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Jul 27, 2022

" I wonder what our warriors names will be!" Rosepaw said eagerly as he laid beside his friend in camp. Both of them had been working hard today and was taking a short break before new duties would be given to them. The topic of the latest meeting had got brought up there Rosepaw had told Leechpaw how cool he thought Duskfire's name was, and how he couldn't wait until he become a warrior too so he also could earn himself one. Leechpaw on the other hand didn't hold the same excitement over this, not really caring about this new...weird name theme they all would be going under now, and for what?. Because starclan had said so?. Sounded so stupid. The dark pelted apprentice snorted, and just gave shrug. " Who cares. Beat it will be something stupid." he muttered but Rosepaw didn't listen being far to hyped and excited over this idea now.

" Maybe...Roseflower!." That would be a good name for him right?. Since he loved flowers so much!. " So your name will literally be after a flower?. Sounds boring." Leechpaw stated his honest opinion as he grimaced. Rosepaw ears flattered for a brief moment at this. Boring. Uh, well he didn't wanted his name to be boring. The apprentice tried to think something else out and then his ears perked up again. " Oh!, how about Rosepelt!." That had literally been the reason behind his name in the first place. Since his fur had reminded his parents of a rose. Smiling brightly he thought he had come up with a good one this time..but...Leechpaw would give a disapproved look. " Who would want to be named after thier fur?. I really hope Sootstar will be more creative then that.." he once again shoot Rosepaw warrior name ideas down..cutting him like a arrow through his heart. Now he just felt stupid... " Oh...i have right." Rosepaw sounded down and Leechpaw did not fail to notice it.

Oh no.

Leechpaw frowned upon the realization he might have been a bit to blunt..and insensitive. Ugh. This guilty feelings. He hated to see Rosepaw hurt because of him. Clearing his throat he looked away for a brief moment as he tried to come up with something to make up for what he just had said. Eventually something slipt out from his mouth awkwardly. " Roseshine..." Rosepaw had actually not captured that. So he looked up towards them with a puzzled look. " What?." Leechpaw bite down on his lip, clearing his throat for a second time as his cheeks started to blossom up. " I think Roseshine would fit you..shine for..being so uhm, you know, cheerful and...all that. " shinning like a sun. Of course he wouldn't say that out aloud.

Rosepaw eyes widen for a second before a brightful smile shined up on his face, that very smile Leechpaw had been refering to. " Roseshine, i really like that!." It sounded so pretty!. Leechpaw would just refused to look at them to avoid eye contact in that very moment. " How about you Lee?. What do you think your warrior name will be?" Rosepaw started to think about fitting names for Leechpaw now which earned a irritated groan from the dark pelted apprentice. " Lets stop there, alright?." He didn't wanted to think about that...He already hated his name and doubted there was anything that would fit his name without him taking it as an insult. Leech were just that bad of a least to him.

// retro to bumbles thread! i just wanted to have one last wholesome thread between this two because it will take a while now before i can do something like this for them for a while maybe NEVER :-:, anyone is free to jump in and start to guess what thier own warrior name will be if they are an apprentice or the warriors can give thier own ideas of what sort of warrior names would fit the apprentices!

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What did he want in a name? While Dandelionpaw didn’t expect Sootstar to be unnecessarily mean spirited in her naming (she had proven before she was capable of naming cats distinctly without bias) he certainly felt as if anything too glamorous or ornate would be missed upon him.
He was not a very fancy cat, didn’t consider himself especially interesting or anything much and he thought this without a hint of self-deprecation. He was just a normal cat, he was content that way. Perhaps his good cheer was excessive, perhaps he was a little loud at times, but overall Dandelionpaw considered himself achingly average and that was fine. There was nothing wrong with being normal, nothing wrong with just making it without much fanfare. His skills were decent, he didn’t really think he excelled at much outside of perhaps his storytelling and eagerness which didn’t strike him as something WindClan would consider particularly useful.

Listening to Rosepaw and Leechpaw talk he could not help but smile warmly as the dark apprentice backpedaled and attempted to be more considerate, easing a gentler approach and suggestion rather than continually shoot the other down. It was a kindness he didn’t see often from his fellow apprentice but it was a welcome sight nonetheless.
“Ah really like Roseshine too, what a good name idea!” He sauntered over, long painted limbs taking him right alongside the two with only a few swift steps, his mismatched eyes moved from the sheepish and polite Rosepaw to the surly and annoyed Leechpaw and he raised a chocolate-covered paw to his mouth as he carefully considered what he might choose to call the two. “What about Roselight, ye got a nice smile! And Leechpaw, I think a good strong name ought to fit ye! Leechclaw, Leechbite, yer a real fighter!”

He didn’t know what his name would be, nor did he actually care much over it; in time he’d find out but for now he was content just idling about. “As for me-” His teeth flashed white in a cheeky grin, “-what about Dandelionstar? Nice ring to it, eh?” Was he pompous and arrogant enough to assume he'd ever be a leader? No. And quite honestly it wasn't a goal he aspired to in general, but it made for a good joke. No, Dandelionpaw's one aspiration in life was to just live and be happy and if he could help others be happy to then he would.


"Pfft, Dandelionpaw leader? That'd be funny." He means to play along with the joke, but he comes off as an asshole instead. A usual accident of Molepaw's, yet not knowing how to... confront or fix it he quickly begins to babble more. "Uhm... yeah Roseshine sounds good though. Unique. Leechclaw is cool." He comes across as uninterested and amused, but in reality he just wasn't... good at the whole naming thing. The compound names in clan cultures still confused him, he didn't know the silent laws they had to them yet.

"I dunno what uh- mine would be. But I hope when the time comes I'll have impressed Sootstar enough for her to give me a nice name. I don't want to be another "fur"." He sticks out his tongue.
"Hey, what's wrong with 'fur'?" A teasing, lazy voice lilts from the grinning mouth of the tortoiseshell warrior. She gives Molepaw and Leechpaw a mock glare. "We talkin' warrior names, boys?"

She settles nearby, beginning to groom her white paws as she thinks. "I'll bet Sootstar gives you all something creative." Creative doesn't mean good, after all. Pollenfur didn't mind her descriptive name, though the demand to change all of their names to match her own had seemed strange. Just more indoctrination.

She looks at Rosepaw and Leechpaw, who are close despite their differing personalities. "I quite like Roseshine. You've got a warm spirit, little brother." She turns her quizzical look on Leechpaw. "And Leechbite is very cool." Like Dandelionpaw had said, he was a fighter.

Pollenfur turns her attention to Molepaw and Dandelionpaw. Thoughtfully, she tilts her head to the sky. "Wish you were leader, little one. You've got the heart for it." Not something she can voice too loudly. Her sister, Emberfang, has tested the waters too roughly lately. She fears the flame point is risking exile or worse, and though she wouldn't particularly care about having to leave Sootstar's iron-clawed regime, she'd be so pained at never getting to see her family again. Her sisters, Brightshine's kits... Her smile dwindles slightly at the thought. And Honeytwist. Oh, Honeytwist.

Half-lidded golden eyes round on the other apprentices again as her thoughts clear. "Dandelionsun, maybe. And maybe Moleheart." She flicks her tail. "Don't ask me what a mole's heart is like, though."

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