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The scent of the pine forest was thick, almost overwhelming, he preferred the subtle refreshing air that surrounded the river; that crisp and clean breeze that caught the faintest scent of watery prey that made even the long walks along the border's edge calming in their own way. But he was terribly on edge, moreso than usual, and while often times he would take the patrols leaning more to their more hostile neighbors he did not trust himself to be anywhere near WindClan for the time being. He was liable to lose his already shredded composure. Smokethroat had brought Clearsight along primarily because the other tom also seemed like he could use a break and he felt the blue tabby would manage any interactions they had with the ThunderClanners are far margin better than he ever could even in such a state.
Flicking his tail to gesture for @iciclepaw and @FROSTDROP. to keep up, he paused for a moment to lift his head into the rush of wind that hurtled by with an alarming speed like a storm was brewing in the distance and the breeze itself ushered forth to escape; he certainly hoped it would not rain, that they would not have to hear the crack of actual thunder amidst the two-leg creation that boomed with the same horrific sound.
The dark tom realizes as they near the scent border that he has not taken the time to address his young charges with what they might need keep to themselves so he raises his tail to halt their progress and lowers his head slightly to be more on level with the youngsters present. His tone his hushed, drowned by the wind so only the patrol could hear him.
"Feel free to chat and speak to a patrol if we pass one, but keep in mind that RiverClan's trials are ours to overcome and do not mention the two-legs or..." Or what happened to Cicadastar, "...or what they have done. Are we understood?"
The last thing he needed was word getting out they had lost their leader once already, the absolute field day some of the other leaders might have once they found out. It would take every ounce of his willpower to not go mauling cats at the next gathering if he heard a single mockery.
Smokethroat pauses to glance back at Clearsight, having been walking too fast due to his own restless energy, but thankfully the other tom has kept up fine with his apprentice.

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This had been Frostpaw's first time beyond the safety of the wetlands and she was in awe. The forest was huge, and the scent was heavy with humidity, earth and several different scents that it felt quite dizzying to the young apprentice. Her fluffy tail swished as she padded after her mentor, keeping close near Iciclepaw while her bi-colored eyes trained on what was in front of her. Truth be told, Frostpaw was not a fan at the idea of having to patrol and check borders instead of helping Willowroot and the others and all simply because she wasn't eight months old. Seemed unfair and she puffed her cheeks out a bit.

Her curled ears flicked foward as she listened to the lead warrior's instructions and then she silently wondered to herself, will they even run into Thunderclan cats? And were they more friendlier than the faces of Windclan. A soft hum came from her chest as she nodded to what Smokethroat said, got it, keep things on the downlow, she could do that! She was an expert at keeping secrets (though that was something she hated to admit).

Frostpaw would began to eagerly scan the horizon in hopes of catching glimpse of the forest cats, wondering how they might look differently from that of the Riverclan cats. Were they bigger? Or smaller? And how did they keep clean with all this mud and no river closeby? She had heard they had saved Ashpaw... at least she hope that information was correct as she could've heard wrongly but for now all she hoped was the ability to catch a glimpse of these strangers, silently hoping they were much better than the cats of Windclan.

Like Frostpaw, Iciclepaw remains close to his mentor and co-apprentice. The tortoiseshell is quiet on their trek along ThunderClan's border, though her ears are pricked and alert and her jaw set against whatever may come. She knows nothing about the other Clans except for whatever she's heard through nursery tales - WindClan attacking Cicadastar unprovoked, SkyClan being a bunch of filthy kittypets, ShadowClan eating frogs.

What of ThunderClan? They live in the oak forest, the denser of the two woodlands. She finds their border scent irritating to her nose, but she imagines any Clans' but RiverClan's likely will.

"None of their business, anyway," she says to Smokethroat, blue eyes flashing. "Do we have to be friendly with them? Even if they're rude to us?" She doesn't know if ThunderClan is rude or not. She only knows she isn't in the mood to play games with cats not her kin or her Clan.


It seemed Little Wolf, despite her best efforts not to, was the one who would be running into all of the patrols who were coming to the border lately. The way they noisily pushed through the underbrush, their voices that she was sure were meant to be hushed speaking in tones so loud she’s surprised they can’t hear them back at camp.

