dawn. When the sky becomes watercolor, when the earth begins to wake itself up and the birds begin to cry -- Pollenfur has done her best thinking that way.

But the molly now has responsibilities beyond herself, beyond even her sister's kits. Mallowlark and Echolight, as they're now called, are adults with apprentices of their own. And Pollenfur was entrusted with bright, brilliant young Melonpaw, their dear medicine cat's daughter.

The tortoiseshell pads close to Grackledive and Dandelionpaw, smiling lazily as she greets them. "Fresh eyes for a fresh morning," she murmurs. "Mind if Melonpaw and I tag along? She's still quite young, but it would be good for her to watch Dandelionpaw do some stalking and chasing." Half-lidded amber eyes seek the sprightly cinnamon apprentice among the other bodies that slumber beneath the brightening sky.



Sleep was a blessing in a clan full of apprentices, and her own fussing over her apprentice. Coldpaw had been a bit off since she met him, but something about him reminded her of herself when she was young. Lifting her head from her paws at Grackledive's shout for Dandelionpaw, she grimaces at the sight of them. Not because she was annoyed by it, no, but because it was so early. She only ever trained Coldpaw during the night time.

Was she doing it all wrong?

She doesn't say anything, merely watching the cats talk from a distance.