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Aug 3, 2022

He had no idea how things had ended up like this but they had offered food and so here he was stuck in this sheep in wolf fur den. Another group he was trapped with at least for the moment. Shallow was sure they would throw him out sooner or later anyway once they realised he wouldn't be of any use to them. He failed to figure out why they had brought him back with them to begin with but he was sure it was for something. Or maybe they simply was taking pity on him for being a kit. Whatever the case he had a plan. Until the day arrived he had decided to use this to his advantage for the time being. Keeping his head low so he could feast upon thier food to get back his strenght again and to prepared for leaf-bare. He had heared stories that even the most toughtest of cats had a hard time surviving through that cold season. It would be more wise to cooperate with this...cats for the time being. He had lived with a group before so this was no stranger to him. It would be just the same like it had been back there. The only difference was this cats seemed to be a bit more foolish.

Shallow did had noticed this cats lived different from his rogue group did. Thier laws where different, feeding the weak first and the strongest last. In his group it had been the opposite. The cats who couldn't provide to the group didn't deserve to eat anything but the leftovers. The other one was how this clan was filled with kittypets living among them. Didn't they belong with the twolegs?. His group had not taken so kindly whenever they had crossed path with one. Shallow had wittness how cruel cats could be, how blackhearted rogues truly was and he had the same blood running through his veins. Up until now Shallow had been treated poorly just because of his blood. No cat had yet proven to him to be anything but selfish and doing nothing but looking out after themselves. Even his own parents had said nothing when the group had made the decision to kick him out because he was a burden to them all. A cat who never would be able to hunt or fight because he missed a leg. How could a cat like that ever be useful to a group?.

That was why he was determined to make sure he survived through this winter at any cost so he could stare his parents in the eye one day and tell them ' I made it' and he did it all on his own without relying on anyone. With just three legs.

To get there he guess he was stuck here for the time being. Shallow did not view himself as a skyclanner. He was not one of them. The rogue was just here for the food and nothing more. So he watched the daily life of the warriors there he sat in a shaded spot in camp, observing them while having a mouse in front of his paws which was half eaten already. Until his time run out in this clan the kit would make sure to take advantage of his own situation. Whatever it took to survive.

A soulmate who wasn't meant to be

A pelt of wispy fur decorated with hues of cream, tan, and mocha would come into view not long into Shallows' meal. Deersong had seen the young kit around camp, sticking to the shadows and not really socializing with any cats. So, she decided to change that today.

Laying down beside him, her contented half-lidded expression would only glow with happiness as she took a bite of her own meal and meowed to the tom-kit, "Hi there, Youngblood. Your name is Shallow, right?" Her half-tail would lightly tap the ground behind her, "I'm Deersong, nice to meet ya. I hope it's ok that I eat with you. You just always seem to be by yourself."


There were a lot of new faces coming in- but none of them seemed dangerous. As much as Twitchpaw often pondered the worst, it was never usually his peers that he found panicked distrust in. No, it was beasts of the forest, with their unpredictable and ravenous maws, or great disasters that tumbled out of the paws of even StarClan. Plus, how could he be suspicious of a kit? He'd been useless as one. The worst any one of them could do would be throwing something right at his face or burying their harmless little pin teeth into his tail. Still- he didn't really want any of those options.

He stood back, regarding the silent kit as Deersong approached him. Attention tumbled to the measly meal that sat before him, a mouse- hadn't this kid been ill? Did he not need something more substantial?

Refraining to make much of an approach, Twitchpaw still raised his voice slightly, pointed sunken vision settled quite obviously upon the kitten. "Is that all you're having?" A motion of a brown paw to his meal, and that would do. He checked in, even if it was unwarranted. That was... something, wasn't it?
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Redstrom sits, eating his own meal not too far off. He had heard vaguely of what had happened in the forest the other day from Churrodream. She had told him about a kit who had stolen from an apprentice. He didn't believe they should allow thieves into their camp, and if the kit had already gotten a taste for stealing who knew? He might do it again. He narrows his eyes at the smaller cat, watching him carefully. At Twitchpaws comment he has to hold his tongue.

We're lucky if that's all he takes. Is what Redstorm wants to say but he refrains. "You can have something else if you're still hungry you need to keep your strength up" so you can leave. he informs him, but who knew, maybe he was already hiding prey under his nest for later. He wouldn't put it past him. He makes a mental note to check later when he wasn't occupying it.

"Twitchpaw, do you want to come and share this squirrel with me?" he asks the twitchy young cat, though his eyes do not leave shallow as he speaks. He does not trust this newcomer one bit. Hopefully, Deersong would have some sense and keep an eye on him as well.

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