How many days had it been now? Two, perhaps. Two nights.
The first night, she had been bundled up by that blue mink and taken back to another camp, much like the one she had been born in- though this one smelled better. That night, she had been allowed to rest, to be warm for the first time in what felt like forever. The morning after though, she had shut down on the molly… Cinderfrost, that was her name, her weird name.
When prompted for hers, Cinderfrost was met with silence, only a wide green gaze staring back up her.
Today, she had brought in backup, and another was peering down on her, though they seemed more nervous than Cinderfrost.
What’s your name?
She entertains the idea of keeping quiet, she does not want to tell these cats her name, she doesn’t want her name any longer. She is angry at mama for her siblings deaths, for abandoning them- why should she keep that token of her any longer?
"I don’t know." She finally speaks, for the first time since she has arrived. She looks from the stranger to Cinderfrost, "I can’t remember" she then adds in an insistent tone. It’s a lie, but it’s for her own greater good. She isn’t Toraline anymore, anyways- those three days in the woods had shaped her into someone else.

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"What's your name?"

Whisker asks the kit as they set down the mouse they'd brought her, a necessary formality that they know is useless to a forgetful mind such as themselves. Still, a gentle yet uncertain smile rests on their face no less. They hope that she likes mouse, worries that she'd be upset with them if she didn't.

They're acutely aware of the blue mink's presence, the back of their neck prickling with unease. Whisker tries to see the good in everyone, even the cats whose paws are stained with blood. They know that there must've been a reason. Everyone has a reason, don't they? And the blue molly... She'd seemed hysterical that day, crumpling to the ground with tears staining her cheeks. They know that most of ThunderClan does not trust her after what she'd done... But Whisker sympathizes with her, for better or for worse.

And, in the end, Emberstar had been brought back to life... So, it wasn't all that bad, was it?

Yet they still feel as if they're treading on eggshells around her, although they disguise this as best they can with a friendly nod in her direction.

The kit finally answers them. I don't know. Whisker blinks. "Oh," they say dumbly. She says that she could not remember. Whisker chuckles, although it is far more awkward than it is humorous. "Well, that's- that's okay! I forget things all the time too." They believe her without a second thought. Why would she lie to them? Glancing towards the blue mink, they hesitate before they extend an offer...

"Would you like it if... we named you?" They would not remember, but it doesn't matter. Everyone deserves a name.
Coveted solitude seemed lost the moment she found the abandoned kit. She'd been fine with the idea of wasting away in the crevice. In fact, she had begged for it with open arms. But death's embrace was elusive despite the lack of nutrition to sustain her body.

Honestly, she was surprised the tiny kitten stayed by her side. She wasn't the most warm feline and had originally tried to hand her over to one of the queens. The blue molly liked kits - she was a complete softie around them - but that didn't mean she was completely fine with their presence. Especially after what she'd done. No one trusted her around the kit and she couldn't blame them.

Even she, herself, found it hard to trust in her capabilities. Leaping Toad and Ash had been under her watch when they met their untimely end. She had assured them that it would be fine but she'd been wrong. Her promises had turned into lies. Now, with the child in her claimed den, could she promise that no harm would come?

Teal eyes shifted upward at the nervous cat who brought the she-kit a mouse. Whisker. Yes, that was their name. Although she didn't socialize, she still listened and observed. Even when she tried to block the world out, it was impossible to completely isolate oneself when in the middle of the camp.

Name the child? The thought hadn't crossed her mind: a fact evident by her furrowed brows. She looked at the little lump of brown fur. Hare Whiskers had given her a new name. A quite peculiar name given that it possessed two names rather than one. How in the world had he come up with such a name? And Ember had returned with the name Emberstar which, apparently, marked her rank within the clan.

"... Kit?" she helplessly offered in a mere whisper before awkwardly shrugging. That was more of a descriptor than an actual name. Yeah, she was no good at this. ​
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Uneasily, Toraline had been avoiding Whisker’s gaze and instead gazing upon the mouse in front of her. Was she hungry?
Though, Whiskers question brings her gaze shooting upwards. She looks to Cinderfrost first, the only cat she had even spoken to since arriving.Kit.
The suggestion is a mere whisper, but even so, Toraline looks back to Whisker instead. "I want you to name me." Her sentence is firm, but… they had offered, had they not? Surely they could come up with something better than the pet names Cinderfrost had been coming up with so far. "I want it to be unique" she requests, her tone softer this time, but still deliberate. The cat before her is awkward, much more rigid than Cinderfrost, as gentle as the molly could be when it came to Toraline, her tongue was still one that was daggered.
Her gaze shifts to the medicine cat once more, scrunching her nose at her for no particular reason other than the fact that she could.