She only catches the tail end of iciclepaws sentence but it’s enough to pique her interest. It was a flaw, to be this nosy, but she couldn’t help herself. What was River Clan hiding from the rest of the clans? She knew she could not outright ask but still. A lot could be revealed from friendly conversation. “With the volume you guys are talking I’m surprised you manage to catch anything at all!” She lets out a small chuckle as she speaks to the small patrol. “Hey there I’m Little Wolf, it’s nice to meet you guys” she says and dips her head in greeting, she would pretend like she hadn’t heard the quip about the possibility of Thunder Clan being rude. It was in her opinion that Wind Clan was the rudest. Or at least she hopes that River Clans patrol would not yield nearly as sharp of tongues as the moor cats had.

Close behind his dark furred clanmate comes Flycatcher, the blue tabby padding up alongside her and giving the same dip of his head in greeting. He had heard the RiverClan cats talking before he emerged and whilst the topic of conversation had piqued his interest, he was not the sort of cat to needlessly pry. Still, if the opportunity arose there would always be time to ask questions later. "I'm Flycatcher," He mewed in greeting. "How fares RiverClan on this day?"

“I doubt ThunderClan will be rude…” The only clan they bordered who might have attitudes was WindClan which is why he’d sent Mudpelt to handle them for patrols. The brown-furred tom wasn’t prone to temper nor tantrum and was sensible enough. He could handle it.
“If they’re rude don’t bother wasting pleasantries on them-we mark the border and leave.” He wasn’t the sort to play nice when faced with hostility, but it seemed it was not something he needed to concern himself over today. The dark she-cat approaching had a jovial tone, she’d heard Iciclepaw’s unimpressed voice and had taken it in stride. The blue tabby who followed was equally non-hostile and he nodded in greeting to both, tail held gently aloft in case he had to signal for either apprentice to leave. Unlikely as it was that border patrols were met with conflict, he had always been too serious and cautious for his own good perhaps.
"I'm Smokethroat, well-met." He does introduce either of the young she-cats with them, they were the sort who liked to speak for themselves as he had learned over time. "RiverClan is well, I hope ThunderClan is doing alright too."
His orange gaze briefly scanned behind the two forest cats, curious to see if any ThunderClanner he recognized would appear. The ones who had brought Ashpaw back to them had been alright.
"We weren't planning to hunt here, thankfully. Prefer the river prey myself."



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Clearsight finds his tail curling around his apprentice as the ThunderClanners draw close. They're friendly, and the river's between them, he's just—anxious. The tabby takes a calming breath and pulls his tail away; Gillpaw is so bright and full of promise, and Clear's own anxieties can't get in the way of cultivating that.

The boy is his apprentice, not his son, he tells himself firmly.

He nods along to Smokethroat's orders; allies or no, RiverClan's business is RiverClan's own. Then he dips his head to offer his own instruction to Gillpaw. Softly, he'll murmur, "Pay attention to the cats we meet. See what you can learn about them, and try to remember it. Whether allies or enemies, information is power."

Across the river, he calls in tandem with Smokethroat's response, "Clearsight. This is Gillpaw. The water's kept us well-fed, and you?"


The smell of oak leaves overshadows that of rushing water, as they near the border that separates River and Thunder.

It's a scent that isn't too new to Gillpaw - no, the black and white apprentice recognizes the smell. Remembers it from the strangers that brought Ashpaw home. It was ThunderClan that saved her, then.

Intimidation sets in as they draw near, sunny eyes spotting feline-shaped forms across the way. Perhaps he should have brought them a river rock, in thanks for saving his friend. Unfortunately the thought hadn't crossed his mind until now, the young apprentice feeling embarrassed by his carelessness. He should've prepared better, should have known there was a chance he'd cross paths with actual ThunderClan warriors - some that might have even been there to save his friend.

He presses closer to Clearsight as the blue tom's tail wraps around him, eyes wide at the new faces. Gillpaw gives his mentor a nervous nod in acknowledgement at his words - a promise to do his best to pay attention, to do what Clearsight tells him and learn from the experience placed before him.

Those that arrive seem friendly enough, at least. Gillpaw could only assume ThunderClan would be considered allies, in this situation. He doesn't think they've done anything to justify being considered enemies - not yet, at least. They saved his friend, after all.

It is Clearsight that introduces the two of them to the ThunderClanners, and the tom flicks his ears in response.

"H-Hello," he says to those across the way, a respectful nod added to the end of his greeting, "It's... It's nice to meet you." He looks to his mentor for approval, hoping he's doing this whole 'talking with other clans' thing correctly.
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