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from neverland
Jul 8, 2022

Camp had felt so suffocating lately. The camp didn't feel safe anymore, didn't feel like it was anything but a place of hollow cats. They had felt so empty lately, so hollow, and they weren't sure why. It was new to them, they where normally so peppy and bright- but they found it difficult to find any joy. They where hurt, badly, with a patch of cobwebs and leaves across their right shoulder where no hair would grow any longer. They also had six holes poked into them from the fox trap, and they couldn't sleep at night anymore without Frostpaw by their side- it was all too much. They wanted to get out of camp for a while, enjoy the silence and coolness of the night and get their mind off of things. It wouldn't be the first nor last time that they'd had a sleepless night, and found themselves walking along the gorge.

The wind billowed over their body and made them shiver every so slightly, and peer over the edge with glowing orange eyes. Down below echoed nothing into emptiness and deep, inky, blackness and they wondered how long it would take to fall down this hole. They then quickly shook that thought from their mind as it was a dark thing to think about, and kept walking along the path. The stars where out tonight, glittering in a velvet sky and the moon hung at a half circle- they wondered if the medicine cats had their meeting.

Though as they got closer, the realized the weren't sure where the Riverclan and Windclan border was. Raccoonpaw looked around for a moment and in the dark they couldn't tell where they were for a moment, some where between that of the Windclan moorlands and the willow littered Riverclan. They shook their head, they should get going before a Windclan warrior found them or they fell into the opening before them. Though yet they couldn't help but look out towards the moorlands, wondering what they where like. Raccoonpaw had seen them before, before the clans formed, and they didn't remember much of it due to being only a kitten then.

What was all that space like? Where did they get water from? Did the river also go down there? So many unanswered questions yet they would never get answered as they couldn't see themselves out there. Running around like some crazy cats, or eating rabbit all the time- they liked their fish very much. Still, the white bodied apprentice sat down with their tail around their paws, staring at the open sky above Windclan quietly.