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Sep 13, 2022

Who are you really?

One thing was for certain, the kits were indeed the offspring of the worst cat in Riverclan, and he wasn't winning any "best dad of the month" award that was for sure. Forestkit had kept track of every time their father had visit him and his sibling's and out of this moon, so far only once. Hazel eyes darkened as they gently scooped up a pretty pale red flower from the tiny pile of scattered trinkets, cast to the side by others as they had found now good use for them.

Forestkit wondered to himself if he should grab an adult or an apprentice to ask if they go help him wove fresh leaves into his pitch black fur. The same one that was similar to that of his own father. The thought in which others would look at him with fear made him grit his teeth gently, why must he be the one to look like his father? The only thing that had been different was his sunflower eyes but even then... it sucked that ones who had been affected by their dad would flinch when he tried to approach them. Of course it wasn't everyone and they sighed gently stanning the clearing before gently tucking the red flower in his maw and making his way towards someone he had spotted earlier. "Uhm...could you put this in my fur?" he would ask, gentle honeyed voice squeaked up at the stranger in hopes that they'll agree to the kitten's question.

It was no secret that Lilybloom had not been in the best of moods in recent days. She had mostly kept to herself and spoke little; when she spoke, she was cold and short with her words.

She had been sat alone, relaxing quietly when Forestkit approached. Her eyes had been closed so she had not realised who was approaching at first, only aware that someone was coming close. She opens one eye to see who it is, intending on shooing them away if its someone come to check on again, but she changes her mind upon realising it's young Forestkit. She does not know much about the young kit nor their siblings, only hearing a few whispers in passing that their father was Spiderfall. Her green eyes flick between the red flower held in their maw and the pleading expression in their eyes. "Okay," Lilybloom responds softly, gesturing with her head for Forestkit to sit in front of her. "Sit still in front of me and I'll weave it into your fur for you."
( ᴛᴀɢs. )  ❝  Houndsnarl was no stranger to troubles with his father. Either'f them, for that matter, though the worries with one were far more tangible than the other. He does not think of that shadowed face with a mockery of his eyes. He does not think of how Flint had woken from that nightmare to see a ghost above him. He does not think of anything– it's better that way. Instead, all that Hound knows of his father is the man that groomed him too roughly, who pinned him down to scrape burrs out of his fur when Hound'd tried to whine at the pain of it. Perhaps the world would be a far better place, if terrible fathers were limited to this and nothing more; if all terrible fathers loved as much as his own did. Forestkit deserved that much, at the very least. Hound knows nothing of those troubles, but he knows that look in his eyes every now an' then.

It makes him wonder, that's all. There's been a lot of that goin' around as of late. "Fond of flowers, are you? Seems befitting of your name."

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  • ──── houndsnarl. trans male, he/him pronouns.
    ──── approximately 30 moons old, or 2.5 years.
    ──── bisexual with firm male preference; single.

    ──── a chocolate tabby with ( stylized ) low white and intense lime eyes. lean and lanky,  with whiplike musculature and a long, quick stride. hound's notable features include his impressive height, the long scar across the left side of his face from nose to jaw, his very deep, dense fur, and the confident manner with which he conducts himself.
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It would be the squeaky voice of Forestkit that stirred Aspenfrost of the nap he had been taking in the sunlight. His Aqua gaze would slowly open and he would lightly smile as Lilyblossom caved and agreed to assist with decorating the kitten's fur with a pretty red flower.

A large yawn would part his jaws, and his lithe frame would stretch leisurely before he crossed his front paws and nodded to the words of Houndsnarl. "Forestkit is a wonderful name." He would add before tilting his head at the kit of an old acquaintance, "If it's flowers you like I can keep an eye out for some more during my hunts. Do you have a favorite?"
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Roachkit watches his sister with narrow green gaze, face blank. Something unknown writhes in his gut - some emotion he can't quite put his paw on, that tastes of ash and bile and feels like snakes come alive inside his belly. He doesn't understand why Forestkit is like this - why she of all of them, has to be different - has to be normal. Its... upsetting, in a way that has Roach on edge. But family is family, and there's nothing more important to him, and with a put upon look of shyness and a hesitance in his step that he doesn't quite feel, he wobbles his way over on soft paws, silver-hued figure chubby and soft alongside his more slim sibling. "C-can I have one too-?" he asks nervously, heavy lidded gaze staring at his paws in an anxious manner, only the slight twitch of his tail tip out of place in his otherwise gentle demeanor.
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Who are you really?

Forestkit's gaze brightened up slightly as he will adjust himself infront of Lilybloom with a gentle smile on his maw before his ears twitched into the direction of Houndsnarl, who complimented them about how fitting their name was and he would bashfully shift their paw with a gentle smile on his lips, one of the few things he was grateful for was his name, from what he had learned was, his dad had not been the one to fully name them and it was the only thing that was truly his. "Ah...yeah, it's a cool name" he said gently as he shuffled his paw slightly.

Next to approach was Aspenfrost, an old friend of Spiderfall and he offered to gather flowers on his patrols and Forest hummed a bit thinking that would be nice, especially since then he would not need to sneak out of camp all the time to gather new ones or pester aunt for some. "Uhm... anything orange or yellow" he said gently before the next to approach was his own sister and his gaze darkened in irritation as they flashed onto his sibling and his bobbed tail twitched showing slight displeasure in the other trying to participate in something he only wanted for himself but he sighed a bit. "As long as mine are more bigger and prettier than Roachkit's" he would grumble.

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