Only forever after {camp decorating}

Jun 14, 2022
A soulmate who wasn't meant to be

The day was beautiful despite all of the stress her clanmates had been through lately. The beautiful cream and mocha she-cat slipped from her nest in the den she shared with Spring and Vermillion, and soon made her way over to where a fresh-kill pile had begun. She picked out a small sparrow, her favorite, and reclined in a warm sunny spot to have her meal.

Deer would chew the prey quietly, her eyes half-lidded as she watched camp life flow by like happy fluffy clouds. As her gaze traveled around the walls of her home, she would mentally note how...bare everything looked. Well, that just wouldn't do now, would it? Licking her maw clean from her meal, Deer would give herself a quick but dutiful grooming before trotting towards the middle of the camp and calling out in her quiet and whimsical voice, "Hello everyone. Would any of you like to join me? I thought we could get to work making camp a bit more beautiful. Like with flowers, or shiny stones....." She would trail off, her eyes half-closing again as she seemed to let her mind wander to the possibilities they had.

Deer doesn't have to ask Bug twice. Jumping to her paws, she'd skip over to the cream molly with a huge grin. "Me! Me, me, me, me! I do!" Bug bounces in place, as if anyone could ever glance over the loud calico. Deer's right; the camp is soooo dull! It's in desperate need of a she-cat's touch! Leave it up to the toms to let our home get so blagh! She beams up at Deer, her tail curling over her spine. "We're gonna make it dazzle! Everyone'll be like, 'woah!', when they walk in!" Bug giggles, prancing around the cream she-cat. "We're talking the brightest flowers! The shiniest pebbles! A painting of a unicorn!" Her imagination is beginning to run a little too wild. Where would they put such a 'painting'? Only the stars know.
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A soft voice wound into her lethargic consciousness, rousing her rest. The sun seeped into every pore and Daisy Flight welcomed it. After having a nauseous morning- an absolutely miserable experience- the queen was splayed across the entrance of the nursery. What was the point of living out in the sticks if not for the fresh prey? Even in her sun-soup mind she was aware that was not the hill to die on. And so she resigned complaining to herself for another hour and heaved her heavy pelt from the dust. Bleary eyes settled on the sandy silhouette of Deer, a slight molly who definitely matched the small call that had woken her.

Muted fur was shaken clean as Daisy Flight ambled towards the centre of the clearing, attention snatched by the bubbly approach of Bug. A chuckle rumbled from her cotton throat, smile easing onto her features. The sight of the young bark-brushed cat poked at her future, visions of her coming kits shimmering into view. It was still a surreal, overwhelming anticipation. Her family. She could only hope to shelter them enough to harbour such enthusiasm. They would never have to waste away on the streets as she had.

"Are we decorating? I've picked up an easy technique to slip flowers into the walls. They dry quite nicely!" The calico's tone was kind as she rounded on the pair of beautifying schemers. It would be nice to pass on some of the knowledge she had pieced together while organising the nursery.
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The call of his best friend was always one that Vermilion was happy to answer. The offer to decorate the camp made him grin. Of course. This was just like Deer, wanting to make things homey. He walks over almost immediately, grinning towards Daisy and Bug excitedly.

"Knowing her? Everything is going to look.. Fantastic."

He chirrups cheerfully, coming to stand beside Deer. He nudges her with his shoulder, a playful gesture, before he looks back at the two.

"Perhaps we could leave some good luck charms all over? It could help. I'm not actually sure how to decorate things. Never was my best.. Talent."
He watches with a pliant expression, eyes cloudy with his exhaustion. Though SkyClan has existed in a limbo of peace since the battle, Blazestar has remained on edge. There is still the uneasy spark of distrust in the air, from his Clanmates to him and from him to the rest of the Clans, that makes it difficult to sleep or relax in his own camp.

Not for the first time, Blazestar yearns for a soft bed in a cool, sheltered Twoleg nest.

The small congregation of cats catches his attention, and he rises to heavy sienna paws and stretches. Decorating. Something about the whimsy of it brightens his mood a bit. The camp is a bit drab, isn't it? Most of that may be his mood, but nonetheless...

"Me neither," he says to Vermilion, giving Deer, Daisy and Bug a friendly look. "But I'm good at taking direction. What do you all suggest? I do like the idea of flowers... something bright to look at when we're feeling down." His smile is small, wistful. "Blue, if we can find it. Yellow, maybe."

A soulmate who wasn't meant to be

Bugs' energy was infectious, though any cat who didn't know Deer intimately wouldn't catch the happy flick of her whiskers and the glow of excitement that entered her eyes. She would purr warmly as Bug rambled about all the possibilities and she nodded along in encouragement. She had no idea what a unicorn was, but she was sure it would be lovely.

The next cat to approach was Daisy Flight, and Deer would dip her head in greeting to the pregnant queen as she, "I think the others would love some nice smelling flowers on their walls! A wonderful Idea Daisy, are there any flowers that work best?"

A voice she recognized immediately would cause her to turn her head, and as Vermillion nudged her shoulder in a friendly manner, a rumble of laughter would flow from her chest. "No talent is needed to make a home beautiful, Ver." She reassured, "Just gotta make sure you put love into your work."

The final cat to join them would be none other than their leader himself. Deer was clearly pleased and she would nod to the flame point respectfully before meowing, "Why don't we all go and find our items together? That way we can all pick our favorites."