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Sun has been lost for god knows how long at this point and determination was running thin. Tired legs carry her across the forest floor, but shes so tired, so so tired and she finds herself curling up against a tree stump. Blue eyes turn to the paling sky, where dark blue overtakes the sunset pinks and oranges. Theres a pang in her chest and a small whine as she tucks her tail over her muzzle. The forest was a bit overwhelming for someone as young as she, especially since being separated from mama and pa. Her thoughts run rampant.

Theres a snap of a branch in front of her and Sun’s head raises, curious. "Hello?" a tiny squeak leaves her mouth as she rises to her paws, tail beginning to wag much like a dog. Theres a vague cat shape in the treeline and she finds herself getting excited. "Are you a new friend? My names Sun! Whats your name?" she offers a grin as she slightly bounces on her toes.
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"speech" ☆​

An exhaustion greater than anything she had ever known had seeped itself into Ember's bones. It felt as though it would never truly leave her. It was a part of her now, as inseparable from who she was as her mind or heart. There was no escaping it now.

She was alone now. While the rest of the group trudged back to camp she had taken a detour, gone to wash herself off in the river. Among all the cats that had left the battlefield, she had been among the more noticeably bloodied. She didn't want to wonder how much of it wasn't hers. Another step forward brought a wince as a flash of pain lit up on her shoulder. A low hiss left her. That was where she had taken the worst of it, a large gash torn in it from both tooth and claw. It was difficult to remember to keep her weight off of it.

A voice called out for her and she froze. Turned painfully slowly. A kit, barely even old enough to walk met her gaze.

For a moment, she hesitated.

Then a smile sprung to her face. It wouldn't do for her to allow a child to share in her troubles. "Heya!" Ember greeted with a warmth that surprised her. She had thought she had lost it on the battlefield. That she had bled it out of her in a fight or spit it on the ground with the terrible words she said. It was nice to know she was still capable of it. "My name's Ember, nice ta meetcha!" she flashed the youth a brilliant grin as she stepped forward. "Whatcha doing out here all on your own?"
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