Jul 27, 2022
bored. she was so bored. a yawn escaped her, as she walked idly around the territory, tail flowing behind her, with an unamused look all over her face. an unusual scent makes her nose twitch, before she tilts her head.

what the hell is that? ugh, i'm gonn have to investigate, huh? boring!! i do not care about who's on this territory as long as they leave me alone. but i don't need to hear an ear full from that.. man.

she is referring to her uncle. the only tom in her family that still lives. everyone else is dead. or left her, and she considers dead. she considers him dead. he didn't want to call her by her name or right gender. he swore to the stars she was his nephew, and that just wasn't true. with a deep sigh, she finds herself following the scent, tail twitching behind her.

"who are you? is there a reason you're... walking around here? it's kinda annoying. your scent is too... scenty."

that didn't even make sense, poppy. they don't know what you're talking about.
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( ) she's become more thoughtful recently, after the disruption at the beginning of the moon. new cats flowing from every corner, claiming territory and defending it brutally. it's something caraway has never really had to deal with before besides the random stray rogue or brave kittypet. still, she roams the river like it's her own, trying to ignore the nagging feeling that one day, the new clan will snap.

bright eyes track the rushing water as they crouch, muscles bunched, on the shoreline. scanning for fish, they don't notice the pawsteps or the grumbling voice until the she-cat directly addresses them. ears flicking back in surprise, the dark smoke whirls around, coming face to face with mottled grey and white fur and flashing yellow eyes. blinking and trying to slow their heart down, the slender feline takes a pawstep back. "my name's caraway. i've lived here since i was a few moons old. so i really should ask what you're doing here," they pause, eyes roaming. the molly is quite pretty, they're now realizing, and she doesn't seem to have jumped straight to claws out like some of her companions do. intriguing. "but it's a free world, so i won't ask." cara decides, offering a half smile. "what do you mean by too 'scenty,' anyway?"

poppy's sunflower gaze seemed to linger for a moment before she tensed up, taking her own step backwards as she noticed that the other, who'd introduced themself as caraway, was looking at her. her skin felt flush for a moment, agitation vulnerability clouding her emotions for a moment before she just flattened her ears, tail flicking behind her in a not so gentle manner.

why is she staring like that? i don't have anything on my face right? they really shouldn't stare. it's rude. and i can't tell if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

pulling away from her thoughts, huffing out a reply to the feline in front of her. "i've lived here for as long as i can remember. i don't care who's here and who isn't... you're scent is just too... i don't know. annoying. bothersome. picky. strong. scenty." she repeats the word, with a twitch of ear nose.

you're ruining a perfectly good nap. don't you know how calming and kind your scent is? wait... what?!

clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth, she only huffs, rubbing her paw against her muzzle in embarrassment. what the hell did she think that for? oh, shit. she could not go through this again.