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it was an early afternoon in windclan, the sun had just finished its climb to the highest peak in the sky to shower rays of light over the open camp providing a few spots that looked ideal for warming up if one wanted to. the crisp air of leaf-fall becoming more and more noticeable as the trees that lined the very edges of the moor were beginning to shed their leaves that came in a multiude of colors.

thank the stars shrewpaw was born with thick fur, she didn't have to worry about the biting cold that sprung upon them. the sepia had made her way to the fresh-kill pile where she'd pluck off a plump looking hare before heading over towards the medicine den with a slight bounce in her step, she was sure they'd appreciate this now that most of them looking better than before.

what she didn't anticipate was bumping into a solid figure coming out of the tunnel entrance which resulted in her dropping the hare in surprise. ah, shoot! sorry 'bout that ah didn't think–" words would trail off as honeyed eyes fell upon who exactly she ran into. "oh, hey leechpaw." there was a clear dip of the kind tone that colored her previous words.

[ penned by cobi ]

Leechpaw had went in to do his daily routine to check up on Rosepaw to see if he had woken up. Unfortunately he hadn't, it was just the same as the day before and the day after that...He had been staying for a while just to rest beside the red and cinnamon rosetted tabby until he eventually decided to leave. He couldn't stay in here all day or it would drive him mad with anxiety. Keeping his mind on other things such like hunting,patroling and helping to gather up herbs for the medicine cats was what keept him from falling apart.

It was just his bad luck to run into someone on his way out, of course. A low hiss would escape out from the dark pelted apprentice as he took a step back with a raised paw, his eyes looking dangerously alarmed the respond any cat would receive from him if daring to touch them. When he saw who it was he would instantly narrow his eyes, a look of annoyence entering his orbs over the sight of Dandelionpaw's sister. He was not a fan of them and it seemed thier feelings for each other was mutual. " Tch, just watch where you are going next time." he would scold them through a mutter, not going to take any responsibility for this unpleasant encounter.

He would wait a minute as he glared down on them like he was thinking about something.
" You're not doing anything useful right now are you?." It sounded more like an accussion rather then a statement.

// retro to rosepaws death!

oh stars, of course the person she had to run into coming out of the medicine den was none other than leechpaw who she considered the moodiest cat in all of windclan. honestly, was there ever a time in this guy's life where he wasn't glaring and insulting anyone who crossed his path? ugh, the way he scolded her like a kit was almost enough to cause the earthen toned apprentice to bap him right on that stupid muzzle of his! of course, she refrained but oooh, it was as tempting as the devil himself.

shrewpaw instead opted for a mere roll of her eyes before bending down and plucking the fallen hare off the ground whilst he went ahead and barreled into his next choice of words which made the fur along her neck rise in irritation."'ell, ef yu coul'nt tell, ah'mf tafin' tis hare to da medifin den!" she shot back with a mouthful of prey before pushing passed him to do just that and giving small greetings to those inside before marching right back out.

"now that ah'm not doin' anythin'. . what did ya want, sounded lak you needed help with somethin'."

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[penned by cobi]