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HEIGHT: small
WEIGHT: light

  • — no former names
    — former loner
    — created long ago at ??? moons
    NPC x NPC; sibling to n/a; unknown kin
  • (+) loyal, determined, brave, adaptable, selfless, innovative, intuitive, hard-working, organized, intelligent, kind
    (/) independent, shy
    (-) nervous, gloomy, pessimistic, petty, stand-offish, withdrawn, anxious, low self worth, socially awkward, crybaby, insecure, self-destructive

    pyre is someone who tends to keep to himself, only sticking with the group at first because he believes it's better to work together in numbers rather than alone. he's pessimistic and gloomy, viewing the world negatively. he is actually quite considerate of what others expect or want from him. he's selfless and dedicated, and will put everyone else's lives before his own, and is incredibly loyal. he's able to adapt to different situations easily as well, but will stand his ground firmly if he believes he is right. he's good at noticing the little things, and keeping himself organized.
    however, despite all this, he feels inadequate, and will push himself too hard more often than not, preferring to have fewer friends so that those around him don't particularly care about his well-being. he'll put himself into danger, pass on food if it means letting someone else who needs it eat, or just not taking care of himself in general. he also has many anxieties about not being good enough for the clan.
    he's not very good with words or talking to other cats either, but he has a kind heart.
  • single; homosexual homoromantic, monogamous / crushing on no one, looking
    — physical health: [ 100% ] | mental health: [ 100% ]
    — will [not] start fights / will end fights / will flee / will show mercy
    excels at hunting, observation
    poor fighter, social interaction
    sounds like shikanoin heizou [kieran regan] from genshin impact
    smells like smoke
  • red tabby tom with short fur and pale gold eyes / reference (by riddletwist)
  • code tba