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Aug 1, 2022


riverclan warrior. 32 moons. tags

He stands on the shore, the entrance to their makeshift camp that's slowly come together into a real one. His back to the river, his amber eyes gold in the sun and flicking from clanmate to clanmate, from den to den-- the nursery that Icesparkle and Mudpelt had built, sweet Lily at their side, tireless paws ensuring newborn kits would keep warm-- the medicine den, where he'd find a growing stock of herbs and the tired smile of a cinnamon tabby-- the River Rock, as it must be named now, where Cicadastar calls on fallen kin, grants names, sharpens borders.

Cats riverborn and not. Many, like Clearsight, with moons upon moons having weathered this land, and just as many new to its dangers. They're all RiverClan now.

Some of them just need time to catch up-- and a little guidance to get there.

"I'm taking a fishing patrol," he calls to his clanmates, blue tabby tail flicking behind him. "A little ways past camp, some of the calmer shallows. It's a good practice opportunity, especially for anyone who's still learning."

He ran it by Cicadastar, of course. A part of him is almost childishly excited at the chance to lead some fishing lessons. He just... he loves his clan, okay? And he's got a soft spot for the joiners who have thrown themselves into this life, the newbies who aren't naturals but don't let it stop them.

A few cats perk up, some padding to join him, and Clearsight leads the little patrol to the calm spot of shore-- reeds and pebbles and sand, calm blue water. Rocks and tree roots to perch on.

Clearsight leaps onto one such rock, then glances back at the cats who've followed. "If any of you all want help, just ask," he assures.

They've all been through so much lately. His heart aches thinking of the pain that's ripped through his clanmates these last weeks. They lost Wolf, and nearly Pumpkin too-- Poppy brutally attacked by her own family-- and before all that, the disaster of the WindClan patrol. And he's seen the way cats like Clayfur and Chamomile have stumbled, struggling to adapt, morale starting to falter.

Hard to keep your head up through all of that. But RiverClan's managing. Clearsight tries for an encouraging smile and sends up a little prayer to StarClan-- let this go well, please.

These cats could use a goddamn break.

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Clearwater is a cat Otter had heard in passing, though lucky not passed, much like Wolf (news burns like wildfire through the camp). When he announces hes doing a patrol, Otters ears perk up in excitement, eyes lighting up slightly. Clearwater speaks of calm shallows, unlike the churning river he'd fallen in to, and a good practice lesson for anyone still learning. Perhaps he'd be able to catch something better than minnows and the prospect of doing so excites him greatly.

Clearwater leads them out and he reassures some of the newer cats of the group and as cats begin to slink off he shuffles his way over, shame burning his ears. "Could you- Could you help me?" he asks with slight guilt, swallowing hard. He'd been a kittypet most of his life, and then an unfortunate loner; he'd never had to catch his own food, he's only stolen from others and got his ass kicked for it. He rubs his leg sheepishly. "I don't know how to fish, uh... Sorry." And also swim, but lets hope he doesn't ask that. He cringes inwardly.

"I'll come," Lilybloom mewed, when Clearsight calls for the patrol. She wouldn't consider herself the best fisher in the clan but it was a skill she favoured along with swimming. Plus, she really enjoyed it, it was far more interesting than regular hunting on the ground. She waits in front of Clearsight until a few more cats gather before the older tom leads them to the spot by the shallows he had referenced earlier.

When they arrive, Clearsight is quick to implore any cats who needed an extra hand to ask. Lilybloom is about to slink off and find a good spot to hunt when she catches Otter asking for help. "Don't feel scared to ask for help," Lilybloom tells him in a kind tone. "Better to start learning now than to wait until you are too old and set in your ways." A faint chuckle escapes her lips. "If you need any pointers feel free to watch me, I've been practising fishing since I was young," She offers before walking away to her chosen spot.
Standing in the shadows of the reeds the tom listens with pull forth ears. His gaze travels from one individual to another and he finds himself stepping a paw forth as if to join that is until he hears that it is a little ways from camp. The idea of going outside of camp is a little nerve wrecking for the slender tom and he looks around himself for a moment. The idea that something can happen even a little ways from camp makes his paws do a little jitter. But at the same time he'll be around others which makes him feel a little better about the whole ordeal. Taking a deep breath he starts to make his way forth to also be apart of this group. While he knows he has skill that were okay with fishing and swimming he can always learn something new. So he trails behind the group as they leave the camp. His eyes shift over to the rest of them before he finally pauses at a small spot near Clearsight.

There he sits down and he curls his tail against his paws. Looking at the water calms him a bit and he glances over to the tom near him before looking back to the water. "How well do you do with big fishes? I've been having trouble getting them out of the water." Perhaps it's because of his size, he doesn't have the power to grab them and pull them from the waters. It's rocky as it goes and he normally just brings back smaller fish but he wants the bigger ones to feed more of his clan.



riverclan warrior. 32 moons. tags

Otterpop is first to follow, and then Lilybloom joins them, aiming to practice. The young warrior is talented and kind, a promising combination, and Clearsight appreciates how she steps in to gently reassure Otter. The younger warrior has made himself so small-- shuffling, shoulders hunched, radiating shame.

He doesn't know how to fish at all, he says, but that's alright; it won't be the first time Clearsight's trained a newbie. "Lilybloom is right," he says softly, "there's nothing to be afraid of. Of course I can help." He leans forward and gently nudges Otter's shoulder with his own, purring softly in an attempt to reassure the younger cat. The anxious apology tugs at his heart. "We all had to learn once."

And then Smogbreath-- who'd trailed behind, then come to rest nearby, quiet up until now. Clearsight nods, considering small tom's question, and pads closer, taking a moment to examine the tom's form. "I'd focus on leaning your weight into your back paws, rather than pulling upward," he answers at last, and flicks his tail over Smogbreath's flank to gesture to the muscles in question. "Brace your legs and let them do the work, instead of your neck or your back-- you're stronger that way." And safer. "Honestly, when I snare a heavy one, I'll ask my hunting partners for help as often as not."

It's spoken with a touch of amusement, golden eyes bright at the memory of one time he had not asked for help and really, really should have. That's an embarrassing story, but... the two cats before him are so nervous. Maybe it's worth telling, just to break the ice.

"Before I joined the marsh cats, there was a time I went hunting with a friend... I was young then, maybe ten or twelve moons. We didn't know each other very well. I let my ego get the best of me, snared a massive fish and couldn't bring myself to ask for help getting it up the riverbank. Long story short, the fish won," he finishes dryly. "Asking for help won't make you any less a warrior-- if anything, you'll be a better one."

Then, for Otterpop's benefit-- a demonstration. He gestures to the tom with a friendly flick of his tail as he turns back toward the water, and when he speaks again, his voice is low. "Here-- can you see me alright?"

"You want to be sure to face the sun when you fish, so your shadow doesn't fall on the water. Keep your voice low, and be sure you choose a comfortable position-- something you can hold." He glances back up at Otterpop, meeting his eyes. "Still, silent, invisible-- that's the first trick to fishing well."

He glances up to where Lilybloom has chosen her spot, and if he catches her eye then he'll ask, "Am I missing anything so far?"


After her offer to Otterpop, Lilybloom kept herself comfortably nestled by the water's edge. She didn't know if the fish were running low today or if they had gotten scared by the sudden arrival of so many cats, but the waters seemed awfully quiet today. Still, Lilybloom was not one to give up so easily, so remained where she was, a still figure just ready to strike when the moment was right.

She's dimly aware of Clearsight giving instructions to Otterpop, listening to his teaching with faint interest. By chance, he manages to catch her eye, and asks if he's missing anything so far. "Hmm, no I don't think so," Lilybloom answered after a moment. "I think you've covered everything for now." Her green eyes shift towards Otterpop, and an amused glint flashes in them as she looks between him and Clearsight. "We'll have to wait and see now to know if your teaching pays off," She said in a light tone.